Thursday, February 21, 1991

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 12

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Text Content of Page 12 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, February 21, 1991

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - February 21, 1991, New Braunfels, Texas Page 12 New Texas February 1991 Coastal cities boomed during census says the Sound of Music WASHINGTON AP Ameri cans flocked to big metropolitan areas near the nations coasts in the at the expense of the census figures The pattern reflected the economic shift from manufacturing to service economics and the appeal of such Sun Belt states as Texas and Census Bureau figures released Wednesday show that 90 percent of Americas urban centers got bigger in the although most of that growth was in the not the core And for the first more Ameri cans live in big urban centers those with 1 million people or more than i in smaller cities and rural There are 39 urban areas with a million or more Those located within 100 miles of the Atlan Pacific or Gulf of Mexico grew by more than 14 percent in the The interior metro areas grew by The changing shape of the eco nomy accounts for much of the growth on the coasts and the decline of the said William a research scientist at the University of Michigan Population Studies The interior cities depend on manu facturing and farming to earn a living and declined when those sectors fell on hard times in the The ero sion of autoindustry jobs in Detroit and the collapse of the steel industry in Pittsburgh are The coastal cities depend on the growing service services and the so resenting musical selections m Sound of at a it gathering of the New raunfel Music Study Club FFMC and NFMC were local residents costumed as mem i of the singing Von Trapp Responding to Marias Lois right instruc tlons from Melissa jGerhardt and Sommer Abigail Smith and Jeff Qer Shannon Seidel and Jon and Leigh Costumes were provided by Costume Photo by KarlaWenzel Benefits tO meet UCllCllia IV 111CCL skilled neefP Help For Chronic Headache Sufferers SIVlllCU IICCU BRo Vital Signs by Pat Armstrong BSN Each day our office receives numerous health related Considering that many of you may have the same I would like to share some of those My mother is in a nursing they now tell me that her benefits will run out How will I care for her when her medi care is depleted You do have options it is important for you to know that medicare benefits for nursing homes and medicare home benefits are funded Your mothers benefits will con tinue when she goes home as long as a skilled need Tne skilled need can be physical ther speech or For more call Girling Health Care and talk with their medicare professionals at I have been having a problem with Can you sug gest a miracle cure No miracle but I will make a few If the constipa tion you refer to is then the obvious thing to do is Simply let nature take its usually the situation will resolve You might find it helpful to add or to your Fiber speeds the passage of food through the intestine and also retains water which adds to the bulk and softness of All these fac tors can decrease the strain of a bowel Remember that each persons digestive system is Some people can eat large amounts of fib er without the slightest inconveni while it may cause distress in If such a diet causes mucus in the stool or other evidence of a phys ician should be If you would like to add more fiber to your there are numer ous cereals which contain bran which is a good source of raw carrots and whole fruits are also excellent sources of Moderate exercise has also been proven to assist in the bowel movement I have several amalgam Is there any truth to the recent news reports that these may be hazardous to my health To the best of my the debate persists as to in amalgam fillings can cause health The best answer I can give you at this time is that the American Dental Association ADA insists that amalgam fill ings are Only those allergic to mercury less than 1 of the popu lation need avoid amaglam FYI Due to rising hospitals chief executives across the nation predict that most health care will be provided outside the hospital by the year This survey collected opinions of more than hospi tal The hospital chiefs felt that 330550 of acute care hospitals will close in the next 5 The survey concluded that the occupancy rate of hospitals was below 40 last If the results of this survey hold we at Girling Health Care expect to be very busy in the years to No matter how large we we will remain dedicated to providing quality personalized health services in the Copies of this survey Hos pitals The future of Health Care is available by writing Raymond 125 Summer MA My kidneys have been bother ing Should I see a specialist in San Antonio Usually it is best to refer the problem to your family physician Although your problem may be your it also could have other Your physician is the one who can make this determina will then refer you to a specialist if we are very fortunate to bave excellent physicians right here in New including several spe There is really no need to make a trip to San Antonio to find a qualified physician unless of course you just enjoy DIRECT YOUR QUESTIONS TO GIRLING HEALTH 189 AUSTIN NEW TX 78130 OR CALL 6295090 OR 18005805090 Clip and save this handy firstaid guide Allergic Reactions Symptom Difficulty in brea Swelling around the face and Treatment Place head and neck Put ice around Pull on tip of tongue to bring tongue Seek med ical aid Convulsions Symptom Frothing at the Stiffening of the uncontrollable Treatment Clear area of hard or sharp Loosen tight but do not restrain When convulsion turn child on left Watch Call Do not give child anything to drink during Fever Symptom Elevated temperature with readings above Some times accompanied by Treatment Undress the child in cool avoiding Place child in partially filled tub of lukewarm water and sponge entire body for 15 to 20 Dry child vigorously and repeat if Call your doctor for any Choking Symptom Difficult Gasping Unable to Treatment Turn child upside down and give a few rapid blows between the shoulder If this does not bring use the Airway Obstruction described on card Burns First and second Degree Symptom First or discolored Second degree Blisters of mottled Treatment Immerse in cold not ice water until pain Gently blot dry and apply Silver Dyne Seek medical aid for second degree Eye Injury Laceration Symptom Eye can be extremely sore and Lids will probably be closed Treatment Seek medical aid preferab ly an eye Lie child down and cover both eyes loosely with gauze or clean Secure childs and avoid If there is swelling place ice packs over gauzecovered By Roby Director Texas Headache Institute and Facial Pain Center Headache is one of the oldest and most common ailments known to yet we are just beginning to understand Over the headfche has been blamed on possession by weakness in character and pure Now we know that headache is a very complex medical problem with hundreds of In many the tendency to dev elop headache is The good news is that the more we learn about headache and its the more we can do to help headache New treatment approaches can help about 90 percent of the esti mated 45 million women and children who suffer from recurrent People who are prone to headache can often help themselves by chang ing their lifestyle to avoid some of the most common headache For example a regular daily Have meals at regular go to bed and get up at about the same time Both carbon mono xide and nicotine affect the brain and can cause headaches in certain consuming large amounts of ice cream or cold drinks because the cold can often cause for a dietary Foods can trigger headaches in some Keep a diary of everything you eat and drink and note when hea daches It may provide clues to which foods you should The table below shows the biggest pain killers Your body can quickly become dependent on them so that larger and larger doses are needed for pain For more information on headache contact the Texas Head ache Institute and Facial Pain One Village Suite 14607 San San Texas Common Food Triggers of Headaches Foods containing tyramine General foods Chocolate aged cheese vinegar organ meats alcohol sour cream yogurt yeast extracts Foods containing monosodium glutamate MSG Foods and beverages containing caffeine Coffee tea cola drinks chocolate Corn t eggs fatty foods milk and milk products onions peanuts pineapples soybeans tomatoes wheat seafood liquor Citrus fruits Foods containing nitrite Hot dogs sandwich meats bacon Directory of Medical Services DENTIST GENERAL PRACTICE Jeff Jones 831 Siute B New Texas 6297494 OBSTETRICS GYNECOLOGY Cesar Reyes Ronald Gyneocolgy Infertility 12709 Topperwein next to Humana HospitalVillage Oaks 512 6574099 SENIORS HEALTH SERVICES Humana Seniors Association Humana HospitalVillage Oaks 12413 Judson Road San Texas 78233 WEIGHT LOSS SPECIALISTS Nita The Humana HospitalVillage Oaks 12413 Judson Road San Texas 78233 McKenna Memorial Hospital New Texas HR EMERGENCY SERVICES GENERAL HOSPITAL MATERNITY SERVICES OUTPATIENT SERVICES SURGERY 143 Garza Henry Hull Robert Alcasabas Optometrists Vision Care Lenses 6255716 Health Care Registered Nurses Home Health Aides Physical Therapy Speech Therapy Medical Social Work Occupational Theiapy Medical Equipment Supplies Serving New Canyon Universal City now San Marcos 189 Austin New Braunfels 6295090 18005805090 j Health Care Professionals interested in providing information for the Medical Focus Directory are invited to call 6259144 umana Hospital Your closest fullservice San Antonio Take IH35 South to Toepperwein Go one block east to corner of Topperwein and Judson Village Oaks 6504949 24Hour Emergency Room Birthing Center Day Surgery Center Cancer Treatment Physical Therapy Breast Diagnostic Center CT Scanning Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI Center Childbirth Classes Cradle Club Humana Seniors Association Nuclear Medicine