Wednesday, February 13, 1991

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, February 13, 1991

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - February 13, 1991, New Braunfels, Texas Page 6A New Texas February 1991 How cool Employees at the New Braunfels Coleman plant recently joined with other Coleman plant employees throughout the country to help out the soldiers in the desert by sending coolers to the Middle workers from the New Braunfels plant show their support for the Photo by Erik Karlsson Dallas woman offers salute to troops in yard sculpture DALLAS AP Christy Moroch likes to think of her yard as greeting card to the At she placed pounds of pumpkins on her front At she displays an array of 2foottall Easter But this Moroch has outdone even The Dallas homemaker has created her own version of a Patriot missile as a yard The rocketlike object is and and has painted across the At 4 feet it is positioned at the top of her front yard The rest of the yard features giant trees decorated with white and blue Two trees are strung with red two with white and two with Two other trees twinkle in white and They are also decorated with yellow white and blue bunting covers one length of the This patriotic tableau stops traffic at the comer of Deloach and Inwood in North particularly at night when the display is lit The question on everyones lips Where does a Dallas mother of two get a Patriot missile Its not really a Moroch Its a bomb I bought at the ArmyNavy store a few years I its not a real working I think it was once like a target I always put it up on the Fourth of I keep it in the Admirers do more than just drive Some stop to thank One note last week particularly touched My son is in Saudi Arabia with the 1st Cavalry Ground it Hes a tank If you have someone there or if you you must realize the importance of supporting our troops and our presi Thank Another woman parked and looked for a few Then she went home and brought back her Every time I hear the war news on the I drive by here and I she God bless these Moroch has a nephew in reduced fire point to military cracks Saudi Arabia AP Each Iraqi deserters show up at allied border posts in increasing Each the antiaircraft fire from Iraqi forces is less After four weeks of day andnight there are subtle signs of cracks in the Iraqi militarys They have stopped operating as a national army pursuing theater said Jessie Mori an Air Force intelligence offic What theyre doing now is trying to defend themselves as Sporadic artillery duels along the border hint at While Marines and other units have peppered enemy positions with artil lery and rocket the Iraqis response has been light and poorly despite the fearsome reputa tion of their South Africanmade 155mm It is estimated the Iraqis have deployed artillery pieces in the Kuwait Yet few have fired at allied Enemy artillery has not endan gered friendly artillery said Ron operations officer for the 2nd Marine Morimoto said the nature of Iraqi antiaircraft fire has Right at the beginning we saw the Iraqis responding as any scared Army would firing large numbers of missiles at attacking Morimo to she the Iraqis oper ate in small working inde pendently of each The pilots cant believe theyre doing this and nobodys fighting she There arc signs that many more Ira qis arc willing to give up as the slow leak of deserters grows to a Along Saudi Arabias northern bor clusters of up to 10 Iraqi soldiers show up at desert outposts each waving leaflets dropped by allied air craft that tell them how to Officers say the official figure of Iraqi prisoners is Marines report an increasing num ber of tired and hungry soldiers walk ing toward the hands in the eager for the food and cigarettes the Marines hand Once taken into the pris oners are moved to growing tent cities at Saudi public Valentine Wr Special Prime Rib T with Baked Salad Hot Dessert Ice Tea or Cofjfee 2 Clashes of Wine Offer Good Only 510 IM 3720860 For 2 IH10 123 Bypass Saudi but she says her display is for all of the She started planning the display when she got caught up in the emotion of the begin ning of the My has some showbusiness so we screen a lot of she The night the war started we were screening Flight of the It was very much like what was going on in real When the film was over I was moved with feeling and I jumped up and Yes I knew it was time to get out my bomb and put it in the front Qichardson Chiropractic Clinic 6294488 Walnut at 81 Most Insurance Accepted Experts US wont shake its dependence on Gulf oil WASHINGTON AP The vision of an America independent of Persian Gulf oil is as much an illusion now as it was two decades ago when the government first embraced the Thats the virtually unanimous conclusion of govern business and academic who believe that reliance on Middle East oil will continue unabated and may even That which emerged from a recent State Department oil is unwelcome given the uncertainties about the political makeup of the gulf region once the war against Iraq The experts agreed that no combination of conservation or alternate sources would be enough to make even a minor dent in the American addiction or that of other industrialized countries to gulf oil The United States imports 40 to 50 percent of the oil it Europe 66 percent and Japan every drop it said Lucio a Mobil vice Whether we like it or not and despite the efficiency gains of the past the world economy still runs on said William a top State Department oil And as we look the trend seems inexor Major increases in will certainly be The experts agreed that no combination of conservation or alternate sources would be enough to make even a minor dent in the American addiction or that of other industrialized gulf oil supplied by the Persian The incentives for shaking Americas dependence on gulf oil would appear to be Oil imports from that region drain billions from and the potential instability of the underscored by the Gulf has raised serious doubts about its reliability as a supply Almost two decades President Nixon established energy independence as national 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