Thursday, December 31, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, December 31, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 31, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Amusements December New Texas Bloom County WR SISTER SflY5 YOU 37 TOYS OF PZftTH ANP HVMflN ftSTKUCTION FOR CHRISTMAS WINK TWTftN APPROPRIATE WAY10 JEWSBIRTHPflY T TURNING INTO ft time ARENT W Garfield HOH TUNNEL LEAPINf TRY TO YOUR FRI6NP 1 Weil COME ANP LETS THI6 YEAR EATEN 6NACK5 ANP TAKEN ACCORPINGr TO FIGURES I MISSEP A NAP IN APRIL ANP TWO IN SAH At I HAVE SOME SERIOUS CATCHING UP TO HAS CHECKED YOU NEU WEARS fl TRflrMQUlU IS IN THE flIR flS A1IUIONS OF SETTLE INTO fl DECflOElONfr TREND TDWflRD FROA1 THE HI6HRISE5 NEW WORK TO THE BEACH HOUSES IN WOMEN ARE DISCOVERING THE SECURITY OF THE VEflR WITH THE WAN WITH WHOM THEV CV8IU AND ALEX AND JILtV AND PHVLICIA AND AHMAD 6EENA AND CAITLIN AND JENNA AND CATHV AND ORVILLE Wizard of Id Peanuts TO KlNfc THATS A SNOWMAN WITH CHOCOLATE CMIP COOKIES FOR EVES PONTUJORRV FELLA TH5RE5 NOTMIN6 TO SEE AROUNP HERE ANVUIAY Marmaduke Gasoline Alley The Far Side theres somewheres Why this is j another of Aunt as poems For Better or For Worse TuJELVE OCLOCK IS PnST think Marmaduke got into the punch Scientific meal markets Horoscope Calvin and Hobbes THIS SNOW PORT REPEL ANY Bs Stella Wilder 31 Born today you are endowed with so many talents and will be asked to take part in so many different activi ties that you should have a busier fuller life than anyone else born under your sign Fortunately you are highh energetic and seem to be driven to ac complish virtually everything avail able to you But there may be times when you wish an opportunity would pass you by so you can get some rest You must always be sure to make ample time for relationships and other persona luu rnas to make a conscious decision tu con centrate on other things besides your work or you may have to go without love recreation and other necessities of life Alio born on Ihii art Btn Anthony ac ton John To see what is in store for you to find your birthday and read the corresponding paragraph Let your birthday star be your daily guide 1 CAPRICORN 19 Television Log THURSDAY December 31 30 8 PM 9 PM 49 10 3 2 SA USA Ntt 2 U Riptide Time Wrestling Uav CrukMi KSAT Antonio Hollywood New Year s Eve Vm Eve KMOL Antonio Jeopardy Cosby Show nf rent Oil S Che Cheers Night Court Orange Bowl Parade Tonight Sfm Benson David Letteiman 5 KE NS Antonio ET Betty Boop Bimum Cheers Alamo dry Sign Off KLHN Antonio ightly Ne tuer Line 66 Moneynne Crossfire Live News Spons KBVO Auitln Company Happy Days Bowl Wilton North Rpl Ye ears Eve SignOfl Remington Steele Hell Town 700 Club flight Amer Steele Allen jack Benny 30 KRR Anton Lite Too Close lue bonnet Bowl Mov Scvimpuc III 3 Stooges Sanlord Wilton North Rot Wovie Continued 5 M Kids Inc New Year Mw Jttt1 DTV 17 SHOW Ri ivet Hit Hlg Paul imons racelind he African Concert Clapton Elton John Ausuau 19 NICK Can t on U Car 54 Mr Ed My 3 Sons Donna Reed Monkees Ann Sothern I CaiM Mr Ed DonnafleM wrar Oil LIFE Family Lady Blue way Of Ruth Invest Advisory 22 WON CMctoo WIT Miller Mov Few JeHerwm N SportsTmr NCAA Final Vretllino SponiCnu Weighilifi CIK 24 OAUA Ml Cbsa Stciitana NotlCKro tro 125 HBO rawr On Location On Location On Location On Location 8 a Fandango Chut Vidtoentfy Bi a Stai inviiie New Country 13 O KWEX ado di Li Indomioli Umviiion t fc Sign Off Vqu ma find thai yuu least one resolution ttxla btfoii even committed yourselfto i AQLARllS Jan 20Feb Vou may have 10 make a that will no doubt aflect a griit uiai others around you todav PISCES liMufch 0i will likeh begin the new year today in your own home by famih and some friends ARIES Martfa 21April 19 V L may discover an unusual longterm problem tola thttjh i may not be a new one TAlRLS April 2Ui Keep personal judgments to yourself today There is no plate at thii time or personal or professional bias GEMINI Mi 20 Vou will likely play a key role in the activi ties of many others though you may not take the reins CANCER June 21Jul 22 A de action or statement you make today may seem trivial to you bus could mean much more to others LEO July 23Aug Z2 Don t ex to accomplish everything on the docket all at once today Be proceed one step at a lime VIRGO Z2 A mi nor dispute may cause you to take un even action com pletely on your own today LIBRA nGcl 22 You must try to lines ol communi cation today between yourself and a distant family member SCORPIO 21 A good day to take itock of emotional and mental health Set spe cific goals for yourself SAGITTARIUS 11 You have an opportunity today to take the lead in new endeavors This year may you maintain it i

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