Thursday, December 31, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, December 31, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 31, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Kaleidoscope December New Texas Page 5 Knitted collars and cuffs can be found by mail ByDONNASALYERS Question Im planning to make some knit tennis dresses or my but have been unable to find knitted collars and Is there a mailorder company selling them Answer Sew Smart is a mailorder discount resource specializing in knit collars and as well as heavier knit ribbing for Collars and cuffs may be purchased in sets or and are sized for women and Collar and cuff bordered with cars and the like are available with matching or choose from plain solids or solids with a stripe or scalloped Ex poct to pay about SI 55 or a For a free send a self stamped envelope to Sew 1 O Ho Ungview Wash 986IW Question About two years you had a guest on your television show who showed you how to sew a ring bearers pillow ami bridal garter Can I still gel those instructions Answer Sorry but those instruc tions are no longer available All sorts o bridal are found in Hultenck including the pillow and garter plus lace a satin and lace trimmed bridal a and a keepsake book Question 1 have several yards of a beautiful sheer black lace which I would like to make into a dress When 1 studied dress design in we were taught that lace should always be backed or reinforcement with a sheer fabric such as tulle 1 plan to wear a black slip with this but prefer a sheer look in the sleeves and neckline Can the tulle be eliminated Answer If the dress has i com ortable easy fit I wouldnt hesitate to eliminate the tulle A tight form fitting without the reinforcement of a layer of tulle will quickly disintegrate at the seams You might consider a flesh color tulle fur an illusion of Question 1 often have trouble Dear Abby Accessories to sew for the bride in Butterick topstitchmg collars My machine seems to slow down when I pivot and the stitches slack up at the collar points Is there something 1 can do to my machine to correct this problem Answer Theres little fabric on a collar point fur uur machine s feed dog or teeth tu grasp to keep the fabric frvdmg Heres how to help fabric fenl Keep a threaded needle handy with thread unknotted Insert the needle through the collar point After stitching up to the collar point and grasp the netdie and thread and gentls pull fabric through the two or three tit ches once fahric is needle and thread are easily removed Question I have recently lost weight and must alter several pairs of slacks that are at least one size too big Can you tell me how1 Answer The right way to take in pants is to horrors remove the waistband Take in the then shorten the waistband if necessary and replace it The quick and dirty way is to take in side seams in the hip area tapering to nothing at the waistband Cheat at the waistband by doing this Snip small openings on the inside layer of the one inch from either end Make the snip on the bias for less fraying Taking Life a Day at a Time Is Riht Pace for New Year i 11 j 11 tt H run N KVKK i H i i i 11 DKAK NKVKIl M resolu tions column has become an established annual tradition DKAK UKADKKS these Nevs Years are based on lie credo of Alcoholics I hae taken the liluriN of using that theme some v ariations of m n lust for loda 1 will live ihrough this da and not set farreaching goals to to overcome all mv probhms at I know I can do something for IJ hours that would appall me if 1 felt that I had to keep il up for a Just for today I will he Abraham Lincoln Most folks are ahoul as happy as thev make up their minds to He was I will not dwell on thoughts that depress I will chase them out of my mind and replace them with happy Just for today 1 will adjust myself to what I will face 1 will correct those things that I can correct and accept those things I cannot for today 1 will improve my 1 will not he a mental I will force myself to read something that requires thought and concentra fur today 1 will do some thing positive to improve my If Im a Ill make un honest effort to If Im Ill eat nothing I know is And 1 will force myself to exercise even if its only walking around the block or using the stairs instead of the Just for today 1 will be totally If someone asks me something I dim I I 111 lint Ill I lolll k 111 iw lusl tor Ill in some thing I been putting irlt lui a long Ill finally write that make that phone clean that closet or straighten nut thnse dresser Inr betnre I speak 1 uill ask Is il Is it And if tinanswer In cither il thnsc ucsl lulls Is I wont say il for tnda 1 will make a conMious effort to he agree I will lituk as good as I dress talk ait courteously and mil inter rupt when someone else is fur luda Ill nni iinprnv hnti cxccpl ui Inr tnda 1 will liasc a I iua mil Inllnvs it liut 1 will have sav mu IH sell Irnnitwii pests luirr and iiuio lust Inr 1 will a tialthnur tn nlax During this lime I w ill relliil nn lieliav ior and a better e nil in Iminda I will litun I will nathcr thirourafii In dii w hat is rinbl und lake the rtspiinsibiliiy my own ac I will txpirt nothing from the but 1 will that as I 4ivt to the world w ill jjivtlo Have a hitilthy New Aiul pray for peace AHHV If you are driving inl And if youre please dont rink Cut elastic about one inch smaller than the distance between the two Pull elastic through inside of Secure elastic at one end by zigzagging through both elastic and Try on pants and adjust elastic so waistline is comfortably Secure remaining elastic Apply a fabric sealant such as Fray Check or clear nail polish to slits to prevent As for taking in pants below the hip line Pin new reducing an equal amount of fullness from the side seams and That remove 4 inch from both side seams and inseams rather than 4 inch from side seams Once satisfied with the pinned stitch new Remove original stitching and press seams open and Question Im writing to ask if there is a book available showing a variety of ways to hem When I was in eighth I learned just one I should add it has been 48 years since I was in eighth Answer One of the best allaround sewing books weve seen is Sew Smart 272 pages by An en cyclopedia of sewing Sew Smart is complete six for to sew a hem and well il with more than 900 draw ings Sew Smart is available in sewing stores or may be ordered from the publisher Imports by 237 SW 28th Fort 33315 Book costs S15 plus S2 shipp Question Ive been looking for a slacks pattern in a size I am thin and prefer pants that zip at the Patterns seem to be available in sizes 8 and but not Can you Answer An industry spokesman says home sewing patterns are rang ed for misses there is no junior size shorter in the waist and trunk than misses Dont be concerned that youve been unable to find a size 9 because theres little relationship between sizes in patterns and ready towear Purchase a pants pattern according to your hip measurement and follow pattern instructions for adjusting the crotch The McCall Pattern seems to have the best selection for patterns for proportioned There are three from which to choose McCall 2315 has a side zipper opening and has special fitting information for a flat or full derriere McCall 2834 and 2893 are proportioned and have built in fitting Club notes Kiwanis When Kiwanians met 23 in stead of it was an informal Round Table with no formal there were reports on each members delivery of a Christmas basket to a needy fami Ray Ebert couldnt make his report because his family had not returned from The reports ran a full gamut of emotional recep appreciation and President Orville Gammenthaler reminded us of the March of Dimes Walkathon on 18 flags to go out on which elicited some remarks on the difficulty in locating the metal sockets in the deep Suggestions ranged from a garden rake to a metal detector as the best Happy Days A letter from Doug Weart reminded us of Bob Cowles visit to Division 5 on 24 at 4 at the Valero Building in San An Eagles Auxiliary The Eagles Auxiliary enjoyed a festive Christmas party 15 with the officers as A happy hour was enjoyed by followed by a smorgasbord Prizes were given away to those holding the lucky President Adeline Row had made cakes and pies as the group exchanged gifts and played The party ended by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New The business meeting of the club will be held 5 at Of ficers meet at 7 The kids at Happy Days Day Care Center presented a fun Christmas program earlier this The variety program featured singing elf Summer piano player Lacey guitar player Colt and on Edward TELL SOMEONE YOU LOVE THEMINTHE HvraldZeitung liKAH AHHV Our daughter just nnt years ulcl Several tunes I have noticed that while ly ir in some when urn hir head a certain way udiieiiK screams with that she must ieel a very in her head iur peiiialncian anti hittl times he tn wurry 1 could cause i Tint child screams nut in pain ru s Isnt there anything that lie iniie tu prevent tills from happening With access tu your you he able to come up Muiie answers MOTHKK IN DKAK MOTHKH IMeiise have sour Ihild examined by a neu rologist The sharp pain she feels is a symptom that there is something Fur a pediatrician who would tell a mother not to worry without ordering some tests to determine why her child screams in would never see my rhild in his office Livurilf family are uuluileil in her new For nur simi your nume und tul tlearh plus check or mcine iinier for SI in Canada liux Mounl Ioslage und conoco at the Y of San Antonio Spur 3 NOW OPEN Come Check Our Competitive Gas and Beer Prices Everyday Low Price 39 Crush 16 NR Bottle Millar Lite upplies 6 pack cans W Last Prices Good thru 3rd Pedernales Electric wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Good m Energy Jonnson City Bertram Canyon Dripping Kyw Ukt Travis and

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