Friday, December 25, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, December 25, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 25, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Opinions and Publisher WANDA LAS ATE Acting Managing Editor New Texas December IF VOU DONT SANTA WILL FILL YOUR STOCKING DISCIPLINE DOCSNT WILL FILL SAVINS ACCOUNT WITH AMLWCAN Mike Royko Blocheads put Hart in front Other views By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Here is a sampling of editorial opinion from around the state Capitol carols not a violation A new Christmas tradition has It has nothing to due with the standard trappings of the This one has to do with the Every year in cities across the country groups seek to prevent states from observing Christmas This week in Waco a group called the Society of Separa tionists sought an injunction against a Christmas program in the state Capitol wherein religious Christmas carols would be District Judge Walter Smith refused to place an injunction on the annual The headed by atheist agitator Madalyn Murray claim such a program amounts to government promotion of That argument doesnt Christmas is a national holiday not because the government has deem ed the day to be but because it is so widely the holiday is so ingrained into the American lifestyle that it is observed by believers and non believers The program in question was organized by the Texas Public Employees Associa tion and not by the state As the program is no more a violation of churchstate separation than is the exchange of Christmas greetings among state employees in the halls of the Waco TribuneHerald Nuclear site decision is good bad news Those who have fought the possibility of a nuclear waste sites being developed in the Panhandles Deaf Smith near have won the Congress has agreed to limit the Department of Energys nuclear waste site selection studies to Yucca eliminating alter nate locations in Texas and While thats good news for op ponents of the Texas its bad news for those who had seen more pluses than minuses in the nuclear The site studies alone would have pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into the Panhan dle The elimination of the Texas site will cut about 340 jobs in and foreclose plans to add This will have a devastating effect on the economy ac cording to Mayor Wes so maybe there will be a few more angry people than Congress might have Lubbock AvalancheJournal Ducks fish only in Austin City Council candidates should be prepared to field questions regar ding their stands on the duck issue now that Texas Parks and Wildlife Department officials have suspended indefinitely any further stockings of rainbow trout into Bar ton Creek because of complaints from two women who feed the In the current City Council members need to quickly put together a plan to resolve this latest onlyinAustin One day after state parks officials released trout into Barton Creek and announced plans to add another fish by they pulled the plug on the program after the two women complained that the anglers fish hooks endangered the Parks officials have fielded hundreds of calls from angry anglers eager to catch their limit of five trout for the price of their trout This is the first dispute over ducks that parks officials could No Austin AmericanStatesman HvraldZtitung Published Sunday Thursday and Friday afternoons by New BraunleU 707 Landa I Drau r New Teras Second postage by AW Braunfels HeraldZeitiuty nt DAVID KRAMER Editor and Publisher WANDA LASATER A cling Managing Editor DEBORAH LA WRENCE Office Manager SANDI MUTTER Retail Advertising Manager CHERYL DuVALL Classified Manager CAROL A VERY Circulation Manager MA GGIE L OMBARDO Composition foreman GUSELBEL Pressroom Foreman Carrier delivery in Blanco and Kendall counties three six one Senior Citizens Discount learner delivery six one Mail delivery outside Comal in Texas three six one Mail outside Texas six one If you have not received your newspaper by Tuesday through or by call or 6581900 by and 11 Postmaster Send address changes to Drawer New Texas Deavers conviction adds to seedy record Former White House insider Michael Deavers conviction last week on three counts of perjury was of course a major setback for Deaver who faces at least the possibility of doing some prison time for his The significance of the Deaver trial and its goes well beyond the immediate future of the defendant It as the indepen dent counsel who served as pro secutor pointed yet another in dictment of the Reagan administra tion and its curiously permissive al titude toward ethics in government The record of this administra tion as regards ethics in govern ment is distinctly One Reagan appointee after another has run afoul of either the law or ac cepted standards of official The president too often allows per sonal loyalty to his subordinates to override considerations of proprie ty the result has been a serious tar nishing of his administrations Corpus Christi CallerTimes Never too old to commit crime When an elderly Houstonian recently went before the judge for sentencing on attempted murder he wasnt And his expectation for leniency wasnt ill The courts will often take a criminals advanced years into consideration and forgo a prison sentence Thats assuming he doesnt ask for I should have killed this particular fellow said about his in tended I could have shot 10 he What would they do to a 75yearold man Sentence him to eight years in thats The official charge was attempted but the old coots also guilty of ar rogance in the first degree The Houston Post Your Reps Slats Grobnik looked up from his newspaper and said I see that Gary Hart Is already leading the other Democrat mopes In most of the polls with about 30 per isnt it I think thats about In I thought it would be a little bit How do you figure that Its You just got to understand the different voter I study that a lot when Im not looking at the scratch And what do your studies of blocs show First of theres the Idadunnitoo which has got to be good for at least 5 percent These are thousands of and I know lots of They looked at all the pictures of Don na Rice in her bikini or in her tight jeans and they said Boy Id uh Come be what did you say when you saw her I dont have to answer since 1 am not a candiate for But I must concede that Miss Rice was more pleasing to the eye than the average bag And then theres the Eyebeendare Thats another 5 Youll have to explain that Those are a lot of and women who maybe made one little or maybe a in their married They forgot to throw away the matchbook from the or got careless and used a credit and they wound up in big trouble at So they look at Hart and say I been Its kind of a sym pathy That makes a certain amount of But thats on ly 10 with Democrats you always got to figure In the Camelot Whats thaf Doing a really good Kennedy You the hand in the coat the the and even a little bit of that New England Everybody knows that Hart does the Kennedy bit better than anybody If he could do a Kirk Douglas and Marlon hed be right up there with Frank So the Camelot block is always good for about 10 That much Thats why Biden was doing pretty well He gave real good Kennedy I still think if Biden had enough hair for a real Kennedy hed still be In It would have made up for what he didnt have under the hair And look at Teddy Kennedy After all his goofy hes still big political heat And Teddy doesnt do as good a Kennedy imitation as Gary does Lloyd Bentsen United States Senate 703 Hart Senate 20510 PhilGramm United States Senate 370 Russell Senate Bldg 20510 State Judith Zaffirini Capitol Station 80x12068 Texas 78711 William Sims Capitol Station Box12068 Texas 78711 Bill Clements Governors Office State Capitol Texas 78711 State Edmund Kuempel Texas House of Representatives Box 2910 Texas 78769 That brings you to 20 then Hart picks up another 10 percent with the Hoozat Hoozat bloc Whazal Its what people in your business call name recogni The way these polls work is somebodys sitting in front of the TV watching The phone rings and a guy on the phone says that hes taking a poll asks which of the following people do you approve of for He says You say hoozat Then he says You say hoozat Then he says Paul And you know but I liked him better when he sang with And he says and depending on your racial you either say something nice or you start So where does that leave you He says And finally you dont have to say hoozat Youve seen Hart on In your supermarket and People Except for Lifestyles of the Rich and they provide 98 percent of this countrys in So its like a you finally got one name right and you tell the pollster its So there you got the 30 It seems to me youre leaving out the most essential factors issues and Forget Every Democrat Is for peace and You ever hear one come out In favor of war and poverty9 Theyre all for a better economy and You heard any of them promise to bring us a depression and illiteracy They all have compassion for the poor and You ever hear one say hes going to help the rich and greedy Thats why we have An Interesting But hell need more than the 30 percent to be And theres another bloc thats going to help Its the nosnoopln bloc Im not familiar with Sure you are These are the people who picked up the paper seven months ago and read even word how Gary got caught spending the night with And they watched everything about It on And they read every word about how he went to Blmlni with her Then they bought the magazines and read what Donna had to say and looked at her cheesecake pictures Then they looked at the pictures of her on his knee And after they read it all and saw It and they talked to their neighbors and the people at work about they said Isnt It terrible they way the media blow something like this is there anything more about it in todays paper11 Lamar Smith Lower domestic oil prices reveal policy shortcomings By LAMAR SMITH District 21 Representative The news of rapid oil price drops over the past few weeks is disheartening to everyone in the domestic oil especially the independent producer With the price of West Texas intermediate now about per the pumpjacks in Texas oil fields are idle But Americans in all parts of the country should be for this situation has broad Implications for the economic future of our and for our ability to remain a world power By allowing ourselves to become dependent on foreign sources for more than 40 percent of our we now have given OPEC a weapon that is equal to any in our military arsenal How could the United States get into such a especially having lived through two previous oil crises0 Because we have not learned from the and we have failed miserably at what should have been a top priority the establishment of a national energy policy Once the gas lines of the early 1970s disappeared and the economy got back on the sense of urgency disappeared and national policy makers ignored the citing an oil glut that supposedly solved the problem But what they did not realize was slowly but OPEC was putting this nation over a barrel by undercutting our domestic oil Industry and getting American consumers hooked on cheap foreign oil The early 1980s times of plentiful oil and low prices should have been the perfect opportunity for the leadership in Washington to develop a longterm strategy for protecting this nation against another oil But they did not And now the Western world Is heavily dependent on oil from nations that are often hostile to our Interests and have historically used their oil as a It is past time to develop a plan that will insure our ability to produce oil in sufficient quantities to run our economy and control our future We must find ways to reduce oil make domestic exploration and production profitable and en sure the availability of future supplies We need to repeal the Windfall Profits restore the oil depletion develop enhanced oil recovery and open up public lands for ex ploration To do we must begin to build a base of understanding and support for the needed changes In policy Only by taking the initiative and enacting responsible policies will we avoid repeating the mistakes of the past y AAH ALL JO DRINK WAS ONE AND A HAlf YEP THAT 5 ONE ANP A QUARTS