Thursday, December 17, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, December 17, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 17, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Page8 New Texas Santas Letters December t think Ill leave you a pre sent Now Im going to tell you what 1 want for I want a new 1 want the two books called The tales of The Forth Grade Nothing and Super I want a new Barbie i want a sweat shirt that says Christmas Holidays and a Christmas tree on 1 want it to be white on the outside of I want my bike to be pink and And a talking cabbage patch I ant a new for my room Bonnie Schnautz Dear Santa I want a go cart for Christmas And and Jeome to be my And a better tree and a pet Adrian Visca Dear Santa Claus How are you I want a remote con trol car this year and I want two walkey This year I hope you bring them your Jason Martin Dear Santa please get me a GoCart and a inten do vide Game and a robot and a 4 wleer and for me to be rich win I grow up and for me to have a yor Jerome Goodwin Primary Dear Santa Please may I have a bike and a knife please Hike you Larry Evans Dear Santa Id like a radio control And I want some I would like a Cameron Cornelison Dear Santa I would like a Radio Control car and a A baby horse a knife and a A watch and a dog and a Luke Frinke Dear Santa I would like to have a Can you please get me a Please get me a Hike you Lisa Salazar Bulverde School Dear Santa All I want is stoft bears and Dolls and real baby 1 love you and hope to see you Love Abby Dear Neckules I love Yo are nice I hope you bring me lots of In class Tarn making Rudof the red nois rain deer pupets Memorial Primary Dear Santa Santa how are you doing I am doing fine I have been good What are you getting for me I love Santa so much like my mom and I want Jam a a book to my mom a a and a I love my brother so He wants a a and some books I like Dear Santa Claus Dear Santa Why is your nose so red And why do you live in he Norht Pole Where do you Keep your reindeers How did Rudolph get his nose red Why do you like a long beard Why do you like to give us I would like a cat with a Lee Martinez Dear Hi how are you doing Ive been a good I wish 1 could go to the North pole I want to see you very much because I want to tell you what I I wish I could have a race some a speed an electric dolls for my two sisters if you dont I would like a little four wheeler if you dont Alan Dingelde Dear Hi I made four I am doing good in I am good for my mommy and I finished my You are my I do good at I wish I had snow 1 wish I had a some a toy that feeds me a play and a big 1 hope you have a happy merry Christmas Santa Jason Maty Kiewicz Dear I like you because you are very I like you because you give us Dear Santa How are you doing I am doing very I am very good Are you doing a lot of work Are you happy that it Is Christmas I am very glad that it is I hope I get a lot of I hope you have a lot of I hope a lot of kids are being good and not 1 hope you have a very good I want clothes because it is very cold now and boots because when it rains I get Shannon Tamayo Dear Santa Santa do you rememeber me I am Matt Santa I can say Ho Ho Ho Santa I can help I got my Christmas tree And I wish I could go with I would like to visit you at the North I wish I could have a toy a toy army and a voodoo Matt Slaughter Dear Santa I like you very You are a nice You are a good 1 have heard about Santa Claus I could put a few cookies and a glass of milk for How are you doing I wis I had a pound a flower mahing sprinkled a basket of roses fo Miss a new and some and some roller Melissa Wilkinson Dear What are you doing up there What are your elves working on 1 cant wait until you come for I will give you some Christmas is fun Are you at home doing something like working0 1 work all the What time do you go to bed9 I want a Jason Hamel Dear Santa How are you I am 1 hope you will bring me some My dad is not I hope you wil give him a My mom would like money so we can have a nice 1 wish See SANTA Page 13 DISCOUNT DRUG FROM NOW TIL CHRISTMAS OUR ORIGINAL PRICE ALL STUFFED TOYS PLUSH ANIMALS BOXED GAMES FISHERPRICE TOYS Selection varies by while quantities Executive Bane 555 35 New Texas 20 O Off ON ALL GOLD SILVER I JEWELRY 1 We Have INCREASED Our Inventory of Bracelets and Rings for Christmas Come In And See Our Gold Silver Coins Featuring American Eagle Canadian Maple Leaf Australian Nugget Singapore Rabbits and Tigers Gold Silver Christmas Wafers And Many More no rainchecks GIFT BOXES by Plus Choose 1 3 Shirt or 4 ROYALDANSK Butter Cookies 1 169 BOXED HOLIDAY CARDS in Festive 99 60H OFF