Wednesday, December 9, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, December 9, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 9, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Opinions DAVEKRAM6R and Publisher WANDA Acting Managing Editor Page 4A New Texas December Jouy OPA CLAUS WILLIAM WHAT DO Fofc THE MAW HAS EVERVTHIMC3 ABOUT GOING FOR PER DEf OUT OFPAORDIMARV UNDT VOU CAM FlNJDT ALL DIS6 JKJ Forum MEW SRAUNFELS J SETTER LETTER POLICY The HeraldZeitung welcomes All letters should be sign ed and include an address or telephone The newspaper reserves the right to Letters should be sent to New Braunfels Drawer HI New Texas or brought to our offices at Guest column Thoughts on the NBISD bond issue By MARGIE RABORN This is the second in a series of two Our many moves as part of being a military family allowed us the ex perience of being in several school districts prior to coming to New Let me hasten to that the fine reputation of New Braunfels ISD was one of the deciding factors in our move to this I have had the priviledge to work as a volunteer for several teachers in the high school as well as for the school and in Englers I can say nothing but complimentary things about these experiences and to say that NBHS is as fine of school as my children have ever attended our past experiences also make us capable of making comparisons in how the business of the school district is Of the four previous school districts in which we have one district was much larger while the others were similar in all were able to adequately conduct their business in either lunch rooms or libraries of the various schools and all were much better Even such an arrangement has been adequate up until this pre sent I am personally offended to attend school board meetings in such ostentacious while we are being told our childrens safety is in jeopardy and their education is lacking because of inadequate classroom It seems to me our leadership was looking out for their own pleasure and well being instead of that of our children It is also hard to understand why our school board seemed more in terested in the needs of the Comal Appraisal District than that of its own teachers and They would not disapprove the CAD budget which allows for a first year salary increase for the new chief appraiser and a too per cent pay increase for the appraisal review they chose to use the from the reserve fund to renovate the top floor of the Ad ministration Building rather than using such funds for the direct needs of For much less than what it cost to renovate the facilities for the we could have already corrected the traffic problems at Lone Star and built the new gymnasium and four additional classrooms at one of the strangest things of all to understand is why our local paper is so interested in the passage of this bond1 In five out of six publications between Nov 22 and there was front page reporting of why the bond issue was Even such onesided coverage on the editorial page would have seemed but could be accepted as their editorial but on the front page as this is hardly proper jour nalistic ethics In one of the recent front page ar tides the reason given for needing this bond passed was because of the growth New Braunfels is experienc ing from being located on the Golden I guess many of the downtown businesses and va cant strip centers must be located on some other corridor Heavy tax ation and bonded indebtedness by all aspects of local government in cluding the school district is pushing our community to the breaking point This Golden Corridor men tality fostered by the the Chamber of bankers and appraisers has raised property and taxes past the point of the ability of the average businessman to sur vive We criticize our young that they are not willing to wait for the things they but expect to have it whether they can af ford it or Is this not the very example our school administration and other government officials are setting They always want the very best and they must have it now even if it means passing the debt on to our children and grand children 1 am happy that 1 can close my comments with some encouraging information At the 17 school board under the leadership of board member Dick the school board passed a resolution to send to our legislators in The mam message of the resolution being that the mandate of I1B 72 for a 22tol ratio and us hasty implementation places on un due burden upon Texas therefore the NBISD requests this mandate bv delaved until 199091 and then only after the State pro vides necessary funding This resolution will serve two im portant purposes It will remove the need for this crisis management type action of the passing of the pro posed bond issue and will allow tune for a more well planned solution that takes into consideration the present economic condition of our community it will send a strong signal to the legislature thai the local school district still demands some sayso about how their individual school district is managed 1 would suggest that each of you get a copy of this resolution and send it to your State Representative along with a letter of support Also call Mr Kobinett and the other board members and thank them for taking this stand to try and return the management of our scluxils to the local level be sure to vote Saturday and encourage your neightwr to do likewise 1 believe your vote against this bond issue as propos ed will send the same kind of message to our local admmistra to let them know that as parents and we too demand some say so in how our local district is managed Last but not least 1 wish to thank the especialh Us managing editor Wanda for allowing my comments to be printed even though they contained some rather pointed criticisms of the paper If you please contact the paper to express your appreciation Remember to go Taxes too high in hard times Kditor I would like to take this opportuni ty to thank Margie Raborn for tak ing her stand on saying no to the NBISD bond During these hard economic no one can af ford to pay these high I hope our taxpayers will open their eyes and say no to the NBISD bond issue on Sathan Millet Students parents understand the need Kditor 1 appreciate the through your editorial to ask the citizens to New Braunfels to vote for Propositions 2 and 3 in the NBISD bond election this Satur 1 am thankful that your paper has kept the public informed of growth in our district and state law requirements imposed on the schools by House Bill I can admire the number of hours Raborn spends at school board meetings and writing lengthy but the people who really know what children need are spen ding time in the The parents who are involved in their childrens schools see the bus lines the crowed P K lunch and library classes and schedules Thev see the calf deep svater and traffic congestion They set needs because they are there As to the hastiness of the election being 1 feel that the board acted expeditiously and with wisdom as soon as the fall enroll ment figures were in Both Memorial Primary and Carl Schur Klementary have grown by over lu percent each in the past two years When our schools register 1 to 5 new students a week we realize that New Braunfels is growing rapidly This is growth that is difficult and almost impossible to project Kveryone in Comal County the business and private sectors alike are amazed with the phenomenal growth Ho muxl ir To pro classrooms and teachers or the children present enrolled in we must pass these pruposi I ions Our community is onl as good as our schools New Braunfels has a strong tradition of academic cellence Our even back lo the ilas of the New Braunfels knew that lor our com mumty to we must provide the best education possible Our fill tin And what letter investment in the future us there than our Patrons follow tradition in voting Kditor Since the patrons of New Braunfels have been concerned about quality education for all On you as parents and patrons will have the opportunity to maintain this fine tradition by voting in a bond elec tion for New Braunfels Independent School District schools The propos ed bond package will allow us to continue as a statewide leader in Our youngsters rank above state and national levels on standarlzed achievement tests i With your yes vote on Proposi tions 2 and you can assure your childs academic future in a proper learning facility Passing all three propositions will meet current needs and protect our schools from overcrowded classrooms Our childrens academic future1 is in your hands vote yes Saturday The Memorial Teacher urges bond passage 1 would like to take this opportuni ty to encourage everyone to get out and vote for the txind election this Saturday At the present time we have in our schools an environment for academic excellence As a teacher lor the 1 observe the quality education our children are receiving Please vote yes to Propositions 1 2 and i Help us to maintain a high standard of iilucation bv avoiding overcrow ded conditions in our schools us continue to celebrate ex cellence in the NBISD Vote or all three propositions Thanks for coverage oi Vespers program It is with much appreciation thai we you for the line news coverage which ou Advent Vespers program in Thurs days paper and again in Fnda s paper We felt coverage helping very much in making our program the success that H was We also thank your photographer for coming to our rehearsal on Tuesday night to take those pictures that you used It is our wish that all of vou at be Herald have a holidav season H Chairman wants abortion off Democrats platform By WILLIAM WELCH Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON APi Democratic National Chairman Paul Kirk is suggesting that the partys 1988 platform avoid any mention of abortion or the Equal Rights Amendment to keep from giving Republicans a target of op Many congressional leaders and governors are backing Kirks call for a broad and brief 1988 but black activist and former Atlan ta Mayor Maynard Jackson says keeping quiet on the lough issues could backfire on the Democrats If you are silent on major issues and by silence implying rejection of we may have to get into a debate about a member of the Democratic National said in response to Kirks proposal Friday Kirk outlined his hopes for avoiding a platform written to please narrowinterest presure groups at a meeting of Democratic governors and the DNCs executive He suggested to reporters later that abortion rights and ERA were both narrow issues that might be dropped from the platform Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd of West Virginia and House Speaker Jim Wright of both immediately endorsed Kirks plan in remarks to the same group Kirk said that the platform in 1988 should be an open letter to the American short enough and general enough so that some might actually read it He said it should reflect the timeless truths and unifying prin ciples of the Democratic not a litany of cultural or litmustest Kirk said dropping abortion or ERA from the platform would not be a rejection of the partys previous support Were not going to sound retreat on anything All of these things are accepted as a he said he for Democrats in the politics of inclusion must not be confused with the politics of including a line here or a word there in an attempt lo satisfy every disparate group in our diverse society If we adopt a platform in Atlanta that speaks in positive and pragmatic and patriotic terms to a broad national it cannot used as a target of opportunity of the Republican Party Michigan Gov James J Blan the new chairman of the Democratic Governors Association said the governors embraced Kirk s platform ideas in a private meeting They all liked the idea of a plat form thats a great statement of goals with and not a plat form thats a wishlist of special in terest Blanchard said North Dakota Gov George Sinner said there was a broad consensus among the governors for avoiding a detailed party platform Ten of the 2t Democratic governors and two governors Wallace Wilkinson of Kentucky and Buddy Roemer of attended meetings Thursday night and Fruiav Kirks move lo shape the platforn is geared in part to win back votes in the where many Democrats have backed their party or state office but the GoP for the White House Published Sunday rrid mi afternoons by 70 St Id AVir Texas Second Braunfels HeraldZeitunu at Gorbachev tackling Afghanistan DAVID KRAMER Kditor mid Publishr WANDA Aitiny Managing Editor DEHORAH LA Office Manager UTTER Retail Advertising Manager CHERYL Classified Manager CAROL A VEKY Circulation r MAGGIE Pressroom foreman Carrier deliiery in Blanco and Kendall three six one Senior Discount learner delivery sis out Mini delivery outside Comal in Texas thrft sif Mail outside Tesas six one If you hare not received your by Tuesday through or by call or tiati IVIKJ by and It Send address changes to Drawer New Texas By BARRY SCHWEID AP Diplomatic Writer WASHINGTON AP i Soviet leader Mikhail S Gorbachev resumed summit talks with President Reagan today after appealing for Senate ratifica tion of the newly signed mediumrange missile They welcome the he said follow ing a meeting with congressional leaders Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd of West Virginia said lawmakers pressed Gorbachev on human and told him that ratification pro spects for the arms treaty would be enhanced if the Soviets provided a firm timetable for ending the Red Army occupation of Byrd and Senate Republican leader Bob Dole of Kansas both said after the private congressional meeting with Gorbachev at the Soviet Embassy that they expected the treaty would be ratified without any amendments that might force a That pleased the general secretaryof the Soviet Communist who said later at the White in Reagans They are convinc They are sure that it will be and they welcome the After the embassy Byrd said he told Gorbachev that it would be very useful to us if he could give us a timetable for withdrawal ifrom Afghanistan I did say very clearly that this was a matter of concern and continuing debate Byrd recalled that the SALT II arms control treaty was removed from the Senate floor without being ratified in the months immediately follow ing the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in December sitting in the Oval Office with Gorbachev broadly hinted he would have more to say about a Soviet timetable for The fact that we are ready to withdraw from Afghanistan is something that 1 have said some time he told What we are here to discuss is more he Asked if the missile ban treaty would be follow ed by agreements with Reagan on Afghanistan and the Persian the Soviet leader replied This is precisely the portion of our the issues we will discuss with the president right 1 do believe those are important questions that deserve very careful In a presummit White House officials stressed they wanted a date certain for a Soviet pullout and dangled the prospect of a cutoff of aid once the Red Army begins to withdraw Apart from a short the Iniied Slates wants lo make sure the Afhgan resistance gains a prominent role in a new government in Kabul and that it is not dominated by communists backed by Moscow Gulbaddm a leader of the anticommunist Afghan said in on Monday that the rebels would not accept any deals made in their behalf at the On the Persian Reagan wants the Soviets to support a drive for an arms embargo against The idea is to force Iran to accept a ceasefire in its sevenyear war with Iraq The who supported a UN resolution in July that called for a halt to the are hedg ing on Human another prime summit occupied a major part of the two hours and 15 minutes of talks Tuesday between Reagan and the While House Marlin Gorbachev defended the Soviets record and countered with problems in the United another official said