Tuesday, December 8, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, December 8, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 8, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Pifli 4 New Texas Texas Christmas 198 Volunteers spent the day recently preparing the Museum of Texas Handmade 1370 Churchill to represent an early Texas Putting greenery around the porch from Colleen Mary Anne Tyler Maxine Estess and Cody Bob on the puts finishing touches on the Estess is chairman for the decorating Included in the holiday display are dollhouses and miniatures which will be featured through The museum is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 4 Homemade cookies and hot cider will also be available to Photo by Dervl Clark y Newspapers say 6 states qualify for super collider7 WASHINGTON AP Texas and at least six other states were stamped as qualified for the super the billion project sought two newspapers reported The Dallas Morning News and the Chicago both citing sources that were not said New Colorado and North Carolina were qualified for the super collider by the National Academies of Sciences and The Morning News also said that possibly Mississippi and California had made the running as To ensure the national academies are reviewing all 35 bids from 25 The Tribune said the academies would make a report to the Energy Department by while the Dallas newspaper said a committee of the national academies may not submit its report to the Energy Department until Its too early to comment on the said committee chairman Ed ward director of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Texas has four bids for the super Waxahachie and a site near Amarillo are the two stateproposed while sites near El Paso and Midland are being proposed by two maverick Scientists say the super collider would be an underground accelerator capable of whipping proton beams together with enough force to create subatomic particles that can be giving physicists new in sights into the nature of The project will create thousands of construction employ people and have an annual budget of Austin police investigating weekend beer assault AUSTIN AP Authorities today continued their investigation into a report that a teenage girl was raped at an unsupervised beer bash that drew about 150 high school students to a vacant The weekend party was organized by four or five Austin High School students who chartered a bus to shut tle students from a parking lot near the school to the field off Spicewood Springs one student organizer told the Austin Curtis a spokesman for the Travis County Sheriffs said no charges had been filed There were nine kegs of beer at the party and mostly Austin High School were charged to at the organizer The money was used to pay for the bus and It is against Texas law to sell beer or other alcoholic beverages to peo ple under 21 years Weeks said deputies were called early Sunday morning by the parents of the student who reported the The girl told investigators that she had gone to the party with friends but became separated from them shortly after She said she was looking for the friends when a boy whom she did not know told her he could lead her to The girl told investigators that she followed the boy into a field away from the party and that he raped her A second boy also raped the girl Robert principal at Austin High emphasized that the party was not a schoolsanctioned December Shoppers Special Monday thru Thursday 6pm to 8pm South Of The Border Rice Iced Tea from Thf Htw Qwnert Arky 690 Walnut Try Our Lunch Specials Too 6299818 Edda Buchner Big Bend hike brings two families closer to themselves and to nature ByEDDABUCHNER Correspondent Where the trail had there hastened now the swift currents of the broad and muddy Rio Weeks prior to our hike into the Big Bend National continous rain had poured torrents of water down the arroyos and into the river and washed out the hiking trail along its But we had already walked too far to track back now and began to search for a different Rolf and the two experienced hikers in our small group of located an upper mountain trail and chose for the ascent a steep rift in the torn by a recent rock While the including my hus band and managed to balance their heavy backpacks with I crawled on all fours up the shifting rubble and dared not look The trail turned out to be merely a 2footwide with the mountain rising straight up on the right and the river gorge plunging down to the Then and there the law of the wilderness became there was nothing to do but go forward no matter what was still to come north wind makes called Rolf as I look the first hesitating steps leaning well away from the steep A month in the secure en vironment of we had asked our friends to take us along on a Thanksgivingweekend hike into the Big Bend National Park En thusiastically we had followed their advice to pack only the absolute necessities and save on every ounce of weight so we had broken a toothbrush in stashed non perishable foods and left the tent at home For the most part we were going to hike in the Chihuahuan desert where we had to carry our own water supp which increased the weight of the backpacks to 3o and lu pounds respectively We drove to Las a small trading post at the foot of the moun tains and started out on the first leg of the For about an hour we followed a barely discernable trail between symmetrical low creosote bushes before ascending the flat topped Chihuahuan While we three novices walked first then slow and then stood still to catch our Rolfs mountaineer boots maintained an even stride no matter what terrain we and Margaret steadily brought up the rear and shepherded us Just before we began to feel too ex Rolf chose a place to rest our weary bones and eat some sus taining snacks of dried fruits and Without the noise of our walking the wilderness held no And as we leaned against the protected by woolen shirts against we became part of this unmarred Then the packs were shouldered the waist straps adjusted and walking seemed to be a little easier after the break As soon as the sun stood low on the a chill crept into the long shadows and pointed warning fingers at the few level patches of ground large enough for a sleeping bag Before it could get much we quickly devoured a scant meal of such unlikely dinner companions as sardines and peanut butter and crawled fully clothed into the Eider down mummy bags My body was fatigued from carry ing a backpack while negotiating steep hills and equally steep slopes but now 1 was unable to sleep because the apparently level ground was suddenly studded with pointed pebbles To make matters the moisture on the sleeping bags cnstallized to and as I lay there anticipating the tread of wild 1 began to wonder what on earth had made us want to go on a Thanksgiving holiday like thus The night dragged on inter minably 1 shifted from one hipbone to the feeling less important than the meager desert plants and very frail under a thunderously beautiful night Whenever I awoke from sheer discomfort during the 12 dark there was always the sky to look up with its trillion stars and the milky way splashed across the vaulted and burning comets of falling stars streaking through the Finally the trumpets of the morn ing sun awoke the mountaintops and touched every familiar cracks and gouges of past storms and passing Still stiff and cold we stuffed the sleeping bags into nylon strapped them onto the lightweight aluminum frames and marched off into the quiet where the occasional twittering of a bird is more like a rent in the calm After a brisk hourlong walk we sat down in the comforting warmth and ate a simple breakfast of nuts and dried milk and drank a cup of water Through the clear lens of the morn ing desert the world of worries and hectic schedules looked distant and immaterial e smiled at each other and simply enjoyed being stripped of assumed worries and Was this the kind of feeling for which men and women climbed to the highest moun explored jungles and oceans despite dangers and Was ihis why we earned loads on our back trudged up and down barely covering id miles when it felt as though we had walked a hundred Toward midday ihe sun shone fiercely on our perspiring backs iHiwnvests and longjohns dangled from the backpacks and the water cantina became the most coveted possession Nothing asies as good as water when one is realh thirsty Us very is soothing to a parch ed throat Later we arrived at one the arrosos A gorge snuMh sculpted the seasonal torrents ut water that come roaring through she mountains anil turning tunnels jjerfivth whitish k this there was otih a limpid water Id in the smooth ruck tmw Stepping out in style German businessmen Manford and Norbert visited the area The pair were honored at a luncheon by the Greater New Braunfeis Chamber of During the luncheon the two men were given boots by Archie Ladshaw of Lad shaw Explosives With Ladshaw during the presentation were chamber president Jean Pfeuffer left and Helgard Suhr of the Gorman American The two businessmen made the trip to visit with Ladshaw i Photo by Defy Clark and on Its surface danced autum leaves and drifted a butterfly Fairies would drink from such a pool as High in the light blue circled two redtail hawks sending their unearthly resounding shrieks over the Chihuahuan We walked The almost In distinguishable trail led over the roll ing rocks of a dry The only living creature we saw all day was a hairy Rolf had picked a route too ardurous for most hikers to follow mule droppings and slightly polished stones indicated that other feet had trodden here But once in a while even our friends would lose the trail and we fanned out to search for Every straight row between bushes or accidental cluster of rocks looked like an indication of a but in variably after a minute or two It pro ved to be a blind lead In the Rolf and Margaret divided on a general direction in accordance with the topographical map That meant walking cross being scral died by thorns and pierced by the sabretipped yuccas For summit gained there was another valley to descend When once again we had reached a hot and out of breath and more than reads to abandon the warm clothes 1 rememlered how years ago my then 5 daughter had wondered that a little flower rould neither put on a jacket nor take it it just had to stand thenand any weather How strange it i that we humans have such a narrow tolerance t or 15 degrees either is all we can stand without complaining No less strange was the fact that the landscape and the weather in Big Bend is host to extreme we were toiling through Mordmig doert heat on the o we could setthe thisos mountains direcsis ahead i Us Ye iie when we the forests lai pines the succulen mosses and strewn with flowers reminiscent oi much looler countries Vie had iel the thorns or or and walked now on spring humus rich lores soil and listened to the cascading Boot Springs water laMshiritf abundance o moisture oiplants and A w ind up tore w till it ominous the das we had lei nur Kurt is radii station iuietas possible snowstorm in the mountain region now j wined quite ie i V u a exjHTUlli ev that witJim tew one could either HTish of ikvr or be bunM under MIKW iinMv The that iiideti there a turmoil brew but more Ihe o The air grew nuticoabh colder as witft HacocK shades iinmountain alter anothe and we the sinking into the s Die next we back to dragging our lev a wanting to lingei little longer tell as though tile sweat the toll ami the er silliness the Wilderness had dlsasMmbleti us cleaned awa all the longnins ambitions and and put us shm aru new 5 Top Sirloin Steak with c French Fries 1 Lunch Specials 11 AM to 2PM i Make the holidays make a taxdeductible contribution to the HeraldZeitung Cheer Fund to provide 200 families with Christmas dinner CORRECTION Our 3J ci in Sun j 6th eoilion a Afony ti j Jate ii sfouui IV Hut vsiil honof Sun I 00300500 00900 5 00 J 00 9 m Sun I IOJ 10i 10 10 IS 10 SOMEONE TO WATCH OVEI ME Sun 1 00300500 00900 5 M 1 00 9 00 ww I 153 ISS 157 ISJ 15 159 15 FATAL ATTRACTION Sil Sun Z J04 45 7 009 SMO 1 LUNCHBQAT SPECIAL Choice of Fish Strips of French Coleslaw or Beans

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