Sunday, December 6, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Sunday, December 6, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 6, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Page 8A Commerce Industry New Texas 1987 Membership drive At the Greater New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce membership drive kickoff 1 at Western pic tured chamber executive vice president Tom and Lee WalMart vice president of transportion discuss The lun cheon was sponsored by chamber Blue Coats with Wal Mart officials presenting a check for in chamber membership At far Jean president of the chamber of talks to Scott Joe vice president of distribution and John membership drive Photos by Frances Texas Business Today Low sales not misconduct By Mary Scott Nabers Texas Employment Commission Dear Commissoner Nabers I have a salesman working for me who is just not His sales are low and 1 am going to have to let him Will he be eligi ble for unemployment benefits1 Most likely Before a person will be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits the employer must prove that the person was fired for work con nected If your salesman is giving the job his best effort and following whatever rules you have then it is highly unlikely that you can show his low sales to be a result of A more likelv conclu sion will be that it is currently a tough market for even the best of Dear Commissioner Nabers As the holiday season approaches I will have to hire a lot of temporary employees When Christmas is the job is Do 1 have to report these people as employees to the TEC Can they file for unemployment If they then I tell you something is wrong with the system HO Dear The answer to both of your questions is you should report the wages on your temporaries to the and they can file claims when the jobs runs Whether they will file claims is another matter if these employees have only been work ing for your company a few weeks then your company will probably have no chargebacks liability on I he L from Knox Texas You need to ask about your right to your spouses benefits by calling this number or writing to Veterans Ad Information on Veterans 1400 N Valley Mills Dr Nabers represents employers throughout If you have any questions you want write Commissioner Nabers at Texas Business 614 Texas Employment Commis sion 15th and Congress Texas Business Briefs Holiday Open House Hendricks and and Steel Heal Inc invite the public to a holiday open house 17 from 4 to 7 on the second floor of the Jahn 4i4 S Seguin Border Cafe has new owners Jack Alves and Ketta and Arky Westbrook are the new owners of the Border Small Business Marketing Seminar slated Signatures will be sponsoring a Small Business Seminar entitled Promoting Your Small Business A Guide to Getting More Bang for your Marketing The seminar will be held at the 11221 San San on Dec 1C with several sessions scheduled to ac comodate the large turnout For more information or to reserve your seat for the contact Renee Wagner at Chamber membership mixer 9 Merchants and services of Land mark Square and Wuests are spon soring a Greater New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce membership mixer 9 at Landmark Square from 3 to 7 A SSOO cash drawing will he held hy the chamber and refreshments will he available at the Business After Hours Your business card of facsimile will admit you and a guest to the mix er Free seminar on psychodramatic methods A free presentation o n Methods in Psychotherapy will be offered by HCA Hill Country Hospital Dec 11 from ton iu Leading the seminar will be Dr Adam Blatner who is currently assis tant professor in child psychology at the University of Louisville School of Medicine He is one of ion accredited psychodrama directors in the Lnited States KSYP to HCA Hill Coun try a psychiatric and substance abuse is located at K2U5 off Loop in Live Oak CKU credits will be TEXAS POSTAL SERVICE Your Packing Your Complete Mailing Center Just Like A Post Office But More UPS MAIL Federal Express Western Union Let Us Help You With Christmas Mailing Courtyard Shopping We Will Pack It For You Or Bring It With You Ready to TAX DEFERRED INTEREST The Fox Company Health Insurance Specialist X 6254833 Jf Put a little laughter in your read the AMUSEMENTS Page daily in the HeraldZeitung ATTENTION FARMERSRAN CHERS Kittie Petroleum Wholesale Distributor of Phillips 66 and Texaco Petroleum Diesel Kerosene and Now serving New Braunfels and Comal County We Deliver CM 3332510 Financial Focus Stocks of closedend companies offer advantages for investment By EDWARD 1000 Suite F The duty of a closedend manage ment also known as a closedend is to operate a mutual fund with a limited number of shares outstanding tnlike the con ventional openend mutual fund which creates new shares lo meet in vestor the closedend fund begins with a fixed number of shares that are listed on one of the major ev changes or traded in the Over the Counter Market In this the only business of the company is to buy and sell securities Like any there are ad vantages and disadvantages to own ing shares of a closedend und To the closedend traded like a stock requires a brokerage charge when buying and selling Although these costs vary Un typical cost of buying HXJ shares of a closedend fund selling at Slo a share could be as high as 4 percent or S40 If the stock should perform well and after several years has a market value of S2o a share it could cost as much as Sfio to sell Thats a combm ed cost of or lo percent of your original investment Compare this to the acquisition cost of a typical openend mutual The maximum cost is H r per cent of the offering a one time charge paid when you buy the fund So for a investment in an open end mutual fund you could pay a maximum of Stfi in acquisition whereas total buy and sell charges in a closed end fund could well exceed that For this onetime mutual fund the und managers will generally reinvest capital gams and dividends at no cost a n d impose no charges for withdrawals regardless of how quent Some closedend funds allow for automatic reinvestment of dividends and capital gams With the cost of reinvesting small dividend payments could discourage investors from hav ing the money resulting n a lost Although cost should not be the governing factor In selecting an investment it should be seriously particularly by the smaller investor Kven with the cost actor closed end funds still offer benefits Be in vesting in the stock ol one closedend you immediately have profes sional management and a diversified portfolio of securities Had you selected instead to buy an individual stock or you future rewards or losses would rest entirely on the giKKl fortune of that one particular com pany Benjamin considered in many as the father of sound in vesting viewed proper diversification as owning At or more different securities For the small in vestor this may be Impossible buying shares of a closed end fund offers the opportunity to own an interest in many companies Since closedend funds are invest menl pools that invest in stocks and other securities their net asset value is determined by the combined market value of their portfolios on The Accounting Firm Of is pleased to announce the association of David Renken 6252475 6253149 707 Walnut Suite 207 John Curtis Is Pleased To Announce The Opening Of His Office For The Practice Of Law New Braunfels 6253443 Call For An Appointment any given day MIHHthey trade as a regular stock if demand lor a fund is strong Hitfund s Mivk may sell at premium net asset value II is iuw the fund cuuK sell at dis count The overall message ul closed eiv funds is the as any eminent bo certain the o the fund can pick securities uell In the final your closed end und will general prosper or ail in direct relation to hosv suU its securities selected Closedend funds on the major exchange offer in vestment opportunities in minn ed investor s to intonmd before YOU invest trr f I i V HO I 06 t 12 J In Wtfl I rtfr t j f irt A llttl on 1 I Federal regulations require a substantial interusl penally lor early withdraw BONUSMUHMl INSURANCE ANNUNITItS Stan Cunningham 1000 Walnut Suite F New 78130 6290055 SS Edward Jones DAVIDMAY covers County and City Government doily in the