Friday, November 13, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, November 13, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 13, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Religious Focus Page 8A New Texas November Problem of world hunger solved step by step By Slumber Falls Camp and Retreat Center Can you hold your breath or one minute If you while you hold your breath 28 will die from hunger related causes around the Do you have children or grandchildren What would you do if your little ones were sick 160 days a year or more 160 days of sickness is the average for children in hungry How many people are hungry in the United States 5 million 20 million 50 million According to one Harvard study more than 20 million Americans go hungry at least part of each I discovered this poem by Robert Colburn a number of years ago 7 waited and ate my airport sandwich carelessly in Haiti Many of the seeds crumbled off the roll and stuck to my clothes I woke up from waiting to find someone picking the rye off my shirt front and eating it from the end of his finger and his thumb I think of that airport whenever people mention a word like hunger What images does hunger stir in your mind Bloated bellies Dying children Horribly skinny old folks Cat food for dinner for many folks in New Braunfels None of the images feel very good and that is why so many of us have banded together to fight the Every pro blem as a We cannot solve every problem but we can make every problem a bit smaller by Ihowing in our two The more people work at being responsi the smaller the problem 1 used to feel totally overwhelmed by the problem of 1 believed that there was no way to eliminate The problem was so so 1 decided that to try was to 1 do not like to fail I am a 1 am also a and 1 was convicted when 1 accidently read Luke didnt mean to read If 1 had known what it I might have tried to avoid it But God frequently sneaks up on me and turns on the lights just when I figure I am safely hiding out in the dark coi 1 have decided that I do not have to eliminate world hunger forever to be 1 dont even need to eliminate one persons hunger forever to be I just need to take one stop at a time to begin the process of making hunger a smaller problem today than it was Speaking of taking one step at a time Anyou aware that this hundreds of young and old Pro agnostic and others athletes and couch will all be joining together to laKe one step after another to make hunger a smaller problem than It was on Saturday We will be walking 10 and each step is money in the bank money thalwill be used ex clusivelv to right hunger around the and in our own citv We hope to raise The will not put an end to world hunger The will not even put an end to hunger in New but it will put an end to hunger for some people for a If you can get some folks to support you with money and join us for the CHOP walk at the Comal Coun tv Fairgrounds at 2 If you cannot find one of the hundreds of people in New Braunfcls and Comal County who will be walking for contact Itov Peter Olsen at and pledge financial support to help take a bile out of If you cannot walkTugive prav for the the and otfr national and world leaders that they might do everything in their power to help make hunger a smaller problem in our world and in our own lives There are literally hundreds of each of us can do as long as we are not paralyzed by feaj or immoblized by the apparent enormity of the job which s ours Edward Jones me Norris insurance Agency 245 Landa 6252316 1207 Common 6296505 971 Antonio Kraft Printing Inntinj 645 Walnut 62SWKM WALNUT PHARMACY 848 WALNUT NEW TEXAS 78130 Phone 6256352 Owner Jim Miller Caft FOOD TO GO HOME CXXDKED MEALS NEW TEXAS Phone 6257581 Worship at the church of your choice State Farm Insurance Companies Dick CLU 82 Walnut 6256081 i ivyttt 3j t Local Zoeller Funeral Home 615 Landa 6252349 843 San Antonio 6257787 Dtecount lor new cuctomeni lord1 Family Health Cae Medical Equipment Sales Rental 353 Landa 6257777 PLUMBING arts A PlumbingHeating THE DO IT YOURSELF SHOP 532 Seguin Ave 6258031 Appliances 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Clara and Guenther Streets Sunday school 9 30 worship 10 45 a m church training 6pm prayer meeting Wednesday 7 at 49B liber ty Faith United Church of 970 Loop Church school worship Fellowship Bible Solms and Sunday school worship 11 and 6 First Assembly ot 1687 US 81 Sunday school worship and 6 Wednesday ser vice First Baptist 733 Cross St Sun day school worship a m and 7 Wednesday dinner 5 30 p m Bible study and prayer service 6 15 First Church ol Christ 137 E Mill Sunday service Sun day school Wednesday ser vice Child care First Church of the 1465 In terstate 35 Sunday school 9 45 worship and 6 First Mexican 2080 W San An tonio Sunday school wor ship and 6 Wednesday prayer service 7 First Presbyterian Church 7T S Sunday school 9 15 a m fellowship 10 30 worship n a m and 7 First Protestant United Church ol Seguin and Coll Streets Wor ship 8 and 10 30 chuicn school 9 a m First Spanish Assembly of God 1944 US 81 at Peacti Street School 9 45 a m Worship services G and p m Wednesday 6 30 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Services Tuesday Thursday Sato day and Sunday 7 30 p rn Mission Valley Bible 995 Mis Sion Hills Worship 9 30 a m Childrens Christian Education 11 Scott J pastor teacher New Braunfels Christian Loop 337 Sunday school 930 am worship 10 30 a m and 6 church 10 30 am New Braunfels Foursquare Gospel onetourth nine trom Interslale 35 on FM 306 Sunday schooi 10 a worship 11 Wednesday Aorsmj 7 New Braunfels Presbyterian 373 Howard Church school 9 30 a m worship 11 Nursery provided New Braunfels Seventh Day Adventist 2990 W San Antonio St Sab bath School at 10 40 a m Saturday Wor ship at 9 30 Saturday Northside Church ol 1130 FM Sunday Bible classes am worship and 6 Wednes day Bible classes 7 Oakwood Baptist loop 337 Bililo stuOy 9 3C a AC 10 45 a rn and 7 p m a prayer service 7 p m Our Lady ot Perpetual Hulp 138 W Austin day and c and 11 a m and The Presbyterian Church in America Laurel Community Hr Laurel Lane 7 in Sunday vw wit Reorqanned Church ol Jesus Christ ol Latter Day H3fi Puna Church 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