Friday, November 13, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 10

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Text Content of Page 10 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, November 13, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 13, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas November New Texas Tumbleiveeds Bloom County I WAS I THOUGHT IM ONE ofme FOKMEKLY EMPlOYe OT TAKE Garfield VOLTAGE TBF WHILE I TRY TGET THESE VSETTLE THATS ACTUALLY Hfv SOMETHING TEXLS IT ISNT THAT GrOOP IT ITS NOT THAT PAP HEV GARFIELR I HAVE A NEW CAT FOOP VOO SPARKLE 1 PONT aoN f I JUST CAME UP Wl TM AN 1D5A ThIATs eOiMo WriATS V ro ME PICH I Wfl5 WflLKINU THE LINE BETWEEN MOTHER FRIEND AND I FELL INTO THE I THOUGHT VOU LIKED I DONT WflNT PHONEV I WflNT 8WRIEMD ISNT SPEflKlNO TO ME 8E OF MS OFFICE RIDICULES CflNT STflND TO 7 X ITS TONLV IF YOU I THE IF ITS SO WHV IQOULD I UlflNT k Wizard ot Id Peanuts SHOT POWN IK IF THAT SCHOOL BUS ISNT HERE IN FIVE IM 60IM6 BACK HOME AMP CRALOL INTO TUIENTY TEN HERE IT COMES MIPSTRIPE The Far Side Marmaduke Gasoline Alley For Better or For Worse IVE INTO THE ISTRE PRESENT NBME COUNTRyTHFTT reckless driving and running lour red stoplights on Center City Parkway Bemies sense ol humor was seldom appreciated among the bears Horoscope Calvin and Hobbes BUM BUM Stella Wilder NOVEMBER 13 Born today you a sharp rnmd a healthybody anc the will u achieve virtually any goal you set for yourself You are highly spiritual though not necessarily religious in tht standard sense and you a greai interest in nature science and the cult some mighi say you art superstitious though your beliefs do not get in the way of your work or re creation You enjoy being in charge and have a way of getting others to do their best work for you You yourself also enjoy doing hard challenging work To see what is in stun fn morrow find your birthday and read the corresponding paragraph Let vout bit ihday slar Uvour daily guidf NOVEMBER 14 SCORPIO 21 You can expect to undergo numerous changes today Though they will bt small individually together they will affect you profoundly S 22Det 21 You may be caught off guard early in the day by one who challenges your attitudes and abilities Personal as sessrneni will likely result CAPRICORN Dec 22Jan 19 November 13 words of wisdom lwla regard lesv of UK iourciYou likdv will U alficud b a suanger a fnenc lodav AQIAKH S Jan 0Fcb U l is issenual lhai you know differ encf lodav illusion and de ceil Outserves you well oihtt must tnavoided IMSCUMFeb lSMarcb0 Var ious relationships are aflecied b nu IIUTUUS influences loda but you are able tu remain in control Alter noun brings surprisii ARIES March lApril 18 Take ranthat oversiep no bounds vo das prolihsional or persona Bt1 pa liens romantic partner make tht first move TAlRlS April 2Ui have to work fast anO in order to end of ilu week deadhniand nuki room for more important evening activities GEMINI Ma 21 Juoc 20j You have an opportunity to exploit new relationship further Keep fam ily members informecj as you maU decisions CANCER June 21Jul 22 od of pessimism gives to your more natural optimisiji ioda Rela tionship with member of opposite sex takes a surprise turn LEO Jul You achieve good rapport with someone who was a stranger jusv this morrung A longlasting friendship may be de veloping here VIRGO Aug You may encounter even bellig erence today as a result of recent deci sion Dont lose control1 LIBRA sure to keep your eyes opee w4ay What goes on around you may warrant sus picion or investigation You interpret clues accurauh