Friday, November 6, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, November 6, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 6, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Opinions DAVE KRAMER and Publisher JIM Managing Editor 1987 Published Sunday Thursday and Friday afternoons by jVcio Braunfels 707 Landa or Drawer New Second Class postage by New Braunfels HeraldZeitung at New DAVID KRAMER Editor and Publisher JIM WEBRE Managing Editor DEBORAH LA WHENCE Office Manager SANDIHUTTER Retail Advertising Manager CHERYL DuVALL Classified Manager CAROL A VERY Circulation Manager MAGGIE LOMBARDO Composition Foreman GUSELBKL Pressroom Foreman Carrier delivery in Blanco and Kendall counties three six one Senior Citizens Discount delivery six one Mail delivery outside Comal in three sir S32 one Mail outside Texas six S42 one If you have not received your newspaper by Tuesday through or by call 6259144 or tiSSlUOO by 7 and 11 Postmaster Send address changes to Drawer New Braunfrh Texas Editorial Lets hope Amendment 14 proves worth the risk Texans statewide supported Amendment 14 on the ballot last If prosecutors dont get a conviction the first they can try Supporters of Amendment 14 say the decision to allow the state a right of appeal in criminal cases will go a long way in protecting the rights of Across the Lone Star voters decided the issue by a 21 41 in Comal County where crime is not rampant but is well publicized when it does Protection from criminals is clearly a worthwhile goal and is the reason we have formed such things as safe city com crime watch and Crime Stoppers Fighting crime is a very salable Should more deserving criminals wind up behind bars for longer periods of and should crime rates show a decrease after a year or two under this new amendment to our states the risk of double jeopardy may well be worth But voters acting in their zeal to do something anything about crime have just given the state a right to try us not just once but twice or more often if the state isnt successful the first Think about One of the basic rights under the federal constitution is protection against double Our forefathers clearly wanted to prevent powerful rulers from having the ability to prosecute whimsically for alleged If the with all its resources and can not prove an offense before going to trial the first time then they will have run out of The has been to force prosecutors to do their homework and investigations well before ever going to trial at In our war against the consensus of our for is to bend basic protections in favor of a stronger pro secutorial Lets hope it works for all of Forum IF GOD WILL SWttTHL IF CAM If CAN6LT THE MAMIAC THIN I A SHOT AT THL FRONT CAHBLTHL CAN Bt 1ft CflflftoU tyhp RO6AVJ IKACM V Mike Royko Ginsburgs stock ownership strong liability LETTER POLICY The HeraldZeitung welcomes All letters should be sign ed and include an address or telephone The newspaper reserves the right to Letters should be sent to Braunfels HeraldZeitung P 0 Drawer New Texas or brought to our offices at 707 Commissioners erred when they denied violence center To the editor Whenever we elect an official we trust that will serve in the best interests of the community that elected A couple of weeks ago our county commissioners court flagrantly violated that trust when they refused to recognize the need for funding of the Family Violence The courts public statement for their refusal was that Comal County does not have a fami ly violence How If they had taken the time to research the subject they would have discovered that we indeed do have a a large problem and it is not going away no matter how much they deny How many of you reading this ar ticle are a victim of family violence or know someone who is a The statistics from our own law en forcment agencies are revealing enough but even these figures do not reveal the magnitude of the pro Only a fraction of spouse or child abuse cases are ever Fear of the inability to pro vide lor themselves and their children force many women to en dure the emotional and nMftiai ahum fnr J A couple of years ago your djfttrict attorney fpfl hjg staff put tflgfrthfr a plan to fttaMtitff the County Family Vfcoience To them the need was ap No longer would we have our own citizens who had been pay ing taxes for years to go to Hays or Guadalupe counties for Now we would be able to care for our A program was developed and through the assistance of many con cerned citizens funding to open the center was It seems strange that our churches and civic organizations had more insight into the problem than our county com missioners with their A dedicated group of volunteers were trained and are presently operating the Finally an abused woman was able to 1 have had I dont have to tolerate this abuse any I will not have my dignity as a human being destroyed by I now have a support system and there is someone who There was no request to the com missioners court for permanent fun There was only a request for start up money so the center could qualify for a The commis sioners I sincerely hope that the voters of Comal County will remember at the next election whose needs were be ing met when they refused to fund this vital Did the needs of our community take second place to the political needs of our commis sioners Fraajf Terry BuJverde President Reagan better get out his tattooed list of conservative lawyers It looks like Douglas Ginsburg isnt likely to make it to the Supreme Despite his reputation for Ginsourg did something one might expect of a Chicago but not a former Harvard law pro While he was working for the Justice Depart ment a few years Ginsburg personally handled a Supreme Court case that expanded the rights and the profit potential of the cable television He was quite proud of this achievement In when he was nominated for the Court of where he now he listed the cable television case as one of the 10 most important that hes handled while the lop aniltrust lawyer at Ihe Justice But now it has come out that at the same time he helped win this victory for Ihe cable television he owned a sizable chunk of stock in a cable television even though his company wasnt the one involved in Ihe whal he did is considered a definile A Juslice Departmenl or any other federal is required to avoid even the slightest appearance of conflict of interest If ihere is even a hinl of something being less than it is supposed to be booted upstairs to the department ethics office for a decision Guest column But according to the Associated which broke this Glnsburg didnt mention his stock ownership to his superiors or ask lor a rul ing on the propriety of his being involved with the cable case Because the company in which he owned slock wasnt the company involved in the Supreme Court Glnsburg didnt directly violate conflict of interest laws But because the Supreme Courts ruling benefited the industry in it can be presumed that it benefits Ginsburgs position a stockholder in a cable company A spokesman for Glnsburg said that Glnsburg decided on his own that there was nothing im proper in what he did But when those senators start taking their shots at hes going to have to come up with answers that are more persuasive than that Im sure theyll ask Judge your stock in that cable company is worth how much0 About And youve been getting as much as a year in dividends1 Then tell didny it occur to you that the reason the cable industry was delighted by the case you helped them win was b ecause the victory would make their industry more pro fitable0 And didnt it occur to you that as the owner of a handsome piece of you could be benefiting fromthis legal troiuinph of yours That your stock could increase in That your dividend could get bigger That simptv It would put more cash in your pocket 1 youre a bright man judge so didnt you learn about avoiding the appearance even the slightest hint conflict of interest while you were studying law or while you were teaching or b reading the rules and regula lions of the Justice Ginsburg will come up with that will satisfy the senators but I doubt it If the could knock out Judge Robert Bork for one basic his conservative views what will the do to someone who has the same vuus this stock deal in his background It was difficult for anyone but a Itgal scholar to understand much of what the Bork flap was about But it doesnt take a legal egghead to ste that the kindest thing that can be said of Ginsburg s cable stock ownership in that it had a slight rancid odor Theres an old saying that goes this wa Your can the boy out of the countn but you cant take the countn out of the tx Ginsburg was born and reared in Chicago where we have a long history of fascinating financial dealings by our politicians So supposewe can now say You can take a guy out of Chicago but you cant take Chicago out of his business instincts Ho io LS a syndicated columnist for ihe hicago Tnbunt spaper Pipeline inspectors do it at a low altitude ByAUCLEAVE Four or five mornings each year in and year a small blue and white Cessna takes off from New Braunfels Al first it would appear to be just another of the many routine training or pleasure flights that take place every these particular flights are of a slightly more unique and serious This is a pipeline patrol whose mission is to protect both population and environment against the possibility of pollution or dangerous situa tions arising in connection with underground It flies lowlevel inspections on some miles of oil and gas lines in South Texas every plus deadhead between adds up to flying hours and miles A sign on the fuselage identifies this aircraft as being part of the fleet owned by Barr Air Oldest and largest pipeline patrol company in the Barrs home office and maintenance facility are located in the small town of Their planes are liberally scat tered across the state at bases ranging from East Texas and the Gulf Coast westward to New with routes extending as far as Wyom ing and California A large percentage of the main electric power lines in Central and South Texas are also flown by In addition lo the pairol opera they own 10 other diversified businesses throughout the state and one in Jamaica The New Braunfels branch recently completed its eleventh year of operation at New Braunfels Municipal During this it con tributed some to the economy in the form of hanger rent and purchased fuel in excess of This division has been run during the entire period by Al local of 330 Wood I have flown for 41 years as a com mercial On I work as a free lance aviation writer for several magazines and as an associate editor for AgPUot a worldwide agricultural aviation publication While flying herd on the he is check ing for many things other than just leaks Any sort of encroachment can be a potential threat houses or septic systems being built on the new road construction crossing or any type of earth moving equipment in the vicinity pesthole rock that could possibly dig into the Anything that could even remotely spell trou either at the present time or in the is reported by the lineflier and promptly in vestigated by ground personnel The aerial inspection is ail done visually from an altitude of 300 lo Sou hundred wiih an FAA waiver allowing 500 feel over populaled areas rather lhan Ihe slandard feet Due lo this lower a few added factors come in to play that are not generally encountered in normal flying It is necessary for the pilot lo observe Ihe rightofway while at Ihe same time avoid hazards such as radio tall power other lowflying aircraft lof which there are surprisingly many kids kites and last but not the overly abundant and everpresent The work is extremely with pa tience a requisite for being in the business The boredom is relieved somewhat by the fact thai one is constantly alert and always watching for anything out of place on the ground below The expectation of a possible problem being just behind the next clump of trees or beyond the next bend In the line keeps the mind occupied and helps make the lime Even after six or eight hours of sitting in a uncomfortable the sound of tires touching down on the home fteid runway to signal the end of another long day is always a most welcome sound to the pilots ears Then he gets to go out next morning and do the whoie thing all over