Thursday, October 29, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 9

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Text Content of Page 9 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, October 29, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 29, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Kaleidoscope October New Texas Page 9 Chris tmas c worthwhile projects Heritage Exhibit By 8ETM GOTTEN I think Ive discovered why crochet projects are such popular holiday items because needlework is great stress therapy Its also a wonderfully creative way to work off the excess energy created by thinking up new gifts and entertainments for the most exciting meaningful and enjoyable time of the One of our most popular alltime projects is the beautiful crocheted tree and ornaments designed and created by talented crafter Charlotte Higglns of The IWnchtall with seven different styles of tiny makes a perfect table You can reproduce Charlottes tree from our stepbystep which include blocking and assembly instructions for this plus ten snowflakes and three ornaments for a large Also included in our special Christmas packet are plans for card a porch and lawn a calico nativity scene and indoor Santa Specify Our with discount is To specify the number and enclose a check or money order to Makin Things for Dept Box Charlottes crocheted tree is made on a 4xl2inch foam cone She crocheted a cover for the cone and then made the branches The eight crocheted branches are actually skirts of in creasingly smaller which fit around the covered everything we the gettingready season starts early It helps us lose the holidays cant be over This getting ready included one of my favorite a new rocking Although my kids are past the rockinghorse theres always someone in the extended family who wants The hand some horse is a real heirloom that will last for If you white thread for the outer rounds of each branch it resembles snow on the Cilue soqums to the branches once they are installed on the The tiny ornaments are a real and they are not difficult to They include candy candles and a treetop Here are instruction for the crocheted bell ornament Hound 1 Use any color cotton thread except which will be used later for the contrasting I ha in work 10 single crochet in second chain from Do not Hounds 23 Single crochet even on 10 single crochet 20 sc At end of last tie off and attach white Hound 4 Work two single crochet in each single crochet This is bell Join with slip stitch to beginning single Tie clip Saturate with white working it in with your Shape the bell over the end of an unsharpened pencil and allow to Attach to tretwith fine wire or It features graceful a mophead mane and tane and is constructed mainly of standard 2 inch The stepbystep plans for the rocking horse are in cluded in our Weekend Woodworker All plans feature materials patterns and complete illustrated The Weekend Woodworker packet includes plans for additional rocking TV and night coat car and truck a wallmounted work center and some handy tool storage and carrier Specifv No Order instructions are the same as for the crocheted Christmas tree specify the number and enclose a check or money order to Makin Thing for Box Our with is To make the rocking youll need clear white pine lumber in and If you cant find edgejoin two narrower boards with a Cut the horses head and body as one piece from the The ears and halfsaddles are cut from and the leg supports are cut from Cut the crescentshaped eyes and hooves from a piece of dark or plane and stain some pine for these The rockers are drilled near the ends to ac commodate dowelrod connecting Drill each front leg and the neck to accommodate dowel footresLs and The shoulder portion of each leg is beveled on the inside so the legs will angle slightly outward from the The hoof ends are mite red to set flat on the leg which fit into grooves cut in the The ears and the halfsaddles are contoured for Use pegged joints to attach the ears and legs to the The half saddles are also Round off the edges arid sand the horse Stain and seal using nontoxic Glue half of the mop head along the top of the for the Use the other half as the New Braunfels Heritage Exhibit has grown annually to an event that now at tracts the attention of more than the City of Prince The exhibit dovetails with Wurstfest and therefore will be seen by visitors as well as New Braunfelsers and Comal Some of the exhibits unusual entries Charlotte Chunn giving a trapper a beard trim as the scene might have looked more than 130 years At center is a mountain lion on loan from Coach Tim Kingsbury of New Braunfels High an avid bow Although seeing one in 1987 is unusual across the Hill they are still around and were more prevalent in At bottom Mary Dischinger sets up the props in the bakery of the Heritage Lots of good fattening things to eat will be available at the exhbiit as well as which annually attracts tens of thousands of visitors to Photos by Deryl Clark By BOB SAWVEH There are four seasons in much of the But at our house there are only three the getting readyforthe holidays season and theholidayscantbe over season We are a giftgiving Because we make nearly Adas Ceramics Green ware Paints thru Sat 9 Do everyday shock you Does your child pull plugs out of the socket by their cord Blow dry his hair with wet hands when standing on a damp floor Or have you ever caught your child sticking a metal like a into the toaster before disconnecting it first Chances are everyone in your family has taken one or two of these electrical In the wrong everyday appliances such as hair dryers and power tools can become health They can be of even greater risk to children who havent learned to use them safely or are not old to read the warning About 400 to 600 people are electrocuted in the home each For your familys take Purchase a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter GFCI for your home to protect against electrical The GFCI is an easytouse safety For further information call your electrician or And learn how to shut off your fuse box or circuit breaker in an Above educate your children about electrical It could save their Electrical Engineering U S Consumer Product Safety Commission a 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