Tuesday, October 27, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, October 27, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 27, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Crossword ACftOtt 1 Xnufnbar 5 Run the show 9 14 WoodWfw or Pimlteo 15 Lopsided 16 Psychothera pist Coue 17 French Canadian name 18 Jeer 19 Pool shot 20 Bridge word 22 Lowered 24 Enounces 26 Destroys 27 Author Chase 29 Preceded 30 Head cover 33 Tarheel or Riceblrd 37 Area on Mars 38 Sardonlcism 39 Trinitro toluene 40 French city 41 Receptions 42 Lead and zinc 44 Tuber 45 Machine part 46 Desert hill 47 Panama city 49 Kind of room S3 Of certain Arabs New Texas October Stocks 57 Woody vine 58 Lark 59 Print type 61 Pepper shrubs 62 Get together 63 Blood parts 64 Riga native 65 Bestower 66 Catch 67 Loom reed DOWN 1 Kinds 2 Manifest 3 Fixed Idea 4 Public voles 5 Container 6 Strong smelling 7 Serious 8 Theorized 9 Kind of note 10 Stockpile 11 Failure 12 Additional 13 Kernel 21 Green shade 23 Garnishment 25 Snow runner 28 Adversary 30 Book palm 31 Seed coat 32 Banquet 33 Community 34 Region 35 Get around mttnout mail totvto 36 Electees 37 Yard goods 40 Punitive 42 Trunk 43 Kind ot cup 45 spaniel 47 part 48 Saltpeter 50 Entangle 51 Related maternally 52 Flavorsome 53 Tater 54 Pisas river 55 Weather word 56 Dear 60 Garment part NEW YORK AP Morning AMR Corp Amerltech s AMI Inc AmStand Amer T4T Amoco Armcolnc AtlRichfld BakerHugh n BancTexas n BellAtlan BellSouth s Beth Steel Border Caterpllr Ccntel Chevron Chryslers Coastal s CocaCola Coleman Colg Palm ComlMetl s DeltaAIrl Digital Kq DowChem Dressrlnd duPont EstKodah s Enscrch Entexlnc Exxon s Hrestone KtBcpTex FstRepub Flowerlnd GAP Cp GTE Corp s GnDynam GenElct s GenMills Gen Motors GnMotrE Goodrich Goodyear GlAUPac GuHSlalt Haliburtn HollyKarm s Houstlnd IBM IntlPapers JormsJn K mart s Kroger s Litton Ind Ind Low es Lubys Mforp Maxus n Medtronic Mobil Monsanto Motorola Navistar Nywx PacTel s IennoyJCs Ihelps Dod PhillpPet Polaroid s Pnmerica s 11 36 t 4 22 40 4 37 85 53 27 j i7 3 i u 7u 26 3 314 30 v 115 25 Last 27 74 764 139 37 104 42 43 39 24 4 38 4 29 4 164 36 52 43 26 I 42 51 45 444 58 32 33 5 31 4 118 ftj 40 4 6V 68 11 38 63 6H 11 21 Deficit reduction likely to resemble Demos plan oN A in iJHiiil reduction lax mcriMv that this year is to nMinliU bills alnaih written bs Huuxr and Senate a stcu that would alujut billion out o the fvuutmn without HIMIIH anytxxh mtiling is ctrtain there will be no uuTease in individual incometax rates which anscheduled lu drop again next year under the tax ourttaul President Reagans un the House Hays Means Committee and the Srnatr Finance Committee avoided tvrii ionsidormg raising when Uu tUVflupetl thiir competing ivuiiuc raising bills earlier this month Must othir ways of raising taxes arf least or discussion Hut ixvaiiMbolh committees ancon trniUvi b tXmocrats the final pavkagiprobably will place most of iuw tax burden on corporations and upper income individuals That is a trail common to the pen liint the and Means ver HOD wliiih would raise about billion rom next January through ami the Finance Com mituv which would bring in alxuit r billion provisions are in lxth whiili will Iv the starting as congressional and Reagan ail ministration leaders try to negotiate a package of deficit cuts For both would eliminate a major estatelax break or the wealthy in last years lax allowing Ihe treasury lo take in about i billion more a and Iwth would repeal a special accounting method favored by defense contrac at a saving of million There are some major The Finance Committee voted lo raise Social Security Medicare taxes on the estimated H million workers who will make more than next ear The bill would subject all their wages to the 1 45 percent Medicare under present only the first of wages would bv taxed This would raise 2 billion next bul the ami Means Committee re jected it t the other hand the House panel moved to reduce tax benefits that help finance some hostile corporate takeovers The bill would limit to million the interest deduction for money borrowed to support a and impose a special 50 percent lax on prof its of certain stock redeemed following a hostile tender offer The Finance Committee pointedly refused to consider those with some including Daniel Patrick DN V contending such laxes would close off corporate acquisitions by domestic leaving the field free for foreign purchasers The mere inclusion of those provi sions in the House bill has been cited some analysts as a cause of last weeks market collapse Rep Byron an author of the called such statements ludicrous Some other provisions in one or both bills Both would ex tend for three years the expiring i percent lax on local and long distance telephone service HOMK LOANS The House plan but not the Senate would limit lo SI million the maximum amount of homepurchase mortgage loans on which interest could be deducted Deductible homeequity or whatever would be limited KST1MATKD TAXKS Bolh would tighten rules requiring cor porations to pay more of their taxes in resulting in SI 8 billion in increased collections next Reagan holding to correction WASHINGTON President Reagan is persisting m characteriz ing the stock market plunge as a cor rection despite another tumble in the Dow Jones industrial average in an interview with foreign television said the 157point plunge in the Dow on Monday percent of its value simply may have been a case in which the market overpriced itself and is now making a corrective change On the previous when the Dow plunged percent of its value in the worst oneday drop since Reagan said it must have been some kind of correction and speculated that the panic had been triggered by people who saw a chance to grab a Profittaking arid correction are terms used by investors to described a downward swing in a generally rising The Dow has lost about a third of its value since its peak in late August and in vestors have lost about SI In other developments Monday House Banking Committee Chairman Rep Ferdnand St Ger main DR 1 said he intended to look into why the governmentowned Con tinental Illinois Corp was permitted to become a major lender to stock op tions traders in Chicago The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp the agency that insures deposits in commercial rescued Continental in 1984 in the largestever government bank bailout and still holds about 60 per cent of its The bank announced on Monday that it may report a moderate loss in the fourth quarter because of a special provision of about million for large losses suffered in the market plunge by a First Options of Chicago Inc NOIIFIOUION 01 I 11 CIION lu llie IMesiding Judges and County Cliuiiman Noiice is hereby given llial ilieie will be an eleciiou naming Ill AM lo be held on of Conal County ROOB 301 The ruining piogiiim will be held a Building at lucalion lime Signature ot County Clerk ProctGamb PubS NwMx Sabine SFeSouPac SearsRoeb SherwinWm Singer Co Southern Co Southland SwstBell s SunComp TNP Ent Tandy Templlnld s Tenneco vjTexaco TexAmBnch TexEastn Texaslnd Texaslnst s Tex Util Textron s Tyler USX Corp UnCarbde UnPacCp US West UniTel Unocal WalMart s 82 36 35 2PJ 19 354 41 304 6 23i 27 394 29 104 26 2 504 25 28 274 22 344 22ii 33 21i 50 49 19 34 38 294 6 22 4 274 38rK 10n 254 48 25 274 25 81 47 4 35 23 51 49 19 38 40 27 20 104 25 484 50 WestghEl Xerox Cp ZenithE 46 54 12A 43 51 11 43 Mi Market rebounds after Hong Kong rise NEW YORK AP The battered stock market rebounded sharply to day in response to a rise in prices on exchanges in Japan and Hong The Dow Jones average of 30 in which on Monday registered its worst decline since the 19 market soared to in the first half hour of Advancing issues outnumbered losers by about 13 to 3 in the early tal ly of New York Stock Exchange listed with up 218 down and 238 Volume on the Big Board came to million shares as of 10 on Wall Market dive is blamed for investors suicide MILWAUKEE AP A 58year old retired businessman who reportedly lost on the stock market in last weeks crash has com mitted authorities Vernon former presi dent of Appleton Machine in Ap was found dead Friday morn ing at Brocks Motel in authorities Lamberg died of asphyxiation after he broke a liquid petroleum line leading from the furnace to his motel said Waushara County Cor oner Roland Handel Sr who was reported miss ing was very despon dent over the stock market situa according to an Outagamie County Sheriffs Department An unidentified source quoted in to days Milwaukee Sentinel said Lamberg lost an estimated when the Dow Jones industrial average dropped a record 508 points He exposed himself to too much and he got He got caught in the worst market day in the history of this the source The newspaper also reported that Lambergs broker requested more collateral last week to back loans Lamberg had made for future Handel said family members and friends also told him Lambergs disappearance and death had something to do with the stock Lambergs body was found casual ly dressed and partially wrapped in a blanket in a chair by a cleaning lady who entered his motel Handel The victims family had begun to search in Waushara County because Lambergs received a package from him Handel He had packed up a lot of his money and mailed it to his wife and Handel Although Lamberg lived in 30 miles southwest of Green relatives began searching for him in neighbor ing Waushara County after noticing the packages he A note addressed to Lamberg was found with the mans Handel Its contents were not SAVE Magic Tape i Sugg List 56 Roll OFFICE CENTER Cash Owner HvraldZeitung ktd Sunday Thursday and Fndau 6VSV 70 Landa Drauer Secund Class postage pod bv tung at VlDKHAMKJi Kditurand fublisht r JIM WKKKK Munagtni Kditur DKHORAH LA r CHERYL Me CAMPBELL Classified r A VERY Circulation Manager MAGGIE LOMBARDO Composition Foreman Retail Advertising Manager Pressroom Foreman Carrier delivery in Blanco and Kendall counties three six one Senior Citizens Discount learner delivery six one Mail delivery outside in Texas three sii one Mail outside Teras six one It you have not received your newspaper by Tuesday through or by call or 6581900 by and 11 Postmaster Send address changes to Drawer Braunfels Tejas Its the reverse of what happened said Hiidegarde Zagor a market strategist for PrudentialBache Securities Yesterday all the foreign stocks were down Today theyre The market is reacting to Stock prices closed sharply higher in Tokyo and Hong Kong after plung ing on stocks in London reversed a strong opening amid concerns about a huge British Petroleum PLC share offering Among the prominent blue Ford Motor rose y to American Express to American Telephone and Telegraph 1 and Exxon 17S to The NYSEs composite index of all its listed common stocks rose to On the American Stock Ex the market value index was up at On the Dow Jones in dustrial average plunged to an percent Losers outpaced gainers by about 14 to 1 on the New York Stock Ex with 126 up and 102 Big Board volume totaled million sixth busiest day on Wall against million shares in the previous Stock prices jumped higher in heavy trading on Wall Street today as the Dow Jones industrial average rose about 62 following earlier gains in Tokyo and Hong The quick rise in prices in New York today contrasted sharply to Mondays when the Dow suffered its secondlargest point loss in Shortly after trading the Dow was up 83 points but slipped back an hour later to 62 which put it at about Three stocks were rising in price for every one that Wall Street got some good news to day from where the government reported that orders to factories for big ticket durable goods rose percent in the first increase since And Democratic and Republican congressional leaders said they are optimistic that negotiations with the White House can cut the federal budget but theyre concerned that the financial markets may ex pect too Please Support Comfund iONDS MUTUAL INSURANCE ANNUNITIES 1000 Walnut iuitt F Now 71130 S Edward IX Jones ft PUBLIC NOTICE OF TEST OF AUTOMATIC TABULATING EQUIPMENT Notice is hereby given that the automatic tabulating equipment that wiU he used in the SPECIAL Election held 1987 wUJ he tested on 1987 due time Coaal pouncy Cltrfr to ajceruin that it will accurately COIMI the votes cut for ail oAcw and oa ajl rrajum

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