Friday, September 25, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, September 25, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - September 25, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Opinions DAVI Editor Publisher JIM WISH Managing Editor 4 New September I Editorial Does CLACA represent all lake area residents Canyon lake Area Citizens Association CLACA is not an incorporated nonprofit organization and apparently has no formal membership roster or duespaying membership at Yet this special interest committee is able to challenge the validity of federal and state permits for the Canyon Dam hydroelectric albeit unsuccessfully to Lois Duggan and Wallace Canyon Lake are the most pronounced spokespersons for They are zealous Duggan and And they portend to represent the majority of Canyon Lake area as Duggan puts everyone in the lake vicinity when it comes to challenging the hydro There has been no general membership meeting of CLACA for according to There should be one if Dug Greene and anyone else intends on actually stopping or challenging GuadalupeBlanco River Authoritys and New Braunfels Utilities rights to enter into the project that is starting up at the base of the Army Corps of Engineers dam at Canyon Lake No one can fault Lois Wallace Greene or anyone else for doing what they think is right and in their best in terests as Canyon Lake But if there is a it should have papers of incorporation and the appropriate non profit status before it wages a campaign that can and has increased the overall cost of an already expensive and bond supported public improvement project such as the hydroelec tric If indeed a majority of Canyon Lake area residents are op posed to the they could do worse than cast their lot with Duggan and But if lake area residents turnout to be largely ambivalent on the question of the or if they indeed support the their interests are not being served by acquiescing to a quasispecial interest committee of perhaps two to 200 There should be more debate and input from lake residents before their names are used in seeming homogeneity to influence policymakers and govern ment Before the states Public Utilities Commission renders an opinion or other finding about the hydro Canyon Lake area residents who have their own thoughts on the matter should make those thoughts They should have made them known before but for whatever reason a general public perception persists that CLACA speaks for the whole of the lake If no person protests or challenges that assumed the next issue in which CLACA becomes involved could wind up in a similar repercussion representational protest on behalf of a constituency that may not really And that would be strange irony after this year of anniversary for a national constitution that is supposed to ensure democratic In the there are too few powerful voices claiming to represent some people surrounding our countys Your Representatives Bill Clements Governors Office State Capitol Texas 78711 LamarSmith United States House 509 Cannon House 20515 Lloyd Bentsen United States Senate 703 Hart Senate 20510 PhilGramm United States Senate 370 Russell Senate Bldg 20510 State Judith Zaffirini Capitol Station Box12068 Texas 78711 William Sims Capitol Station Box 12068 Texas 78711 Mac Sweeney Guadalupe County United States House 1713Longworth House Office 20515 Ronald Reagan President of the United States The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue 20500 State Edmund Kuempel Texas House of Representatives Box 2910 Texas 78769 HvraldZritung 1iibhshiil S iinda it Tui Thursday Erdat afternoons Hi raid 7tl7 i Ill Drain r n Si fond Class ii lira u nfe Is Hi riild Iublishinii at u lira unit CHERYL McCAMlHEU Ylii KKAMKK Editor ami r JIM Miinaatntj Editor HEHOKAH Uttut HITTER HI tiiil i Manager CAROL AVERY Circulation Maiiuyi r LOMHARDO Cum position Foreman Pressroom Foreman iiutis ijneludes apftlicablt sates tturl Carrier delivery 111 Hlantit and Kendall counties three sis JIH SJ4Senior Citizens Discount Icarrier delnery sis one Mail delivery outside Cutnal in Tesas threi sis tint Mail outside Tesan one HI If you hiiit nut receired your newspaper by Tuesday through or call 625yJ4ti or 6581900 by and 11 i Si nil adiiress changes to Drawer w FUN FOR TWE WHOLE Mike Royko The standards off the Illinois SupremeCourt There once was this sharp Chicago alderman who also happened to be a He took a bribe but was caught and spent six mon ths in a federal Only 19 months after be ing he asked the Illinois Supreme Court if he could please have his license The court decided yes he had indeed been had paid his debt to and his character was good enough for him to hang out his law Then there was this criminal lawyer a char ming fellow and fun to have a drink But he wasnt choosy about his clients or business who were mafia pals transporting stolen money orders and he did a year and a half in assured the state Supreme Court that he had mended his wicked ways and should be a lawyer And the court Then there was the suburban jailed for extortion and taking an at torney who embezzled thousands of dollars from a public defender who hustled a bribe from an indigent client a state lawyer 1 could go on and One after in recent Chicago lawyers have lied and Then they tell the state Supreme Court theyve become new men and the court forgives their About the only way a Chicago lawyer could permanently be disbarred would be to chop up his mom with an but even that wouldnt be a cinch if his mom had provoked But this benign attitude doesnt extend to an unusual man named Edward The court says that Loss cant practice law in It forgives the misdeeds of those 1 mentioned and many But it draws the line at Ed And what did Ed Loss do that was so terrible Many and hed be the first to admit When he was a Chicago teenager in the he became part of the drug This led to petty being kicked out of high He mugged another teenager for and a judge told him it was either jail or the So he joined the He did dope and booze and was booted After I suppose you could call him a com plete He used drank all he could was a petty and lived in alleys and Despite this selfdestructive Ed Loss had one thing going for Under the fog of li quor and drugs was a highly intelligent And at the some point in his late his brain finally took He had shook the booze and drugs while living In Col became head man in a corporation that ran a a store and a lumber business Then he retured to surrendered on an old marijuana possession was given and started a new life He founded a successful moving then decided to do more He enrolled at Depaul University and in 13W received his law degree He was an excellent helped tutor a han dicapped was on the school law interned with a federal judge all the while running his His next step was to practice To get a he had to be approved by the Illinois Surpreme Court Committee on character and It was a close call because he had left out some of his unsavory background on his ap plication for law Of if he hadnt left a few things he wouldnt have been ad But the committee finally agreed that Ed the adult in his late 30s wasnt the same person as Ed the goofed up teenager and dope head in his 20s The Illinois Surpreme Court has a rule It in that if its character and fitness committee says a guy is thats hes ok Its their own But for reasons nobody the Supreme Court decided to violate its own rule for the very first time And it took it upon Itself to decide that Ed Loss character Isnt good enough for him to practice law In that stale Despite the fact that hes been off drugs and booze for more than a dozen hasnt been In trouble with the law for longer than started a put himself through law and told the truth about his background when applying for the the court says he isnt yet rehabilitated His many character witnesses including a federal judge and law school dean say hes fit to practice law So here you have a man who did something ad mirable He crawled out of the gutter and remade himself And he did it while helping such as hiring excons in his moving none who have lapsed But when hes over 40 years old and has been straight for 15 hes told that hes un fit to be a lawyer because of bad things he did when he was 16 and 25 years old Sure he did bad things But most of them were to He didnt take embezzle from steal from or plot with mafia killers Ed Losss victim was Ed Loss So the Illinois Supreme Court seems to be say ing that we can trust our legal affairs to politi cians who stole our money or helped mafia but not to a guy who hurt only himself and has since done something thats inspira tional That kind of thinking makes me wonder are these Supreme Court justices using some of the substances that Ed Loss kicked11 Royko Is a columnist for the Chicago Tribune newspaper His address is Mike c o Tribune Media Inc 32SOI011H Analysis Republican hopefuls beating the not to mention the nations vice president An AP News Analysis By JONATHAN WOLMAN Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON AP George keeping a stiff vice presidential upper lip despite some sobering campaign was in and goodness knows where else last week on a mealbymeal fundraising By Thursday in Little he seemed to be getting a little Leaving the Pulaski County the vice president spotted a clump of potential voters and bounded over a police barricade to shake Are you coming back to Razorback coun try one woman Bush called back in his best hogcalling With he gave an ex uberant thumbs up headed for the Next stop dinner in The week began inauspiciously for the vice who has been leading the GOP field in presidential had his clock cleaned in an Iowa GOP straw finishing TV evangelist Pat got percent of the votes cast by people who paid apiece to attend the Iowa GOP Bob Dote got 25 and Bush 22 per Bush forces were rebuffed in an effort to boost their standing in where Robertson and Jack Kemp of New York have been outmaneuvering Bush in the state which chooses the first delegates to the 1MB Republican nominating Robertson also has made strong showings in South Carolina and Bushs campaign call ed Robertsons backtoback victories in Iowa and Michigan just a blip on the radar But Bush told Weve got some work to The message to me is just work doubly 1 think well do but its a good The vice president due to make his can didacy official next month hasnt been doing a lot of factorygate campaigning in Instead eftM goes from fundraising lunch to fund raisin roiling up a campaign war chest he puts at about million Nobodys going to outhustle Bush Nobodys going to do more in the precincts or across these states than I And weve got to go into the early states so that we come out and then move into Super Tues Bush Thats the proBush Heres an anti Bush scenario Robertson beats him in where the evangelists followers have had stunning success in a state where moderate Republicans like Bush have dominated for the Kansas farm beats him in Somebody maybe beats him in New where Bush stumbled in his I9i0 effort to challenge Ronald The Republican race is thus thrown wide except Bush is branded a loser before all thaw millions of dollars can do him any good on Super March The other Republican candidates are hoping Jonathan Wolaua is assisfanf bureau APia Washington