Sunday, August 30, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 2

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Text Content of Page 2 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Sunday, August 30, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 30, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas New Texas Crossword ACROSS 1 European 5 and warmer 9 14 Garment 15 Singer 16 Battery part 17 Presage 18 Putted 19 Actress Hope 20 Fabrics 22 Was evasive 23 1934 Nobel Prize winner 24 Table 25 Rotten 28 Rebounding 32 Instruments 33 Shirt 34 Russian village 35 Stow cargo 36 Wive 37 Behind time 38 Youngster 39 Repairs 40 Clemenceaus epithet 41 Hlli needles 43 Assume 44 Mouthward 45 Cut off 46 Deluges 49 Zephyrus August Page 3A DearAbby 53 Insect 54 Fluff 55 Key meaning 56 Qoose genus 57 Whenever 58 Disposed of 59 Gazes 60 Plant 61 Little one DOWN 1 UK native 2 Halt 3 Summit 4 Dared 5 Legendary 6 Bowling spot 7 Residents 8 Propel 9 Loose coat 10 Wreath 11 12 Advantage 13 Mouthpiece 21 Rainbow deity 22 Equine 24 Filaments 25 Votes 26 WWI vessel 27 Sycophant 28 Funny people 29 Semblance 30 Explosive PREVIOUS PU22L6 90LV6O Toss Wife a Bouquet While Shes Around to Catch One 31 Links area 33 Fell off 36 Flat hills 37 Ditto 39 Killings 40 Pastry 42 Less taut 43 Sampled 45 Peters 46 Appendage 47 Unfrequented 48 Yorks river 49 Beverage 50 God 51 Gwyn 52 Art cult 54 Softly GEAR ABBY 1 would like to urge all husbands to not keep putting off the nice things they want to do for their For if they when they finally get around to it might be too I Thats what I My wife passed away nearly a year ago just 23 days before our 49th wedding Since I have been putting a bouquet of fresh flowers on her grave regu It makes me feel guilty that I never gave her a bouquet while she was alive and could enjoy Now that I think of there are a lot of things I should have said and but I never got around to And now its too and I am filled with GLENN DEAR GLENN Your letter moved me and it might inspire others to give bou quets to the living while they can appreciate When I telephoned you personally to ask if I could use your you if it will help some one for whom it is not too Thank you for your generos God bless DEAR ABBY There is a new fellow at work who seemed to like me a My coworkers said he was interested in dating but I have a policy against dating people from Later I contrived to introduce him to a friend who works with Thanks to my matchmaking those two really hit it Now 1 am kicking myself for not realizing how attractive and nice he I now regret introducing him to my I should have dated him myself when I had the chance even though we work for the same Is it too late now What can 1 do MISERABLE MATCHMAKER DEAR MISERABLE If they really hit it its probably too so dont do And quit kicking yourself be fore you dislocate your DEAR ABBY I have been legally separated from my wife for seven I recently met a lady whom I figured to be about 40 or 45 years old and she turned out to be 55 I am We started became good then dinner and and finally lovers When I told her I was she became upset and refuses to see me until I am I know she loves and after not seeing her for a I feel like half of me is What should I do RUDY DEAR RUDY You know the ladys I cant tell you whether you should get di vorced in order to marry your perennially youthful but if you feel like half of you is use the half with the brains in it and make a decision you can live DEAR ABBY Your Monkeys Disgrace lifted my laughter high on a lowmood Its truly a delightful ode to the disappoint ment of our furry During World War II I heard this one A jungle gentleman is a monkey that will not monkey with another monkeys RAY IN YUM A DEAR ABBY My very dear is driving my husband and our two sons ages 12 and 14 up a Clara has a habit FRIGIDAIRE SELbOLnr Here s wny it i colteo me good o I s wtien pnces take a vocanon Ihe Fngxxitfo Sen crvance 10 enioy Fngioone s oest season tot savings LIMITED EDITION FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATOR FREEZER WITH FACTORY INSTALLED ICE MAKER 100 FrostProof FullyAdjustable Shelves ElectnSaver Switch Meat Tender Drawer NOW ONLY HEAVY DUTY WASHER l uioe Capacity jWsibh Hino Ijmpeialuie 10Veai Tub Warianty NOWMU S299 FLOWING HEAT DRYER Heavy Duty Dependability Doof Opening i Fine Mush UpFionl Lint Screen 17000 BTU 9 2 Speed Cooling Fan Adjustable 2 Way Ait Flow 9 E I Mount Side Panels 249 NQfONUT Phone 303 Sin Antonio Buckle U A Irgm this UM TfUi DipirtWMt fl Ptrtltc of constantly scratching her She does this while preparing and at the table while My husband and our boys hate to eat at the same table with When Im preparing food in my Clara offers to and I always No but she Last evening when she was here for she scratched her then picked up a slice of bread from the dish and passed it to rny He left the table How can I politely convince Clara to please quit scratching her head while eating at my table and also hers when we are at her home for dinner Any advice would be Thank SCRATCHERS FRIEND DEAR FRIEND Be a very good friend and tell Clara pri of course that she needs to see a dermatologist who will get to the root of her problem and cure her itchy DEAR ABBY I chuckled when I read the letter from Gretas Guy in Tell him not to worry about Gretas Its attitude not altitude that makes a mar Im several inches taller than my wonderful husband and several years Weve been married for 20 years and raised three beautiful Weve been through good times and bad but height or age was never an issue because our love is based on love for God and each And by the 1 wore heels at our BIG MAMA IN For Abbys How to Be Popular Youre Never Too Young or Too send a check or money order for and a stamped 39 selfaddressed envelope to Dear Wedding Box Mount Published fiviidny Thursday and Friday afternnfina by Vf M Rratinfils Herald Publishing 7 or A u Trras Class ha Hrnuntfla Ilvruld nl T HA blur unil Pilhshtr JIM WEliRE tOiAlf l tARO AVKRY irni Inhiiii r MAdClK lOMHARIX f it i nrflftlll Pn imin fiirrii r hnni in li lilniiiH urn KI inn InnTil r Mail diliiy Cntiiill in ni in SI1 sis mil HJ HI ni rait ill nr liu Tin ir flit 7 null 11 I1 f St IK fnldrt f tiff Id Buckle Up PRESEASON LAYAWAY COAT SALE For One 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