Friday, August 14, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, August 14, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 14, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Opinions Editor and Publisher JIM Managing Editor Editorial Did the leak achieve the desired effects Reports that City of New Braunfels public Works depart ment employs Mexican nationals who have not registered properly for work permits or attempted to become legal reidents or citizens are The pronouncements that as many as three men were employed as sanitation workers might have meant something more if there was an overt conspiracy to cover that fact But the news of the workers status came out of the public works which now faces an allegation by our mayor pro tempore that one employee is paid for full time chores when he actually works only about half an eight hour Perhaps had there been more legal residents or legal citizens willing to collect our garbage the jobs would have been filled by other than shortsighted Mexican In any the cure wound up being that one man left his job and went along his way while two others are working toward legitimate alien status That was the real It was inappropriate for the city to employ illegal but all employers under new immigration law are supposed to make a good faith effort to not employ such and if they to afford them the chance to become It would seem there are strategic leaks out of city hall designed to divert attention from other shortcomings or ac tivities rather than accentuate the positive that could come from a city service that employs quite a few Wouldnt helping these men keep their jobs and benefit under our new law have been a more newsworthy thing than alluding corruption in the public works department To leaks from our city staff members seem akin to protesting too Analysis Schroeder win in a losing effort AFTtft OVtR 40 Yttfc OF THt MOST WtE ttt WEAPONS IS IT LPOKS AM tRA OF AMD MAV FINALLY ACHIEVED bv UNITED A WHOLLY iAMD OP THE RISING AS Analysis An AP News Analysis By JONATHAN WOLMAN Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON AP It wouldnt be politic to write off the chances of Democratic presidential hopefuls Pat Schroeder or Jesse Jackson being elected next but its tempting to wonder just what theyre really up Symbolic candidacies They both deny I have the numbers to claims I think Americas man enough to back a says Is America ready to elect a black or a woman to the If party delegates believe Jackson and Schroeder cant be they wont be Jackson and stole the show recently when they joined four announced candidates before liberal organizers in I think theres a very strong wave of support in this group for Jackson because he stands for the kind of issues and policies were all said David Gordon of New But obviously theres some concern about whether he could get the so people may be looking for a fallback Jackson and Schroeder both know that the fallback candidate is likely to be a white so is an exhausting campaign a waste of time and money Probably Each may gain by By running a credible presidential a civil rights activist who ran in can at least the visibility of his liberal Rainbow Coalition and draw atten tion to such issues as black family problems and racial discrimination in pro the roles of himself and his minority supporters within the firmer claim to the nickname he got in a Washington Post story On the Road with the President of Black Schroeder speaks of her poten tial candidacy with Ive had 15 years on the Armed Services Ive been head of arms Im senior woman in the the eightterm con gresswoman told ABCs Good Mor ning We have seen Cory We have seen Thatcher win for the third Weve seen all sorts of countries do that and 1 think Americas every bit as pro she by running a credible could at least expect demonstrate that the 198i failure of Geraldine Ferraro was an advance womens If your employer Its your baby or your imagine how that she said in supporting a parentalleave bill before the House Small Business Schroeder insists hers would be no symbolic I will not run as she Either people are ready for or I dont want any part of Your Representatives Bill Clements Governors Office State Capitol Texas 78711 State Judith Zaffirini Capitol Station BOX 12068 Texas 78711 Lloyd Bentsen United States Senate 703 Hart Senate 20510 U Phil Gramm ynjted States Senate 370 Russell Senate Bldg 20510 William Sims Capitol Station Box 12068 Texas 78711 Ronald Reagan President of the United States The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue 20500 Mac Sweeney Guadalupe County United States House of Representatives 1713Longvyorth House Office 20515 Lamer Smith United States House of Representatives 509 Cannon House 20515 Reagan didnt say what he would have done An AP News Analysis By DALE NELSON Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON AP Nine months after he first went on the air to discuss the IranContra President Reagan is still trying to recon cile what he has said about trading arms for hostages with what he did about And his explanation is still that he let his heart rule his In a televised speech in which he said govern ment will never be free of human weaknesses and Reagan acknowledged Wednesday night that some of the foibles that led to the IranContra debacle were his I let my preoccupation with the hostages in trude into areas where it didnt he said The image the reality of Americans in deprived ot their freedom and families so far from burdened my This was a That image had burdened his thoughts for a long In June after an emotional meeting in Chicago with families of Americans held on a hi jacked TWA plane in the Middle Reagan was asked about other American hostages in the same I dont think anything that attempts to get people back who have been kidnapped by thugs and murderers and barbarians is wrong to ho replied Within two senior National Security Council officials had set in motion the steps that led to the plan to ship arms to despite the administrations public advocacy of a worldwide embargo on such Reagan and his aides had long said that the United States would never make concessions to terrorists to gain freedom for and argued that other nations should not do so cither Yet in selling arms to they were making a deal with elements of a radical Islamic govern branded by the Iniled States as a sup porter of that had influence with the kidnappers When news of the deal broke last Reagan first said the story had no foundation and when he acknowledged that arms had been sold to sought to explain it by saying the main purpose was to build a bridge to a possibly moremoderate Iranian government of the We did not trade weapons or anything else for nor will he said After the Tower commission made its critical report on the affair in Reagan My heart and my best intentions still tell me that is but the facts and the evidence tell me it is In his Wednesday night the president put it a little saying that our original initiative rapidly got tangled up with He said Secretary of State George Shullz and Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger both predicted that the American people would immediately assume this whole plan was an armsforhoslages deal and nothing their predictions were he For the first Reagan called the Iran Contra affair a saying the need for In creased cooperation with Congress may be the eventual blessing in disguise to come out of the IranContra On the crucial issue of the diversion of arms sale profits to help Nicaraguan he had lit tle new to say He repeated that he didnt know about it and said he shouldnt have been shielded from such knowledge because as commander in chief he had the the to make my own But he didnt say what his decision would have been Mike Royko California freeway shootings explainable State Edmund Texas Housjs of Representatives 2910 78769 When some wierd social behavior breaks out in theres always the terrible posibility that it could become a national trend So now we have to wait and see if motorists across America begin shooting at eachother as they have recently beein doing on the famed freeways of Southern My guess is that this is strictly a local fad and wont spread across the nation the health foods and body worship The reason it wont happen can be found in the simple response of Willie the famous bank when he was asked why he robbed He said Because thats where the money If you think of it that it makes sense for Californians to shoot at each other on freeways because thats where they They dont shoot each other on subways or on the as New Yorkers They dont have subways and they seldom except from the doorway to the Nor do they shoot each other in since they dont gather in taverns the way we do in And maybe theyre afraid that they might wound an innocent So they realy dont have much The on ly time they have any true communal togetherness is when they gather on their And if one of their many whackos wants to shoot a that would seem to be the best Ajapjjjer reasojj yjis wont beconje a national trenxi is Because it probably isnt even 9 trend in 1 doubt if it is even a genuine Califor nia Most its a combination of coin cidence and media hype The law of averages says that if you have millions of people driving on crowded and a certain number of them have and a certain percentage of those with guns are a little its inevitable that a fesv of them will take a shot at a Just human J It happens that recently the number of pointless shootings was a little higher than nor Why Who knows9 Maybe it is the position of the moon or just something to kick the sum mer Or it might be that the law of averages is compensating for a dip in the number of shootings last Whatever the causes the few extra shootings soon attracted the attention of Califor nias And it promptly declared that there was widespread murdermadnessmania on the of the press was profes sionally obliged to This has led strangers caught in traffic jams to stare in terror at each And that just in creases the since people who are ter rified really look Just go to a mirror and pretend to look See what I mean So now you have hundreds of thousands of ter rified California motorists looking at each other and gasping Holy that guy looks he is staring right at me Whatll J do And the other guy stares back and is thinking my loolj at that fiendish guy and hes staring at We could achieve a similar reaction in Chicago the newspapers decided to fill their front pages with bloodcurdling stories of routine eyegougings and shin kickings in taverns If we did soon the na tion would be talking about the murdermadness mania in Chicagos taverns and wed all be frightened into And wed have shrinks tossing about as they are in for this new outburst of antisocial behavior It reflects the new hopelessness of the American spirit it is a physiological reaction to the additives in mass produced Or we could do it with domestic which are and headlines screaming Another Husband Stabs Wife or Hubby Scalded with Pasta Water by Wife Further the experts would of the disintegration of the nuclear family it is the influence of the new antiviolence codes of TV forcing hostilities to seek other In other if you lump enough isolated but similar events you can create the illusion of a But In a week or so the freeway murdermadnessmania in California will be replaced by something new And what will that be theyre all so scared of each that they will probably get dizzy and see spots before their So the next batch of headlines wUl say Dozens more stricken by mysterious California Freeways