Friday, June 26, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, June 26, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - June 26, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Slippery when wet National Guard manuevers ceremony has somber tone FORT HOOD and speeches th Guard manuever have a somber ton the deaths of guardsmen in A tank accic another kill one da helicopter crashe 10 Passinreview victims are set fi Hood tank John Its part of New Texas June P The parade t close National each year will e today because of reservists and separate ntally fired on ng James Smetzer and injuring seven others after a military and burned with eremonies for the r today at a Fort aid 1st Class wrapping the investigators are looking into the helicopter crash that littered 24 acres with wreckage Monday The investigation is expected to last up to six officials maneuvers b t a little more in depth in light of th Krise Army spokesman Arnold Garcia said of San was a riember of Bravo An 18yearold Converse woman was slightly injured last night about at the height of the storm when she lost control of her 1982 Buick Regal on the US 81 overpass north of New According to Department of Public Safety Trooper Jim Jo Ann Neisler was southbound in the inside lane when she attempted to change lanes for an approaching Shea said Neisler lost control of the car on the wet the car spun and the rear of the car struck the guard The car spun around again and traveled across the highway to the west guard where it came to a Neisler was reportedly wearing a safety belt and Shea said she had been The speed limit is 55 but in this you should be going said with Also pictured are Trooper Lin Manford and New Braunfels Police Officer Mike Shea said the investigation continues into the Photo by Leslie National Guard soldiers and soldiers from Army reserve support The tank was firing at a camouflaged target about 900 meters but its 105mm gun went too far to the left and fired a practice round at two other M60 said James com mander of the 49th Armored The guardsman killed in the ac cident and the soldier seriously in jured were standing outside the tank when the round was McGoodwin investigators are looking into the helicopter crash that littered 2M acres with wreckage Monday The investigation is expected to last up to six officials that includes abjout Texas An Army soldier was found dead in 3rd Bat based in Ball Morty of San remained in serious but stable condition in unit at Darnall rny Community involved in the participating in annual twoweek Roberts Ive raised people from the dead AP Television evangelist Oral Roberts claims he has raised people from the I cant tell you about the dead people Ive Roberts told more than people Thursday at the closing session of the Charismatic Bible Ministries Ive had to stop a go and raise a dead It did improve my altar call audience response that But he told his audience that medicine also was Lets be he Not everybody we lay hands on gets I pray for the He said he had been taking antibiotics which made him better and makes the devil Im not a candidate for illness who has endured ridicule and criticism in the past for his descriptions of visits from also said God told him that Roberts will be coming back with my son Jesus to The evangelist said after God told him that would return to Earth during the Coming of Roberts got this picture that I would be coming to I got a picture in my mind that hes going to position us to rule and Maybe well have more power in the second Were not going to stay over Watch what happens to Oral Roberts University when I get Earlier this Roberts drew fire when he made a plea for million for the universitys medical saying that God had told him to raise the money in a year or he would be called He said Thursday that he was reading a spy novel when the deity appeared to him in March Continued from Page 6 other 40 percent has remained The statistics were issued in the new Yearbook of American and Canadian Churchs compiled by the research department of the National Council of and published by Abingdon Press of churches are neither gaining nor losing mem says yearbook editor Constance H Jacquet of the councils research and evaluation The covering 218 religious show total membership at a gain of or percent for the latest year for consolidated At the same government statistics indicate the population grew by almost 1 While the data collected from the church bodies which regularly cleans their rolls to remove show about 60 percent of Americans polls regularly show more than 70 percent claim The yearbook also gives other church including financial statistics showing the average church member gave up from 300 the year the increase outstripping the inflatation rate of That per capita giving has creased 366 percent since 1961 when it was only but when the figures are adjusted for inflation amounts to only percent in real Continued from Page 6 when God when God loaded on Himself the guilt of the whole Now we dont have to walk irouni with pur heads hung feeling sorry for We can hold our heads high as forgiven children of the We can we are As God reaches out to forgive we can out to forgive rose again to lift us back to new life free and Frederick Frythote list oll itreet Phpne NEW To My Patients and Friendsj pome Qf you have I will be retiring knee and hip demand Ajthoygh I shall ns Lgnger see patients after June the Qffiee will remain ppen until September 1 Thii is to heJp in transfer of yQM and ygyr tQ ansthier Although ygy ejigjse of ajipther will transferred to Charles pgnaJd PrPWhy Stanley WpsdwaM and John CORPUS CHRISTI AP Joseph Biden says the Hispanic vote will be so important in the 1988 presidential race that he would con sider a Hispanic running mate if his party nominates I would not at all be reluctant to have a Hispanic American on the said one of nine presidential candidates wooing Hispanic votes at this weeks League of United Latin American Citizens He noted after his speech Thursday that San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros would be a very good running mate for Although admitting he does not speak the 44yearold Delaware senator said a movement to make English the official language will never make it through my Senate Judiciary I can promise Biden also called for increases in federal spending on health and education but cuts in He said there has been too much em phasis on individualism and materialism at the expense of social 112th Armor the intensive care Hospital The other injured were treated at Darnall and The guardsmer and reservists accidents were Jtarburst an raining manuever a training area Thursday and a member of the military police brigade died after falling off a but officials said the two deaths were not related to the 4 Frank Herrera was reported missing at midnight said spokesman Michael Herreras body was found at 9 Marlow The cause of his death and circumstances leading to his disappearance have not been and the death remains under Marlow Herrera was a soldier for almost five years and had been stationed at Fort Hood for the past 10 Jennifer a member of the 410th Military Police fell off a motorcycle driven by another Porters hometown and rank were not immediately The accident occurred on Interstate 35 near Georgetown while both soldiers were off Before this weeks 10 aircraft had crashed at Fort Hood since killing 11 people and in juring 11 officials In all Army air accidents since seven people have been while 15 people have died in ground LULAC told Hispanic vote vital to 1988 race Ih this the standard has been ecoromic success and personal gain the so called bottom line but this standard cannot evaluate the true condition of our he said It cannot measure the health of our the quality of their education or the joy of their Biden said that cuts in spending for education and health care should and that he would more money for teacher salaries and medical care for For too long in this it is my view than we have celebrated individualism over com Biden Tl e economy is dependent on the health of the developing he adding that wou in those If we had leadership in this country that could get thei Justice Lewis Powe II resigns Supreme Court protectionist trade barriers in this country d hurt the economy by harming markets mr European allies and the Japanese to do part and us to do our part in improving the ecoromy of we would do more to impact upon our ability to make this country function than anything Biden he should write off interest and renegotiate the debt owed them by Third World is not a he It is a world About people are expected through Sunday to attend the LULAC Presidential contenders slated to speak today are Democrats Albert Gore of Tennessee and Massachusetts Micheal and Republican Jack Kemp of New the sole GOP candidate to accept a speaking invitation from Convention Chairman Ruben Bonilla said Texas prominence in the 1988 race was amplified by its inclusion in the March early primary known as Super Texas is the most populous of 20 states holding presidential primaries or caucuses that he cannot afford to ignore the states increasingly politically active 1 million registered Hispanic WASHINGTON AP Supreme Court Justice Lewis a moderate who has been the pivotal vote in many of the courts close today announced he is retiring from the nations highest who has suffered from prostate made the sur prise announcement in a printed statement shortly after he left the bench for the last I have advised the chief justice and associate justices that I have elected to retire as an associate The president will be advised the statement Chief Justice William on the bench to con clude the courts 198687 noted the retirement of Powell once I try very hard to reconcile views I may have to help put a court majority Appointed by F resident Richard Powell has been a pivotal membei of the courts moderate center since I will miss being an active justice more than I can Powell said in hin He will be 80 years old on My health has not been Powells said in the But he added that a recent checku at the Mayo Clinic in yielded favoral le Both of the physicians in charge conduced that I am presently in good But my past illnesses have created problems for the court and for Houston subdivision may be haunted HOUSTON AP A former neighbor of a man suing developers of a home he claims is built on top of old graves says strange events oc curred at his prompting his family to flee to Toilets flushed by unexplained shadows appeared in the living footsteps were heard and a silhouette appeared on a bedroom Ben Williams It should have been a lovely place to but we had nothing but hell told the Houston Chronicle in a telephone who moved from the Newport subdivision home four months ago to his vacation home in said his former Sam also told him strange things happened at his Sam and Judy Haney have filed a lawsuit seeking million in damages from the developers of their saying they knew it was built on old graves when it was Haney said he has been afraid and is seeing a psychologist since a body was unearthed in his backyard in Testimony in the trial in state district court in Houston was scheduled to resume Defen dants are Purcell Atlantic Purchase and Diamondhead Shelter State District Judge Ruby Sondock has issued a gag order in the On Lester testified he told Haney of the possible graveyard when he noticed a swimming pool was being built in Haneys Haney has said the grim discovery of some human remains buried in the yard has changed his causing stress and health in cluding Super Summer Sale Come By and Register for Free Gifts during Oceans of Fun Days Summer Specials Red Srepe Myrtles Hanging gaskets English Salmon gr Pink Geraniyms 6 pelt keaf gr Green Uif Ganna Lilly i gal Special 3 Red gr Yellow ig the rgin AJJ lawn QlJtaml Rose gf Shiran Purple 1 iauhinia White Orchid Tree 2 Flowering Japanese Qyince White 2 tf Super Special Miniatyre Crepe Myrtles iiiQQtaeh Pink gr Red Hjbiseys All and Plants each will be 1S Saturday and Sunday e rsc@jrnm.9n4 fertilising 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