Friday, June 26, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, June 26, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - June 26, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Opinions DAVi JIM WE BR Managing Editor Page 4 New Texas June 2 Forum LETTER POLICY The HeraldZelttiiig welcomes Ail letters should be sign ed and Include an address or telephone The newspaper reserves the right to Letters should be sent to New Braunfels HeraidZettungi Drawer New Texas or brought to bur offices at Citizens beware Here we go Citizens beware There is a proposal by Richard the Comal County chief that he start collecting taxes for all taxing Here are but a few of the issues that I think need to be considered before such a decision is Since the implementation of the Peveto Bill and the formation of central appraisal there has been a resounding cry of protest from across the state of inequities and abuse of the tax Our local central appraisal district is no Just about this time last both the chairman and secretary of Comal Central Appraisal District Board resigned as a statement of protest against the actions of the Then the with the assistance of our county had to appeal to the attorney general to stop the construction of a new which may have been an illegal act at the time they were considering if it had been the taxpayers would be several million dollars deeper in debt in these times of decreasing economic income and ever in creasing tax In spite of our we still ended up paying several thousand dollars for un necessary architectural The then chief appraiser citing too much job Our new chief appraiser has promised great So about the only thing he has delivered is a new which would allow for nearly a salary increase for Not too bad for less than six months on the job He did go to Austin and win some appeals that lowered the amount our school districts would be penalized for inadequate but I understand NBISD will still be penalized approximately and CISD even He did find a new home for the CAD offices on the top floor of the NBISD administration but certainly there were questions raised as to just where and when those negotiations were We citizens were led to believe this agreement would benefit the tax payers because the the school received in rent would help lower our school tax Now we find that the of rent doesnt even show up in the NBISD proposed It quietly slips back into the very mysterious NBISD reserve and taxpayers get the largest tax rate increase pdssible without being subject to a roll It seems unwise to turn another departments responsibilities to Rhodes when in my hasnt proven he can manage the job he was hired to Our own county auditor warned of just such actions when he questioned the wisdom of the CAD moving into the school administration He said it had been his observation when departments were able to acquire more space than they ac tually they quickly set about to fill up that What we have here is a fine example of bureaucracy Rhodes proposal may look good on and it may appear that it would save us Perhaps I could draw up something that would appear to save us money on but those in authority would be foolish to accept it because I have no track record that I can deliver what I I do not feel Rhodes has a track record worthy of Then what happens if he isnt able to We know from past a bigger tax burden will just be passed on to the Another reason for strongly op posing this proposal is that at least with the individual taxing entities collecting taxes they are subject to elected If this is turned over to the they are subject only to an appointed We already know from previous experience this affords very little accountability to the Such a move would only bring us one step closer to total taxation without representation It is my the more closely any taxing entity binds itself to the central appraisal the more suspect their actions become in the eyes of the I can only wonder if this is one more worked out behind closed that will be forced on the citizens and taxpayers without ever con sidering our concerns and if you do not wish to turn your tax collections over to the control of another appointed board or someone hired by make your voice heard Call or write your elected city council school board members and your county com Encourage others to do Attend all public meetings where this topic may be discussed and make sure your view is If this representative government will have suffered another major Margaret Raborn wmm sws HI IT TRW wmm 15 Your Representatives an tta Unltad Stetti TILL THIS COLUCT THOUGHTS GOTTA 6tT A CvMA COFFEE THIS ISNT JELLY CANT TALK THINK SHOULD UNLESS THE PRESIDENT ME DUKAKIS SAVS HED Mike Royko Swee t please send us some KalKan For the first time since their troubles I experienced a twinge of sympathy for Tammy and Jimmy It came when Tammy blubbered her favorite means of communication that the new custodians of the PTL had stolen her While she and Jimmy had been praying and shopping in they had left their dogs behind in their palatial South Carolina But when they the dogs were And it turns out that Jerry Falwells people had given them to a which had found new homes for As a dog that got to I could un derstand why Falwell would want to evict Tammy and Jimmy and sell off the house to pay Or why hed reject their demand for But their dogs As Tammy spoke of I could tell that her plump heart must have been And when I joined Slats Grobnik for a beer that I told him that I thought Falwell had been unnecessarily I think you are getting soft in the Slats there are limits to how much anyone should And the loss of those dogs ex ceeded the Do you know what kind Of dogs those were Slats j ownt note that But what 4if fereigedoef Tboii two dogs were You ever see Bernard Of lig Notoriouj but they have a reputation for Legend has it that they used to go to the aid of snowbound travelers in the Alps and provide them with a pop of hootch from kegs strapped to their If man never had a better Especially a drinking thats all but you ever watched one of them eat I cant say Ive had that But Ive seen Chicago aldermen eat and thats an impressive let me tell you about I used to own You did In your little apartment I got it during the fuel I figured that it would throw off enough body warmth to help me keep my heating bills A smart it didnt work It wound up costing me a You a Bernard eats about four pounds of dog food a Thats a hearty Even my wife dont eat that much most of the you got to feed one of those hounds about 30 pounds of food a So if you buy any decent dog food by the its going to cost you about a week for just one of A ttdy and Tammy had two of So that means the least it cost them for dog 004 was a Thats loQk at it this picture some dippy old lady sitting in her rooming house or nursing home watching Tammy and Jimmy on TV asking for I hjye a mental Go Theyre making a pitch for talking about how they want to do the Lords so the old biddy reaches under her mat tress and gets out a wrinkled bill and sends it in to As so many have She figures this is what the Lord wants her to And she figures that when her time shell get some points for that But what happens to her 10 bucks Tell what Dog Her 10 bucks covers just one days dog Think about Every day after it took some old dolls 10 bucks to feed Tammys two Add it At the end of a more than If those dogs live to be more than 109 years it would be more than And Im not figuring in Thats a lot of dog about 16 But did they ever go on TV and tell people what they needed money for In those I doubt Course How would it sound if Tammy had got up on TV and batted those eyefangs of hers and said sweet Jesus wants all you people to send money so my Jogs can eat eight pounds of food a If you do I will love my dogs will Jove and the Lord youThe only person who wont love you is the flunky who cleans up the yard after Thinking of it that it may have been an But I still feel sorry for Its obvious she loved those but shes still got Tbjts And at least he doesnt Not since Without Jews are without salvation bivmt got a K ptopte uatetaM Bagey to be a ttteA of t vangfUiH tot IQ st the Re lBut wiies wuMn t stead mib mi on and theyd SQm oj Ibat vat His t feat fef 00 m Us fiamffettan feat mtemW tbl PaJgS j mm Ttatj HtraM aJBHB gmyffejj Jane 1 at a Smith could not be reached for comment YT AygpttttwBi HAAMAM Mflfk RrJgVlTiQn rfctflftnal fn it Vi f i Mill Hti i ui4 bt