Sunday, May 24, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Sunday, May 24, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - May 24, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas May Insight New Texas Page 5A Citywide trash cleanup continues Citywide cleanup New Braunfels is known for its its people and its One thing the city isnt known for and no one wants is Thats why the City of New Braunfeis is conducting its citywide spring City trash crews will be collec ting garbage that normally wouldnt be collected You name theyll take it just That old couch that the cat ripped the television that blinks and the lawn chair that hasnt been the same since chubby old Aunt Sally sal on it pack it up and the city will haul it off Local residents have con tributed millions of pounds of trash during the past three In city crews collected pounds of In crews collected pounds of The landfill will be open and local residents may haul their unwanted items and dump them free of charge for one more Saturday May To use the persons must show proof of Only pickup trucks or small utility trailers may be us ed for this Residents wishing to take ad vantage of the extra pickup are asked to place items near the street no later than the day of Limbs should be tied and should be in bundles of no more than 10 no longer than 4 Collection dates are May 20 and 27 a Tuesday and Wednesday because of the Memorial Day holi day on 1 and Areas north of West San Antonio Sreet and Common are scheduled for Monday collection areas south of West San Antonio Street and Common have Tuesday col lections For more information about the call the Public Works of Emotions Knowledge of facts crucial in war against substance abuse Texas congressmens assets listed under disclosure report By JOHN Rob Eversbergs successful drug information rally Kids That Know at the Oaks Shopping Center this Friday reflects the communitys concern about drug Here is what everyone should know concer ning drug THE ORIGINS OF People use drugs for two reasons 1 to obtain a euphoric and 2 to reduce An individual sees others using The individual decides to try it just once but the drug reduces tension and the individual begans to use drugs to feel Drug abuse turns to addiction when the body develops tolerance for the and more and more of it is needed to produce the same Denial becomes a major obstacle in treating drug The individual begins to excuse his drug use and and tells himself that his problem is not as bad as others or that he can stop using the drug anytime he wants sold in powder is generally ingested by Cocaine produces a pleasurable body sensation described as a rush of energy and vigor that generates feelings of strength and en durance that tends to last about 30 minutes requiring an additional snort to maintain the Cocaine is highly addictive and can produce unpleasant effects such as rapid heart pressure eleva even FREE Cocaine is separated from its salt base ether and the granules of pure cocaine are Free basing can become so important to an indicts life that it excludes everything Heavy usage can cause extreme More addictive than regular crack is snaked rather top snj unjjkf free requires special preparation The eupjjprie feeling thai tests for aJpjl w wjflwtes is by md equally eresttag tfte need to This cycle of highs M4 tews cpnjriiiujtes ta and reWorses AJcoM eajj permanently destroy brain gJoJWcf WtaiuaiSea Of ttue destroy Jiyer ajjd weaken the heart and Wood Tbjp benefits of aJLcpJtoJ are apt worth the Marijuana togestwfl produces a light gildy feeing tune distortion and reckless terw leads to and social is a coupe united fero oj saari Imm commonly called pep are the most widely known and frequently abused The consumption of amphetimines results in a temporary feeling of loss of apetite and extreme amounts of energy and Withdrawal causes extreme Crank is a crystalline powder of metham phetamine that can be snorted but usually is It causes a very intense rush lasting about 30 Many chronic users become paranoid with auditory and visual Red all are slang terms for hyp notic drugs that produce drowsiness or slur red unsteady quick faulty judge ment and There are several hallucinogens on the elicit drug market Psilocybin to name a These drugs cause mystical thinking and visual PCP is especially dangerous as it causes acute Dilaudid are generally injected directly into the blood Methoxylated amphetamine MDMA known as Ecstasy or Adam is said to relax inhibitions and enhance It also produces fluctua tions in blood circulatory psychotic episodes and brain DESIGNER These are drugs that are man factured in kitchen laboratories for street A ver sion of the is a heroinlike powder that can result in sudden MTPT can produce Parkinsons Diseaselike symptoms whereby the in dividual becomes rigid and immobile with a very slim chance of lacquer ofii ether can produce an anesthesialike Inhalant useage can result in brain loss of muscle liver damage and kidney TO STOP TO help ypijir child overcome the temptation to use become an informed Get all the facts about drug abuse by attending lectures and and openly discuss the drug scene and facts about drugs wttb ypur childrenTeach your strong personal values by encouraging your children to develop positive personality strong sellrespect and Teach your children to ac cept themselves and to love themselves Walker is medical director ofHtii Country Hospital ill San Antonio and 9 private psychiatric practice in New WASHINGTON AP Here is an alphabetical list of Texas con followed by their approx imate ranges of assets and liabilities based on 1986 financial disclosure reports released Thurs Members are not required to in clude values for residents or spouses although some The in come figures are for other than con gressional Where there is no the member reported an exact MICHAEL or more or BILL RICHARD STEVE or more JOE BEAU JACK or more or JOHN Received an ALBERT in JIM RON I365JOO LARRY iisoo DE LA KIKA none JACK MARTIN HENRY in none none RALPH or more or or more MARVIN or more or MICKEY 107 000 SOLOMON none or more LAMAR Received an CHARLES in or more MAC none to CHARLES JAMES TOM Public Meetings New Braunfels City Council will meet in regular session May 26 beginning at in the meeting room of the The second reading of the 198788 operating budget is among items for council con Comal County Solid Waste Control Board will meet May 27 at 11 on the third floor of the courthouse The board will open pro posals from prospective purchasers of the citycounty New Braunfels Cjty Council will hold a special session May 7 at in the meeting room of the Utilities to discuss bids received for the sale of the landfill and either accept or reject the Comai County Commissiners will meet in regular session May 28 at 10 on the third floor of the courthouse A greagenda workshop is slated to start at 9 Discussion of bids received for the purchase of the landfill will be discussed Braunfels Utilities Board of Trustees will meet May 29 at in the meeting room of tfce wiU dJscps and con sider approval of the citys requested additional transfer con sider approval pf Canyon Hydro electrical facility contracts and discuss capital improvement bond