Sunday, May 24, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Sunday, May 24, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - May 24, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Opinions Editor and Publisher Jim Editor Page4A New Texas May Editorial USS Stark a reminder off Memorial Day purpose May is the day we observe Memorial In the wake of an Iraqi attack on the guided missle frigate USS Stark in the Persian we are reminded of the risks our Armed Forces The tendency may be to think of the 1980s as We are officially at war with but yet we will have buried more than 30 of our warriors before this Memorial Day observance draws to a Many of us will go to the out of town to see friends and relatives or just stay home and work in the yard this official day of But some way we should pause long enough to remember the families of these most recent casualties of undeclared The United States has an obligation to protect its own energy supplies as well as those of our And our respon sibility as a world power ensures that we will be targets until we relinquish our position of world which we can not afford and would not want to Our Armed Forces are the means by which we secure this democratic and until all of mankind chooses to acknowledge the need for there will always be Memorial Days and the reasons we observe Forum LETTER POLICY The HeraldZeitung welcomes All letters should be sign ed and include an address or telephone The newspaper reserves the right to Letters should be sent to New Braunfels Drawer New Texas or brought to our offices at We ready feels But tings are tough all State budget myths To the There is a lot of controversy going on these days about the state It comes from all direc much of it from educators and others who want to spend more Not enough people read to try to determine the but for those who Id like to offer a little food for Some legislators and their special interest allies would like you to believe the governors budget cut state They say Texas cant afford to cut spending Most of us agree no one is saying cut He is certain ly The truth is his budget increases spending million from its cur rent level of Thats the 2 This is a battle between fiscal conservatives on one side and budget busters who want to greatly expand the role and cost of state government on the other Four years when the governor left the state budget for the 198283 biennium was His budget recommendation for the 198889 biennium years starting September 1987 is That is up billion in four a 39 percent In that same education spending went from billion to up billion or 33 In the same period inflation is only up up only percent from last and Texas population was up only The budget recommended by many leaders is at least a 16 percent increase over cur rent Its clear Texas state government spending and taxes increased three Uroes faster than inflation and live and onehalf tiroes as much as our These are the Cleme nts is not proposing we cut the budget the budget he proposes Is not Its jujt opt increas ing as fast as it used Tbtrf are some inyths being ban died by certite legislative leadersThe governor waits to dispel these myths and get us all talJOng about the there np sacji thing is WUJfiB Our pnjy dj f jcjt is billion this fiscal JBSre than that simply Tte second my th is thit the governor proposing yts that services that Is not services spenders are saying they want a 16 percent increase above current state Thats more than in flation or population growth justifies and more than we can Many of us know our state and federal boards and com missions are not above We know there is an unacceptable amount of inefficient programs and misguided There are many people like myself that have worked for and with bureaucrats and highranking military We have seen a great many of these people spend everything given them in one then ask for more in the next budget to be sure they get at least as much as they did last I hope most folks will give this some sober thought and contact their legislators to work with the governor and I should even extend that on to the There simply must come a time when we stop the legislators from deciding what is best for us once they are elected to office and hand our money out as people come to them and say they need Of they cannot examine and know what is justified in the massive proposals sent to but we would hope they look at what is going on around them and This is unrealistic cut out the Thomas Schoolcraft Seguin On later bar hours Re Late hours for taverns and other drinking We realize there can be problems but also there are After we are a tourist A jot of tourists come in on Friday night from They usually leave after work riving in New Braunfels four or five hours They go to their unpack and decide they would like a few drinks to We are looking at about or everything is People in town on vacation are here for fun and to are not ready to go to bed at H because they Resident New Br gunfels who hive jobs in the and get off work me to g djinJs tp relK before Jnj gut they hardly jntp the bar before it is time to Tfttsj iff JUSt g few reasons m bjejjeye thit establishments shoyJd be able to Stay open After we are a tourist town and encourage toyrists Mike Royko The ludicrousness of giving money to PTL A wise man once observed in our there are more horses rear ends than there are And in the next few we will find out if he was The yardstick will be whether the PTL now that it has apparently been looted by Jimmy and will Those who are now running it say that unless millions in fresh contributions pour the PTL ministry yahoo amusement park and all will go So they are hoping enough dippy old ladies and guys whose hairlines begin at their eyebrows are willing to part with another or And while this is going my elderly friend Pops Panzcko sits in I mention Pops at this point because I recently received a note from him in where he is doing a four year stretch for Here is a man while he is a has always been an honest Anytime you asked him what his profession he would say I am a And if you asked him why he was a hed give you a frank answer Being a teef is what I know how to He never once said that the devil made him do that dark and evil forces overwhelmed his better He would just shrug and say It wasnt nailed so I grabbed And a judge gave Pops four without even one day off for openness and babyfaced Jim and his porky wife sit in their luxurious Palm Springs home while accountants try to figure out what happened to about million in church We can guess where some of it As Tam my would put as she prepared to buy out another boutique my shoppin1 demons are And when the Bakkers shopping demons got to it could result in anything from an Gucci briefcase to a Florida goldplated toilet plumbing or an antique Rolls chartered Lear jets and an office Jacuz silk fulllength diamond gold If it they bought All in the name of By conservative Pops has been ar rested more than times for suspi cion of stealing or just having a gleam in his eye when a jewelry salesman drove But not once did Pops ever say I popped the trunk on the salesmans car because the Lord wanted me to go to Harry the tailor and buy a couple of new So hes in but Tammy and Jim are riding around their California oasis in a chaufferdriven the PTLs new while admit ting that they cant find million in missing are asking those who gave them the million to cough up another million to tide them Even Pops didnt have that kind of He never called a jeweler and said Im the guy who cleaned you out last Could you toll me when youre going to get a new and would you leave the key under the mat But without looking the PTLs new Biblethumpers are putting the arm on those gullible enough to think that they can buy eter nal salvation with a check or money Theyre telling the bumpkins that the Lord wants them to send money so the work of the PTL can go What work The last time they sent Tammy used some of it to have her breasts in flated with silicone because she wanted to look like Dolly It that what the Lord wanted for both of Tammys cups to runneth over I think that the Lords will is becoming pretty He wants the Internal Revenue Ser vice to investigate whether Jim and Tammy should have been paying taxes on all the money they shoved into their pockets and And if they the tax men should stick them with a And all of you little old ladies should switch TV channels and put away your The PTL doesnt need any more of your If the PTL ought to start selling off its assets and giving Im not sure what they could do about Tam mys Maybe they could just sell her to a computer James Kilpatrick Ed how could you ever allow this WASHINGTON Some incredible things hap pen in the world of polities and but you would have to search from here to Honolulu to find something much more incredible than the brief filed by the Justice pepartmeflt in what is known si the geek Attorney General Ed te put the matter has taken an elemental principle pj individual liberty and tossed it into the That says tbJl pswer pj gQyerQment may not be fojej fce uppojt par 3f attsi totlF trill ease at operating MPJtF ttje National nonymon workers and to expand their money case ip when H arry Beplj J ex for the i9f4 mw dissenters on anything it The money taken under compulsion from nonconforming worHers may be spent only for the expenses of d collective contract ad ministraUon and 3 gjjeyance In the Beck the Pistrict Court ap pointed special master to go over the unions in meticuiouj After prolonged mister found that shocking i cent pf the expenditures were for pur poses tbit agfejng tP d9 With the three per mitted J4gney went for fpr epniribMttos kindj ptsiricj Judge Jsmfs MJUf F SJji fee 84 pergenl tp stJJJ tog 71 Pf retflfc dad ordered propojtjmte refunds Of fees the 18 f he eaje Ttee were MJi wjjth tbje oj fee tWia Right to Work Defense won Sitting en the ruled 64 jn Mr f The mw 4 few days the y spJicitor general philosophy of this presumably supported by is that individual liberty f that is not we have elected the wrong administration and now have the wrong attorney The departments position is that neither the National labor Relations Act nor the Constitution prohibits the union from taking Becks money and using it to support causes he This is pacfc in in the case of Bester William steele the Brothgrliood pf Locomptiye the Supreme Court Jiid down thg im With great The feaj attempted to discriiainate igateit bltcfe A cpujJ reused to fa IMSb mjtjgrsj sjip the high that pf m Its power ts tostf the rights PI tbpse Wteffl U jjpon unjpjj bwllt It Ma tt if u mu gwuy ybat to to tee Begk feMFTS U lildpi HwwtaRiWft srf ta ttie ivM to ftm tf federii 1 SJF i ln