Sunday, May 17, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Sunday, May 17, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - May 17, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Financial Focus IT Financial Planners ant Managers Kditors note This is the first in as series of four Investing is no hit and miss a serious matter of using your assets to accumulate wealth through the To do you must be and that means knowing where to find information and how to interpret To be a successful you should be able to determine for yourself what information you you need to be able to find that information using your available What are those sources The most obvious one is daily If youre interested in financial you may want to con sider subscribing to a newspaper whos financial page you If you do subscribe or purchase such a newspaper what should you look for in the financial section Start with the composite daily market This report tells you whether the financial report includes a complete listing of securities trad ed or only selected A com plete financial page should include the New York Stock Exchange and selected issues from the overthe counter The financial report lists the transactions which took place the business day immediately preceding the It general ly reports the low and closing price of each stock during the trading It also shows the number of shares traded in the net change in price from the close of the preceding trading the stock high and low price for the the indicated the current yield and priceearnings With this you have the basis of some vital information on the stock you own or It makes in teresting reading at the breakfast In addition to this the finan cial page also reports general business This news ranges from international to national to It can be very interesting and informative because you get a broad economic view of the world economy as well as business Its generally written in laymans language avoiding technical economic In this you might expect to see news on leading economic housing interest business failures and the Not only are these events reported but often a recognixed economist or financial authority will comment on the effects of these To the informed investor a working knowledge of the present condition of the economy is There are several pivotal in dustries in this country because of their size and are vital to the One is the auto As one of our larger investments is usually an when auto sales are this usually accounts for millions of dollars not flowing back into the when sales are auto workers are often laid terminated or placed on reduced work As sales pick the trend More people begin work more money goes back into the economy in the economic picture usually the auto industry is one of the na tions vital Thats why on any given day theres usually some news on the financial page regarding the auto Read Its a good key to how were doing Another industry which has receiv ed major news coverage over the last few years is the energy Oil and gas production is almost always In those states where oil and gas are a major source of news emphasis is placed on One major metropolitan newspaper runs a detailed report every Sunday on new production and whos involv For the investor interested in this information is Of more technical data is available through the oil and gas but the daily newspaper gives the big Add to this the society sports and comics and your daily newspaper is the biggest bargain in the family Wiley joins Schoolcraft Sue Wiley New Braunfels real estate veteran Sue Wiley is now associated with ERA Electronic Realty Associates Schoolcraft Realty at 408 Wiley has been in real estate for nine Schoolcraft Really was established 26 years ago and is now the fastest growing real estate firm in New said Luke managing We have grown from five agents one year ago to 14 fulltime ERA Schoolcraft Realty is a member of the Employees Reloca tion Amway Relocation New Braunfels Board of Seguin Board of and San Antonio Board of he Schoolcraft also has offices in Seguin and Universal Wileys clients and friends can reach her any time at her private office in the Schoolcraft DERYL CLARK and LESLIE KRIEWALDT make pictures worth a thousand words in the HeraldZtitung THE NATURAL GAS ADVANTAGE Hot dogs on the Speed and ease make a natural gas grill a hit every time you coofe Theres no no Jyst tijrn on 3 natural gas grill and in five youre Youll be siing up because a natural gas grill costs less to Theres just no better way to put hustle in your hot fifth the ft Mtuml gas gtiU pries of grilling witft New Texas Sunday May Texas Business Today A slow response causes a fast increase fey MARYSCOtTNABERS Commissioner Deaf Commissioner Nabers We are a small company and during the Christmas holidays there is no one here to open our Last Christmas we received a notice of Maximum Potential Chargeback on a former employee who had resigned from our company to take another Evidently her new job did not work but my problem is that the Texas Employment Commission says my company is chargeable for some of her benefits because we did not respond to that notice on I really feel this is We did not fire the worn She quit San Antonio Dear Yours is one of the fre quent complaints I hear from For this I have repeatedly emphasized the im portance of timely response to TEC The fact that your ex employee quit is irrelevant unless you told us about it on The TEC is required by law to mail your company at a proper ad of any claim which may affect your tax The agency is not responsible for slow mail delivery or the fact that your company has no one to monitor incoming mail during the holiday The time frames for protest and appeal are statutory and the agency has no authority to waive them without credible evidence of nondelivery or delivery after the This is not your situation and the chargeback deci sion in your case is There are situations in which the Commission may have the legal authority to deem the protest or ap peal timely and consider your As a general all employers should immediately check the date mailed on any type of claim notice or decision you receive check the number of days from the date miled that you have to respond check the If TEC sent the notice to an incorrect and you received it after the deadline for we have not given proper notice under the law and a late response will not jeopar dize your companys rights check the date it was delivered to If it is the last day to do If It is already past the be sure someone else in your business has seen the documents and can testify from personal knowledge as to the untimely Dear Commissioner Nabers What should I do if I know that an in dividual who is receiving umemploy ment benefits is working somewhere else Abilene Dear You should in the local Texas Employment Commission office where that person is filing Give the name of the business where the person is working and any other concrete information you have that the local office can in A DIVISION OF TANDY CORPORATION SalePriced Values Sure to Sell Fast MIDMAY SUPER Combo 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