Sunday, May 17, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Sunday, May 17, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - May 17, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Opinions Editor and Publisher Jim Managing Editor New Texas Sunday May fc I s I Editorial finally did it We re in at last This is the last edition of the New Braunfels HeraldZeitung published out of our offices on South Tuesdays paper will have been produced and printed out of new facilities at 707 and are we Weve been talking about it for years some folks thought we would never actually do But we Not that the old building wasnt fine for its but it had gotten to the point of being As our city has the need for a larger central fire station meant that we lost our privilege of parking behind the newspaper on city It is fitting that we grow with our city and its Were getting out just in The new building was once the Skate and anyone hanging around a newspaper at deadline can appreciate the link with a roller rink there are indeed some similarities in that inertia sort of takes over at some The design of our new facility takes advantage of a stateoftheart open office The design by Gene Rutherford Tl Architects allows free flow of activity and production effort crucial to an efficient General contractor for the project was Wingfield Con struction Major subcontractors were Bexar GuadaComa Mechanical and Ott and we thank them for a job well General improvements include a renovated Web Offset which will allow use of color with a greater number of pages per section of the The facility and better work we will mean a better newspaper for our readers and We moved in the rain Saturday and today will virtually complete the although no amount of precipitation could dampen our excitement over this new and attractive addition to the Effective handdelivered materials and business transactions will take place out of the Landa An open house is planned later next and we welcome the public to our new The HeraldZeitimy is your community and we recognize the support our town has shown over the Without that support we wouldnt have this new The staff is proud of our progress and we trust the next 134 years will be as prosperous and worthwhile as the first So all that remains is cleaning Anyone want to buy a used newspaper building Andy Rooney Nicaragua policy faulty It seems as though were making an awfully big fuss about a weak country that is more to be pitied than The United States has pulled all sorts of dirty tricks trying to bring down gover The average American doesnt care whether the San dinistas or the contras run We wouldnt know a Sandinista from a contra if we stood behind them in a line at the As we are supposed to hate these people we dont even know Its hard enough hating all the people we know personally who deserve Are the Nicaraguans really to be treated like an enemy If Nicaragua is dominated by is it a serious threat to QKlahoma Nicaragua is about the size of New York The whole country doesnt have as many people in it as There probably arent more than a few thousand eon sjervative contra rebels with little syccess so to overthrow Jhj liberal Sandinista Whatever details emerge from the ppwt congressional investigation Mto the arms sale to dear fritttds the proceeds whjcn went ta dear friends the it js apparent that we are pjyjng te syefthjow the eYernjnent of Jknow it t mjtttr what I but I roads and maybe we ought to go into Managua with our big bucks and help We have all been taught that to make a we should be a If we win by spending millions blow up their power plants and their you all know what comes Were going to have to spend more millions helping them rebuild their power plants and their Thats the American Nicaraguans are like people They dont care which wing their government left or as long as they have jobs enough to Communism has never done such a wonder job of restoring any countrys economy that we worry about a country being 1 KSvRt 5 eieoe this is no Pi usually happens with a if ft wing government is that it decides everyone whodisagrees with it is the enemyrThe Comjnunist government of the people e nds up puttng people in Con mynisro is not only oppre ssive toe system doesnt worts and the people hate it Why are we so worried ere doing isnt United tes shouldnt be throwing Emotions A humorous outlook overcomes negativity By JOHN This past my wife and I took a trip to New I was not fun to be with I griped and complained almost all of the The flight was the cabin was the service was we arrived in New the cab driver would not open the trunk and wanted me to put my bags in the front I called him lazy he called me inconsiderate using an in direct vocabulary that clearly got the point as my wife and I were getting ready for bed and I was compaining vociferously about the hotel prices in New we both broke into spontaneous As we talked about how ridiculously petty I had I remembered what humorist Charlie Jarvis We get on an airline that takes us a thousand miles and complain if we are five minutes I resolved then and there never to complain about insignificent Here is how I am going to keep my resolution Appreciate Gods My wife and I were flying to New York City to celebrate her bir It was long after college before I had ever flown in an airplane more than two decades I had become so cynical and travelworn that I was complaining about the priviledge of being able to go to New York City and attend a Thousands of people would be grateful for the yet I was complaining about Twenty years I would have been bugeyed with I could get that ex citement back by paying attention to the not the All of us have many things to appreciate that we take for granted Being born in this Mike Royko Freedom of Freedom of Life We dont appreciate our health until we lose as the poet is wasted on the We can all keep that excitement by remembering and appreciating the little On our return I sat next to a stock room clerk for the City of New He had been on 24 flights in the last He happily talked about the places he had been and the wonderful people he had When breakfast was he ate with gusto and after finishing that was He was a simple but he enjoyed life much more than the pin stripe executives who filled that Pay attention to what is It is im portant to show my affection for my wife to let her know that she is special and that I love her for all of her gentle ways that I ap preciate her support and encouragement her sacrifice and her I want her to remember my emotional sincerity and I dont want to be thought of as a griper and I dont want to be remembered as a sorehead or a Developing and in and helping those around you grow is Minor inconveniences are not Cultivate Regular readers of this column recognize how much I emphasize humor in dealing with the slings and arrows of outrageous That is because humor is an extremely effective method for dealing with George in his studies of Har vard has shown the use of humor to be an extremely effective method for achieving Vaillant has studied Harvard graduates over a He found that successful graduates had five traits that he calls mature defense These mature defense mechanisms were and Altruism is the unselfish giving of your time and efforts to others supression is the conscious failure to think about negative issues anticipation is goaldirected planning for the future sublimation is channeling aggressive and sexual drives into productive love and Humor is responding to the stress of life with good wit and Laughter helps heal I would have been much more pleasant to be with on the trip if I had started laughing with the first little For when we found ourselves squashed in the cramped I could have Ive always wanted to ex perience flying as a canned With everybody bringing their luggage on I bet we could get a great seat in the baggage com These arent real funny but they will help brighten and lighten the To the cab I could have This is the first time my bags have made it to New York Im so glad to have them with Ill be glad to put them anywhere you not really but showing good By the after the laugh in the hotel room that the following day was one of the best of our We both enjoyed what we had been We laughed and held and showed appreciation for each And I didnt not even when the two breakfast rolls and coffee cost Walker is medical director of Hill Country Hospital in San Antonio and has a private psychiatric practice in New What the Democrats and Donna Rice share Gary Hart went out in predictable blaming everyone but himself for his he conceded that he might have made some But his strongest demnation was aimed at the prying press and the grueling process we use in selecting our aj he walks into his political he wants to leave tht impression that the press and the brought him not his wn arrogance poor And that theme his been echoed by his swpplf rs and utter TO heir them til sm no sensitive person will want to run for office because reporters will be Miejragtti ai uw MUV MB Chrysler offering y WOA for This ifi a fdaj syeresshotJirtDgttte dying car how it te She didnt tell me abovrt it because she was vindictive or wanted publicityJust the Because he was a candidate for the woman wanted me to know that there was a pattern to his amorousi As with Ponna Ricei it began with a meeting at a Then getting together for Harts phone calte from gver the fee big That kind of attention from a famous potential cjn easily turn a ladys headAnd her head stayed turned until he abruptly dropped ber as they used to w prim having te She djdnt want nor did she want me to write about it before Hut bt cause she didnt wsnt to be responsible for his down at her Agreed not to t wart politicians either dont have anything of this nature to if they are smart enough to hide Hart So a paper in Miami gets tipped about one A paper m Washingtopn has A columnist in Chicago knows shout a thirdAnd who knows how many more would or bob fe the surface Hart left such big tracks that it didnt take a Daniel Boone to foiiQw them If you nobody asking Joe Mik e Jesje Jackson or any other cajJdjdjitei abput They havent rasde it an m Wart did for WBJ if embittered Hjrt supporters and other Pemocrats need someone to their target e People reason to What kjad Ol strafe bjfd of Ifl 23 years of writing thi3 Ive never into any pupc Afld they might consider what have were goyig to spend al mmm teated JMI m yw