Thursday, April 30, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, April 30, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - April 30, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas April New Texas Report states crime statements have little impact AUSTIN AP A new report says the statements designed to tell parole officials how crime vic feel arent reaching the of Pardons and Paroles in many A study initialed by the Texas Crime Victim Clearinghouse found that only I percent of the victim impact statements were reaching parole officials for use in deciding which criminals to release from prison The impact statement was created when the Legislature in 1985 passed the Crime Victim Bill of Rights Though still a relatively new the victim impact statement appears to share the same situation as that of the vic tim largely ignored or forgotten by the criminal justice said the clearinghouse report that was released Wednesday The victims an arm of the governors said that despite the i percent use the impact statements shouldnt be It is stilt the most effective voice the victim can given the current crisis in the criminal justice the report The impact statements were created to give victims an op portunity to express the physical and emotional damage of crime as well as the financial cost to The information is supposed to be considered at the time a criminal is sentenced if a criminal is sent to it is to be made part of the inmates But the study found that of statements distributed to victims between and only 106 reached the Board of Pardons and Paroles for consideration at parole The study made several recom mendations for making the statements more in cluding drafting of a less complicated form and making certain that all those involved at each stage of the criminal justice system be educated on the use and importance of the The reports release was one of several crimerel a ted developments at the Capitol Among them Bill Clements said his office has awarded to Up shur County to assist In the pro secution of Jerry Animal Combined with a previous this brings the total awarded to nearly in the officials McFadden is charged with capital murder in the 1986 slaying of an 18yearold Hawkins High School Texaspublic schools funding system ruled unconstitutional AUSTIN AP A judge ruled yesterday that the states system of funding public schools was un constitutional and must be State District Judge Marley Clarks decision capped a ZAhlonth court battle that had come down to one question Should Texas give more state school aid to property poor school districts than to those with lots of rich taxpayers Under the present distribution of local and state students in poorer districts dont have as good a chance for a quality education as those in wealthier the judge In his Clark said he found no evidence presented during the trial or anything in the law that spell ed out a compelling reason that would justify continued lion against poorer school districts in receiving financial aid from the If one district has more access to funds than another the wealthier one will have the best abili ty to fulfill the needs Of its Clark He ordered the present system replaced With one more equitable and and set a May 11 hearing date for a possible injunction against the Its silly to ask for an Assistant Atttorney General Kevin OHanlon said in a later session on the You would have to en join the Legislature but I dont think they can do that because the Legislature is not a party to this Albert attorney for a group of propertypoor sug gested the state be given three to six months to begin operating a constitu tional system of distributing state school Jim representing a group of districts supporting the sug gested no injunction begin until September 1989 in order to give the next Legislature a chance to According to this ruling the Legislature is ultimately going to to redistfict school Turner The Legislature has been in the process ofredrawing our school financing system for the last 15 said i think we have made enormous pro Hobby predicted the court decision woulcLhave no immediate impact on the an attorney fdr some of the propertypoor said the ruling undoubtedly Would put pressure on the find a way to fix If that happens this ses sion or in the future is a question for the Legislature and the appellate courts to Texas Education Commissioner William Kirby said the state will ap We remain firmly convinced that Texas system of public school finance meets the constitutional test of Kirby Guest Column Memories of Six Flags in the spring BY RICK SMITH Sherman Democrat like eury other spr mg since 1 was seven years old Six Flags Over Texas calling me When 1 was younger I couldnt resist the parks call as I grew older the i all jjnw fainter and fainter until last spring 12 had paivod Mnce pilgnmmage to the park So 1 went back 1 wish I hadnt Skull Island is gone 1 searched everywhere But the island It had a giant skull in the center that sou cuuld remernbor was nowhere tu In found Other classics were missing the Indian canoes Tom s kTr that sill little train that pulled through Mixuaii Hut thtworst tlir absolute WOIM news was set to come No more h rench miitmat rule 1 cant reinimlxM what the boat ride i alleu Snlles KlMrUiat La Xille s Uiver Kxpedition Hul 1 11 never torgil the nte Ue the laptam explained were on an to luui whatever hap pened to the La Viilr 1 coulii have less alxul La Salle when I was seven veais but the liiea ol a waappeal Kspriiailv one that involved at lacks bv ruUit Indians cannonfiring and ghosts Part of what made the ride special was the Captain A friend who worked at Six Flags in the tells me that riverboat taptams were at the very top of the summer helps pecking order Teenagers might start out sweep ing sidewalks or selling ice but if they worked if they came back summer after and if thev were someday thev might make riverboat Captain on the La Salle ride The delivered the same year after vear quest after quest As the boat floated down the Tidy Howl blue the using nieshow barkers cracked puns and terrible jokes that brought choruses of groans KxampU When an automated blaik bear on the river bank tried to a the Captain pointed to a young couple on the boat and said something like Those bees are pientv mad Hut wouldnt you be il somebody were trying tu Meal vour honev 1 he highlight of the ride was the pirate s cave Just as the outof control boa I drifted toward a water ill lion t snicker 1 once saw a anicked lo vear old try to jump out i the tniat Mv brother the water artcd At the last possible I i ourse Saturday the May day for seniors activity As i M begins this weekeiul the BlaUMleh Senior i Vnui ill open between the a in and pin Saluiilav otui uiionnalioii exhibits anil lelreshmeiils I all who come other ailisilies lot Ihe month ol Mas ale ti oups from H n toy n a in Ma l In 19 Jb am JK i ei uinu s Null te held uom y u to iu Ma ami Ma iri while UIHH will nuvt Hum to i ui May i and DAVE LENNOX ANNOUNCES A BIG HIT FOR AIR CONDITIONER BUYERS Financing for 12 Months OR From April 1st til June Lennox is offering a super deal on High Efficiency Air conditioning teoate applies to 14 Series air conditioners anq furnaces only ana is limited to one rebate per residence tlJUlgl The sheer Fiberglasrock walls swung revealing a mysterious filled with skeletons that guarded treasure chests All lit by eerie black The brave little boat sailed through the while grownups grinned and children clung to their The boat rounded a final bend in the river and there we always back at the starting point Always too soon Ive never forgotten one phrase that the Captain delivered After an earsplitting cannon fusilade from the Spanish fort sent water splashing up all around and on i the Captain would say Theyre such bad shots They couldnt hit the broad side o a little French riverboat Robot Spanish cannoneers couldnt sink the but a new Whitewater raft ride finally did it in with a milliondollar broad side will be held each riiuisitu Iroin lu a in to noon and kai will Uplayed May 19 and 26 ruin 1 to 5 p m Iuinal Count Senior Citizens and lunch will be held May 11 from y to a in to 4 tt p rn for and HitAAKP innting and Mothers Day tlmiui will be held May 2u from 9 30 in nuon Ma 2u Kehervations for the ii M lumh are required bridge will be played from I to 4 p m May 20 and the book club will meet at 9 am May T is Iroin 1 to 1 p m May l and 22 GUADA COMA MECHANICAL The tacky new ride is as dull as No Indian No pirates No riverboat Im glad that Six Flags has kept some of the old rides the Model Spelunkers the Casa de The old rides always had more mystery than machinery and relied on not cheap thrills They used imagination not just a freefall drop from a 10story tower to excite the I do like some of Six Flags new stuff But I worry about their teenaged street What can kids look forward to0 Pushing buttons to start an automated raft ride I miss the old Six And Id trade a dozen double loop roller coasters for one more ride on a little French Six Flags is calling me again this spring But you cant go home THE WILD GOOSE Proudly presents a collection of works from i some of the best local and state artisans and Located in one of New Braunfels oldest historical buildings makes shopping a Con venient and Free Parking a vail Featuring the hottest thing Hand painted one of a kind fashions by Artist Sandy Homemade rockers of Hickory and Cedar at gifts and 265 San New Braunfels Next Poor to Prince Splms Inn Tubes for Sale 6293182 1 61 7 Highway 81 W Hollos Barbecue Whole Brisket BBQ Whole or Half BBQ Hams Family Pack Special Choice of 1 Meat includes Sauce iv 8eef Sausage Ribs iv Ham Order Your BBQ Chicken To Qo Only Custom Catering I Party Trap 1 Potato Salad 1 Pinto Beans Cole Slaw Two words were not included in the previous publication of this Honorable mention poem committed by Clifford This is an accurate copy of Nelsons Cynthia Thayer took second place in the Grades 45 but her name was incorrectly spelled in our re For purposes of her the head for her winning entry is printed below Honorable mention Clifford Nelson A Greater Pain The youthful Keats had fears that fitted youth When most of life and all of hopes He knew he had too much to say of truth And had inside an awful aching dread That all the seething workings of his brain Might not be told if he should die too young That all the truth and beauty would remain Unwritten in the dust where he was But time a greater pain quite often brings To one whos lived too whose mind Once teeming with the tortured untold things Now seems a barren where he can find None of the erstheld thoughts and dreams instead The level sands just lie there bare and Second Place Cynthia Thayer WALLYTASSOS Announces BEAN Barbecue BQ Cafeteria or Business open daih specialty Custom 6200205 IH35E and Canyon lake exit 306 LAGUNAREEF at Rockport Quality Inn ESCAPE TO A TROPICAL PARADIS stay In one of ourloveiyror 2 bedroom beautifully furnished looking out over majestic Aransas Bay Sun on our private beach fish off our 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