Thursday, April 30, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, April 30, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - April 30, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas nions Mahaging Editor Editorial Project Graduation a most worthy effort Project a combined effort of both public school districts in Comal is a good example of advanced there will be high school graduates who at this writing will Im gonna get I stayed four years in that place and Im gonna And some of them will do just that and not live to regret If no other goal of Project Graduation was worth gently twisting arms and raising it is the goal of safe graduation We dont need drugs or other chemical alterations to have a good And we sure dont need any more drunks driving around in celebration of this important and august Youre getting out of but youre going to need all youve got to make the right decisions and enjoy a world we only gets tougher as you make your mark in Project Graduation will ensure there are at least op portunities to party hardy without becoming dead If you have to get intoxicated or stoned to have a good you have forgotten what a good time is or you have accepted your friendspoor A generation people who now have kids in high school saw the drugging of America at its most The battle cry then was Turn Tune Drop The guy that coined it was a college professor and he wound up skipping the country to escape Dont think your parents dont know what drug abuse They faced choices their parents at least in a chemical We dont need inappropriate amounts of booze or use of dope to have a good Project Graduation and its spon sors should be applauded for their realistic attempt to make this graduation year a safer blow out without the risk of blow ing Your Representatives Ronald Reagan President of the United States The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue 20500 Pfiil Gramm United States Senate 370 Russell Senate Bldg 20510 Senator Lloyd Bentsen United States Senate 703 Hart Senate 20510 Bill Clements Governors Off ice State Capitol Texas 78711 Mac Sweeney Guadalupe County United States House of Representatives 1713Longworth House Off ice 20515 State Judith Zaff irini Capitol Station Box 12068 Texas 78711 Lamar Smith United States House of Representatives 509 Cannon House 20515 William Sims Capitol Station Box 12068 Texas 78711 State Edmund Kuempel Texas House of Representatives Box 2910 Texas 78769 Guest Column Lottery should be put to a vote of all Texans By State HECTOR UR IBE State RON WILSON Legislation currently pending in Aystin would authorize the establishment of a state If the measure is approved by the Texas citizens will have the opportunity to vote on a constitutional amendent to permit the creation of the Lone Star Lot Opponents are attempting to keep the lottery bill bottled up and to pre vent legislators from submitting the issue to a referendum vote Their arguments are in the form or time worn myths that state lotteries prey on the that they spawn com pulsive gambling and so The problem with and other arguments is that they are personal opinions that cannot be Sturdy after agthpritative study has conclusively shown that lotteries have no detrimental social The reality is flxit lotteries are ex enierttUwnS tbst are played by people W aM ecpjtojwie groups in slates across thj The public ppptfarity Of lollfrjyes is voters in H sMes have approved lolteries by Comptroller would contribute more than million to the state treasury during the upcoming biennmm and another million during the succeding Even these huge amounts would not erase the states stagger ing These funds alleviate the need for cut backs in higher highways and other key More im lottery revenues would significantly reduce the need for further state tax there is a broad base of grassroots support for a state lot tery According to public opinion 68 more than two thirds of all Texans want a lottery Even opponents acknowledge the fact that Texas voters will approve the Lone Star Lottery by huge margins if it is put on Wxe The track record of lotteries in other state is one of tptaj success Lotteries are generating billions of voluntary 4ollars that otherwise would fee derived from mandatory lotteries are providing millions of citizens to not including with access to inexpensive from of entertain Or state budget com bined with the tact that Tesans oyerwhelmingiy avoi a pro vide the Lggislatujre with an easy Let the people WE KNOW WHO SANPAIS AND CMfaes A WHIP James Kilpatrick A lot of interesting ideas from the alsorans WASHINGTON By this nine months before the Iowa almost everyone who cares about politics has heard about the biggies in the Before we get swept amay by the oratory of the leading something should be said for those whose names are not yet household As of the Federal Election Commis sion had received filings some of them from draft committees on behalf of 112 candidates for president and three candidates for vice presi The notification lineup includes a dozen hit ters Kemp and Robertson for the Republicans Dukakis and lacocca for the Democrats Youll be hearing more than you may really want to know about some of theses ambitious gentlemen Incredible as it may roughly luo others have let their aspirations be publicaly known Most of these candidacies are in fact but hope springs enternal My thought is that the unknowns look at the prospective they see themselves riding in Air Force One and dining in the East Room they know as they never again would have to wait on an elevator or search for a place to park After they have thought upon these they look in the mirror and find the prospects enchanting They ask the Why not me1 So they form a committee Thus we have a stable of horses invisibly dark Among the hopefuls is Edward Matthew Balcsik of candidate of the Nouveau Cen tury Party of America Kenneth George Robichaux of New Orleans intends to head the ticket of the Prix Party From James Ricketts Sr will be nominee of the Ar my of Recon vent At least two candidates hail from Wyoming Al Hamburg of spearheading War Veterans Against Nuclear and Michael Lee Hamburg of Hawk on behalf of the Jobs or Jobs for Youth Party Punch Burger of Chapel will be the choice of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Voters From Jackson comes the nomination of Charles J on behalf of Chuck Oils Believe H or Serious Presidential Committee Texas is big this year Roughly a dozen Texans have tossed their Stelsons in Ihe among Ihem Rickey Lynn Swmney of Fort can didate of the American Dream Party Women are as hopeful as men Seeking the Democratic nomination are Frank Stewart of Peggy Ann Childers of Tenn Mildred Glover of and Dolores Yolanda Gutierrez of Calif Across the campaigning for the Republican is Alice Feggins Sheppard of NY Con celta Marie Lamagno of heads the New Israel With Concetta Marie Mrs Nell K Fiola of carries the banner of the New Millennium Parly KarenLee Blauvelt of Mass is running for presi dent on her own Three of the 1988 prospects have advised the FKC that their ambitions are a bit more modest Alfonzo Jones of William Daguman of San and Samuel Dale Darnell of Durants N C are not seeking the Oval Office They are running for the vice presidency only 1 say the the merrier In the fairly recent past our presidential elections have seen an astomsing number of parties actually gel on ballots here and there In by way of exam Barry Commoner ran in 36 stales as nominee of the Citizens Party John R Kanck represented the American Independent Party Maureen Smith gol lo California ballot for the Peace and Freedom Party Harley McLam ran in North Dakota for the National Peoples League In New Jersey Bill Gahres carried the banner of the Down With Lawyers Parts he col votes Im all for the Army of the Unknown Most of the FECs obscure candidates ma be oddballs or but some of the hopefuls have ideas worth trolling oul for inspection Back in the we regularly had candidates from the Socialist Labor and Farmer Labor many of their campaign planks eventual wound up in the Democratic platform The Pn hibilion Party started fielding presidential can didates in and took what happened They got the 18th Amendment Single laxerv right lolifers and reformers of hues have gone for Ihe presidential prut 1x51 Ihe winds of doctrine blow That ssas Miltons sage advice And if the winds blow hard in the blowhards of this world deserve a lit tle loo Mike Royko Can a tattoo really replace a hairpiece Mike Royko is on vacation While he gone we are reprining some of his favorite columns This one first appeared Jan lyso During a recent a strong gust lifted the hairpiece off the head of a friend of mine and wafted it into the middle of busy street By the time he retrieved the tires of several cars and trucks had passed over it It looked like a mashed which is not what you would want to wear on your head to impress the disco ladies In addition to the embarrassment of greeting his date with his hair stuffed in his he was out the he paid for the loupe This is not an uncommon Im especially in a city as windy as Chicago And with hundreds of thousands of men in our hair conscious society wearing who can estimate their total financial loss Most men who wear hairpieces own at least two of They need a spare to wear when they send one out to be or if it blows or if a bald thief snatches it So their investment can be And when my friend told me about his expensive and embarrassing J began thinking about a possible lowcost alternative to the traditional And 1 wondered if it would be possible for a bald man to have his head tattooed so it looked like he had That woMld solve the wind Even on some oj the downtown the wind is seldom fierce enought to blow off 9 mjns it 9lso would be No costly No expensive eteajrung is it possMe Depending on which tattoo artist talk the answer One Chicago tattoo artist said we could do dots Dots1 tiny dols Then hed look like he had had but thai he had shaved his head sort of like a 5 oclock shadow all over your head But what about making it look like regular hair Thats been done if a guy has at least some hair Then we could do And when we combed his own hair over the tattooed it would look like he had a lot more Have you ever done it To tell the we usually stay away from heads and although 1 just gave a girl some That makes sense 1 spoke to Greg who does his tattooing in Wisconsin Before moving to Lamont worked with Chicagos legendary Tats who put thousands of anchors and sea monsters on the arms of several generations of Great Lakes Navy recruits He burst out laughing when I asked about tat tooing hair on bald heads Yourre not going to believe but I once saw it A guy walked in and said he wanted We tried to talk him out of 1 told him Vow once we do youve got it tor And if you dont like the you cajnt change Byt he wanted sp Tats dW jjt foj and he seem ed happy when he left that wasnt the strangest tattoo kampnt ever He aetujjjy knew the late about wbpffl hjd only jphnspfl was a m mm who had the tog his teaW head wittl Jape Re ed to walk up to shorter people and bow If were really they would jump five lett in the air As for tattooing a head of Johnson he wouldnt do it I dont think it would look very good Al best U would look fashionable While chatting about Johnson revealed an interesting trend About 15 percent or 40 per cent of his customers are women And he said some parlors report as many as 50 percent Years he women represented less than 5 percent of tattoo customers And they in cluded the oncefamous Chicago hooker who had the words To hell with housework tattooed in oneinch letters beneath her navel 1 asked him if todays women prefer anchors eagles or the names of boyfriends they are getting butterflies or flowers or strawberries 1 havent seen women with such things on their arms Thats because they either get them on their shoulder hips or he said You have an interesting I said Beats house painting The final expert I consulted was the manager of the Chicago Tattooing Co Would it be possible to tattoo a bald head so it looked like the guy had hair it he said On what if he was in the ojiher side of the u woyid look like he had a head of tm How abPMt up ciosj Up Up cJsssj U 14e had I ink