Thursday, April 30, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

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Text Content of Page 1 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, April 30, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - April 30, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Winning a cruise for Senior Page New Braunfels New Texas Thursday April 25 Cents Two 16 Pages 84 Stammtisch Suit filed over 1985 school bus mishap By SARAH DUKE Staff Writer A Comal County couple filed suit Tuesday against the New Braunfels seeking damages to compensate their daughter for in juries and menial anguish resulting from a bus wreck two years ago The civil suit alleges the school district was negligent in allowing Thomas to drive the school The driver was driving negligently and at an excessive rate of speed for the conditions existing at the the suit states The suit also alleges that Cox was a reckless and incompetent driver and such recklessness and incompetence was known to defendant or in the exercise of or but It is getting redundant who is complaining Con tinued warm ami mild nights with highs in the upper 80s and lows in the mid tins with light and variable w mds out of the southeast Partly The AAgny CLASSIFIED 46S COMICS 3g C80SSWOBD dlnary should have been known by said owner also a defendant in the suffered a broken leg in the accident and has not returned to work because of his Ronald and Linda Clark of Spring Branch are seeking damages for their Michelle Diane who suffered a broken leg during the The who was 7 at the time of the suffered a shattered left femur resulting in permanent disfigure ment and deformity of her the suit Plaintiffs in the case also state that the child experiences episodes of acute anxiety both during the wakened and sleep Cox and Clark both suffered broken legs dur ing the April accident during which a NBISD bus slammed into a pecan tree in Landa Park Nine other New Braunfels school children suffered minor injuries in the Twentytwo students were on headed to school New Braunfels Police Department records state the bus was southbound on Frederickburg Road near Landa Park when the driver lost Officer Russell Bell listed excessive speed as a contributing factor in the His report also stated at the time that a rain slick road was a factor in the Bells report of the accident states that more than half of the students on the bus thought the driver was going too There were com plaints that when boarding the the driver would take off before the children reached their seals One child said she fell down because of The feeling lhat I from the is the bus driver was in a the police report NBISD Superintendent Charles Bradberry said who lives in receives compensation from the school but no longer drives because of The superintendent said he had no reason to believe Cox was a negligent I think Coxi handled the scene at the acci dent very With a severely broken he helped students off the I dont know how he did I really he Bradberry added that the school district paid the students medical expenses stemming from the Ralph the attorney for the was unavailable for No specific damage amount was listed in the original although plaintiffs indicate they will seek the maximum amount CAD board okays office space lease with NBISD Maj Don 0 Kuehn lives on a rural route about 1 5 miles outside the city limits off and Wednes day afternoon found this 10rattle reptile slithering across his driveway The a Western was dispatched with u gunshot But consider the hatband or belt Doft has in hand Harold could never understand why some towns and counties hold rattlesnake hunts in Kebruar cause the snakes artjust waking up from winter and arent nearly fat enough to eat well you gotta be real careful of the itsy bitsy bones But with wanner weather it is a good idea for folks w andenng around in wooded areas and other places where the critters might hanjj and wind a bout to be observant Rattlesnakes dont generally like people and will do all they can to gel out ol our was but there conies a lime when U s lish or cut bail even for a rattlesnake and at something more than lit in length this one is a real cunlendei for the up the and irab Your Shotgun Club The South Texas Sound Chorus will be on stage May beginning at 7 su p m at Jackson Auditorium in Seguin to present the Uth Annual Cavalcade ol Harmony Our chorus will share the limelight with The Inns and Oult s nmi Houston Texas Jubilee from sun Antonio Hill Country Kdition from Auslm and The One ami Only from New Braunlels Kverybody is in vited to this barber shop quartet concert worth every bit of the S7 it cosls lo get in this dale H7 sears ago a kid from Nentuik nick named lor a small town in his home state Casey Ky was the engine and all John Luther Jones wanted to do was gel his tram in on time Hut as railroad historians will know he did it the hard wa In our Montage feature HtiiUintHr last Sunda we remembered lhat Uary Alan seffel of New Braunlels had been chosen for company command in Texas A M Idiversity s Corps of Cadets Now a banker iar a decade ago was listed as the son of Mehm C Seffel we forgot mom tiarv is the son of Mr Melvin C and Marcella also of New Braunfels By DAVID MAY Staff Writer Comal County Central Appraisal Districts board of directors unanimously approved Wednesday a lease negotiated with New Braunfels LSD for third floor office space in the school dislricts Education Center The a sixyear agreement which will allow CAD lo utilize more than square feet at an annual cost at will commence Sept afler more than in renovu lions by the school district Appraisal district board members voiced satisfaction with the non escalating lease which gives CAD much needed and greatly sought afler additional office space I dont think we could have ex ecuted a better lease If it is good for you and it is good for then how can it be had said Richard Rhodes chief appraiser The agreement will allow CAD lo UMmicrofilm equipment and vault space at the Kducation Center at no extra cost CAD will reimburse the school district for and janitorial costs Some minor changes m the agree ment approved by NBISD board ot trustees last week were documented with the appraisal whose members also voiced pleasure with the cooperative agreement Among the changes were some wording and clauses which slate lhat any addi lional costs specifically any electric rew irmg w ill be borne by CAD I really think it is a benefit to both CAD said CAD board member Raymond who assisted m negotiations with the school district 1 am very satisfied with the lease I think the district will have its need filled for main said David Jr chairman of the CAD board Present CAD landlord Rick Seidel and Comal I mted Taxpayers Presi dent John Pierson Sr were not so pleased with CADs decision lo negotiate with the school district Both have favored the district re maining in its current location or mov ing into the courthouse annex vAhy don I they just move into space at the courthouse annex ask ed Pierson That was tries thouldbe in the same building the records It is not a serv wise move for who artpaying on county bonds that wen1 no even soled on I his is a spev lal deal between Rhodes and NBM Mipermtendant Charles Bradberry said e have loo many taxing entities in fancy offices Ihere svas no bid pro cess The school district should be paying for the education of the children inMead ol competing ssith taxpayers CAD has been paying Seidel a month lor iU square feet ot space or about cents i loot A new lease between and the district effect May 1 calimg for a month rent or 4H cents a foot Seidel ha said he would legally try to keep CAD in its presenl quarters or move it into courthouse annex space to place the district in county conlrol CADs local legal John recenlly sent a letter to Rhodes quoting prior attorney general clarifications and existing state indicating the inter governmental cooperalion does not re quire open bids I dont remember Mr Seidel becoming an elected official of the said County Judge Fred who further said fie was pleas ed with CADs decision to locate in a central location convenient to most taxing entities because money will be transferred from one entity to another I suppose we could have put them m the attic or Clark said we didnt have the space they required The county s bid to CAD was somewhat higher per square foot than the deal negotiated with NBISD Clark further stated that the coun ty did not design the courthouse an nex with CAD office space in mind other managers of counlv taxing entities contacted also voiced satisfaction with disclosure of the agreement 1 do not have a pro blem with said Comal ISD Supenntendanl Bill Brown The districts are trying to work together and 1 am for whatever is best lor the taxpayers of ihe county It is pro See CAD Page 2A Faust bridge easement kept By DAVID MAY Staff Writer slightly more than a property ownerpre senl lo keep New Braunfels City from selling a portion of city owned right of way adjacent to the h aiiM SIriet bridge council moved Monday nigh not to sen ihe easement The decision by council ssill allow ihe property in ques lion to remain open to neighboring residents and IIK i iluens who use the area for iuadalupe River access loi recreational purposes Although in opposition ol the proposed land deal appeared before council this week the tsvo men who approached the city wishing to purchase the public right of way Chuck Pfeiffer and Boening did not Both Pfeiffer and Boening own property adjoining the Cement and complained of damage and littering on their properties because of persons using the public er access The matter was previously handed to the Kivers isory which recommended alleviating the pro blem by selling the tiuloot rightofway of surplus land to the prospective purchasers Both Pfeiffer and Boening had also met Parks Advisory Board members See BRIDGE Page 2A Sign Of The Times CASH CALL 62 Pete Lmgamfelter owner of Oasis Outdoor Advertising has donated free billboard space to New BraunfelsComal County Crime Stoppers program The sign done in the local program s colots ol brown and tan is presently located at Walnut Avenue and Eickeis Road The sign will be rotated to various points arouna town Pictured are Lingamteiier with Crime Stoppers board President Don Ferguson and Coordinator Martin Mayer Hopes are that the genrous gift will generate more citizen response to the police department m the form of calls providing in formation regarding felony crimes Photo by Deryl Bandhall rats have pedigree of tradition 4 iff STI 7 By SARAH DUKE Staff Writer Tradition Since the New Braunfels High School hand has established a tradition marked by Performing with Pride Tins ear the band s 35th is no exception with several awards bestowed on the group as well as Us members New Braunfels High School band director Wayne Tucker along with assistants Man Kay Cam and Betsy Uipe have ihe task of carrying on this tradilion The bands success is based on Ihe directors disciplined tempered with a good rapport with the students Thai approach comes from Tuckers own band which began m ihe fifth grade in Phillips RJy first seven 1 had a different band director every year My junior and senior years in high school 1 had the sains band director and through college 1 had the same baad directgr Sonxe were and some were not all that great an ex pei lence he said remembering I just dug playing my horn and 1 guess 1 was a bandhall lal even though 1 did other things athletics and those type of things Bui mv first place in the morning and last place at night were in the band hall Tucker finds thai things have not changed in 1987 The directors and the students spend many extra hours participalmg in band ac tivities our average year will have belween 50 lo 6u performances Thats not counting pep rallies he said Those do include the Comal County football concerts and contests The current concert season is a UtjUe less Hineconsuming the fall marching season for students In the instruc tion is more individualized than u is during marching season Were dealing with three different bands oi oue Tucker Were dealing with individual parts and we spend a great deal ol tune working on tone qualities articulation styles pilch conlrol pitch centers The neat thing here is there s a very good tradition a unique tradition which 1 guess creates a hule more pressure on us the directors But our band does well on stage in concert and sight reading or a number ol years also and theres pride among ihe studenls lo want to continue to do well in concert as well as marching he said Wilh Ihe lop inarms recenlh received al the Imversily Inlerscholastic League concert and sighlreading contesi the I nicorn band extended us overall Sweepstakes Award record to 10 oul of the last 11 years m a row To receive this a band must earn Dm sion Superior ratings in concert marching and sightreadjng In the added to an already long list of AJlSiate musiciaflss conlrary to wkat is happening w many high schools tte band program continues lo grow The 1986 87 high school band numbers 2M Projections indicate that ihe New Braunlels ISD 198788 band including Ihe New Brauniels Middle School band will have 75u sludenls A large number of sludenls continues to enier the NBMS program each in which Ihe sixth grade band alone has nearly 300 members The band director has seen many changes in the I nicorn band since he first baecame director eight years ago Well were biggejr than when we were when 1 he ihmk the performance standards in our part of the stale have increased 1 also find kids are spread thinner as a result HB 246 When 1 first came we had just mov ed in lo ihe new facililies and we rallied around because the were so but at the present tune we re very he said Those who participate m band feeoeftt their experiences the director said