Sunday, April 26, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Sunday, April 26, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - April 26, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Emations texas Happiness is a habit acquired through positive actions fl fi ll BV JOHN Celebrating Secretaries bay over one of my secretaries Youve got to write a column on all the grump people driving home from Driving home the day she noticed that all of the people she met were so gloomy that they looked like a bad All of she looked like they had been weened on a Thier looks could clabber She said that she started smiling at all of them but no one smiled back she but no one laughed Heres a good test Next time you are driving home from notice how many people are I bet its nine to one Come to think of not too many people are smiling going to work Pollsters are always asking peo ple what they want out of The most common responses are security and If we want happiness so how come most of us arent happy Many of us are victims of the Walt till next year syndrome that Zig Zeigler speaks about He says that many of us When 1 graduate from Ill really be And when that we SVhen I get married and settle down and have then Ill be After we have settled we When 1 get to be chief executive officer of a large then Ill be If that we then When the kids graduate ffem eoliege then Ill be After we When 1 have some grand then Ill be Final we turn 65 and sit on the front porch watching ail the cars and we if I didnt have this arthritis and hardening of the then I could be We wail for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and the parade passes us There will always be stress and trouble In Life Is difficult and each day we are given a choice to be happy or to be We can choose to make the best of our days or choose to let the stresses of the days get us No one determines our happiness but We If we really want choose How ean we get into that hap piness habit Here are some Ment to the The source of alt happiness is God Both God within and God To gain hap travel Many of us in our dally struggles to get ahead and acquire travel away from Our careers may be tak ing off but our God orientation Is as the old Joke ex A man is speeding down the interstate when his wife points out that he is going in the wrong He 1 but were making great Forget Selfabsorption prevents To be really think of Forget yourself and send out prayers of helpfulness for other The next time you are in an airport waiting for your plane that is three hours watch the THIS MONTHS EARLY BIRD SPECIAL Ladies Gents Stone Set Rings 10 14 Gold and Sterling Rings eiu BraunfeljB Prices Start 29 95 r FomilV Nttt to Rotm O JCPenney 3 DAYS ONLY Take an additional AH previously markeddown merchandise Prices are dropping throughout the Look for the Red your ticket to Applies only to merchandise which is being reduced for Does not apply IQ merchandise which is on sale tor a limited time MONDA TUESDA WEDNESDAY hassled people around Begin sending out prayers for Soon you forget about your plane being late and you are enjoying yourself as you respond to people with kind words and warm As most of you will remember from your high school English the protagonist Jean Val a hardened was transformed when he stole some candlesticks from a saintly Valjean was arrested by policemen who saw him hurrying away from the bishops When the police took Valjean to the who claimed he had given the candlesticks to The bishops gracious gesture so stunned Valjean that he vowed to become a good The remainder of the book is the story of how Valjean becomes more and more saintly as he gives to Recently I have been reading Les You dont read this book in a ft has pages with extremely fine but almost every page is filled with masterful quotations and Think happy Thinking good thoughts will help you feel bet Whatever is whatever is whatever is whatever is whatever is love whatever is if there is any if there is anything worthy of think about these Phillipplans If you have a why think negative ly Cultivate cheerful Happiness is a Practice re maining buoyant and cheerful throughout the Become like Huckleberry Finn He was sunshine most always I mean he made it seem like good Practice being that when you are driving home and my secretary passes you by she will be encouraged by another smiling Walker is medical director of Hill Country Hospital in San Antonio and maintains a private psychiatric practice in New FRANCES BRIDGES is there fof you with Scrapbook every Thursday in the HvraldZtitung WithBiQSayifigsl v AND SPECIAL PURCHASE VHS VCR With HQ Model 20 by HQ assures sharper picture definition1 Wireless QuickTimer HiPower Stereo Receiver STA870 dy Realistic 120 19995 Low As S20 PeMonth dramatically widens sound image1 313001 b b Clock ET3B1 by Chronofone Save S40 JumboButton Phone SPECIAL PURCHASE 50 Below Mir s Suggested Retail Price of dialing White or beige 13 Color TV With Remote By Radio Shack 21995 Low As S20 Per Month With wireless remote Diagonally measured Remote oanenes extra TV Save S60 23995 Low As S20 Per For home van 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