Tuesday, April 14, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, April 14, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - April 14, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Hydro turbines buy okayed By SARAH the New BfaUtttels Utilities beard of directors day authorised the purchase at million worth of etjUifjmefit is be used for the proposed Cafiyon Lake hydroeleelrle f he a source of controversy for cotv tinues to draw fife from Canyon Lake resident Lois She said she understands the board is bound by terms In the supply agreement for the plant to make the purchase but repeated her opposl lion to the OuadalupeBlanco River Authority officials told the board members the price for the equipment is The river authority Is constructing the which will supply about 25 million kilowatt hours of electricity to New Braunfels residents an The turbine and generation equipment will cost while the slide gate and a bypass valve for the project come with a price tag of more than GBRA General Manager John Specht told the board this is a critical time in the The time has come when we must move he Specht said in order to meet the Construction schedule now the equipment must be ordered The schedule calls for reduced outflow from the lake next winter while the conduit under the dam is lined with During that water will be pumped over the dam and into the Guadalupe The timing of that is selected because we are very cognizant of maintaining normal or near normal river flows especially during critical he Summer is the critical period for the river because of recreational uses and environmental the fMfiSgef Then the mast logical Hftlfig lime Is Ift the he Bids fof the equipment were renegotiated after the construction date for the project was delayed te this NfiU Trustee At Kosko moved the purchase be f he decision was The vote commits NBU to 5 percent of the purchase price of the equipment if the project never becomes After a fiveto design the utility company will be committed to ioo percent of the Specht The river authority is still working out the details in two governmental permits allowing construction of the pi GBRA is requesting changes to a permit from the Federal Energy Regulatory The license approves the construction of the plant but requires a minimum outflow from the a stipulation the river authority The beginning date for plant ac cording to a license from the Texas Water Commis has GBRA is requesting the license be Updated and Specht said a hearing to consider the change will take place this Duggan said It Is unfortunate that the project has progressed as far as it has while there are no permits firmly in In two permits are in but they are both under negotiation and the water com mission license is in The Army Corps of Engineers has not granted a permit for the Ive thought is all has been money down the but I dont think the NBU board had any she She added that river authority officials wrote the original supply contract in such a way as to strip the local utility of control of the f Apf if Executive budgat on agenda CAD board meets Thursday Staff Writer doffiai Central Appraisal District beard will conduct a budget hearing and convene in closed session to discuss lease of property when tors meet at i Thursday at district 644 North Loop 33 New Chief Appraiser Richard Rhodes has submitted a proposed 1988 budget totaling The proposed budget reflects a smaller amount for contract appraisal services f6r in dustrial properties of from more than to Rhodes has said he wants virtually all appraisals done by CAD staff Contract ap praisals to date have proven inade Rhodes Also included in the proposed 1988 budget is an allocation of for At a previus board Rhodes said the amount reflected a desire to seek other office space than that now occupied and owned by Rick Seidel has said he will at tempt to keep the CAD in its present location in any legal way he can in his attempt to eventually place county appraisal functions under the auspices of Comal County Dear Abby Seidel has taken out newspaper advertisements citing proposed salary increases for 1988 and alluding that the proposed rent allocation is more than he would charge for some Square feet of office CAb directors are on record as saying present quarters are inade quate in terms of space for growth and other Rhodes has brought forth documentation and quotes state law as indicating the district does not have to go through the bidding process for leasing office Rhodes has proposed an annual salary of for for the deputy chief appraiser and other salaries and benefits totaling a figure reflecting a 3 per cent cost of living pay hike for alt employees and merit increases for though not all The proposed 1986 CAt budget Is less than the actual 1987 Stocks NEW YORK iAPi AMU Corp AnHan s Ameritech s AMI Inc Am Motors AmStarxl Amer Amoco Armcolnc AtlUtehfld BakcrHugh n BancTexas BellAtlan BellSouth s Beth Steel Borden s Iaterpllr Ientel Thevron s Ioastal s Iocatola s l oilman Iolglalm IVUaAirl DiamShm DlgltalKqs DowVhem hressrlnd dufont Kst Kodak Knlexlnc Exxon KederaICo h Firestone KlBcpTex Klowerlnd Kurd Mot s liAK Cps GTE Corp s GnDsnam ienKlec GcnMills lien Motors linMotr E Good rich Halilnjrtn orp Holnlap wi llousilml IntcrfM IBM Int 1aiKr JutmJn K mart KrukjiT rp Lilian hid UmeMa I ml MaHM s Miillnmii Mutiil Multiiula NaMlar S nix Iailrl IVniivv Ilm Hiaml luli Nw MX WUlU III Millie li SllUltUMM I I Mill Ml MUUiHUp TM Knt High 52 4S KG 36 11 56 47 45 44 Ill 21 15S 90 84 36 52 58 12 4 149 106 K8 tkli 12 Ifinpllnlil s IVlllKlU j IVSullU IVxAiuBnih TiMoinBn TtX4b lust Tex I HI Tex iron I Iurp I ni arbiie I iiPaitp I s ImTel I nociil WalMart WeslghKl Xerox Cp ZeiulhE in hi 25 29 14 Jl If i to 70 20 14 31 35 29 193 Low 18 79 62 32 36 15 162 89 47 82K 48 66 51 148 86 U W 41 Kit S4 ol 71 4 0 Last 52 18 4 41 24 79 9 79 17 62 36 11 55 454 34 32 K 36 43 15 80 110 47 83 101 46 58 U 15 il 4 14H 105 K6 59 1 86 18 41 4t hi 54 h hi i 94 i lo B9 Losers outpaced gainers by nearly with issues 140 and 273 Volume at the New York Stock Ex change totaled 42 62 million shares The shaken recently by the recent collapse of bond prices and the sharply plunging suffered two more blows this In the dollar fell yen to the lowest closing level since modern exchange rates were set in the late The previous record of yen was set Friday the Commerce Depart ment announced that the nations trade deficit widened in February to up from a revised January deficit of S12 3 billion and more than many analysts had ex pected The January figure had initially been reported as S14 8 billion Bond prices reacted to the news with a sharp plunge The bellwether 30year Treasury bond ell about a or S10 for each in face value The NYSEs composite index was off l 82 at 160 32 The American Stock Exchanges market value index fell 3 10 to 330 98 On the Dow Jones average of 30 down more than 51 points last closed at down 51 71 Crossword Big Board volume totaled million against million in the previous The NYSEs composite index fell 358 to The American Stock Exchanges market value index fell 4 00 to OTC Provided by Knibbe Financial Inc 7S5 Loop 337 Suite D Quotes are as of closing yesterday Coleman Chrysler Deere Entex Exxon Ford CM Hughes Tool Halliburton Kemper KMart Luby Mobil Pillsbury Bell Tandy Texaco WalMart WPPepperell High 28 15 92 86 Low Last 23V 24 53H 36 32 62 49 4CP 107 46 29 57 merge 4987 89 84 8t1 35 30 61 29l 47 40 104 45 26 55 65 85S 86 35 294 47 104 v 284 56 49 4a 45 4 1014 101 7u t ACROSS 1 Holy men 6 Laterals l Footlike part 14 Siood 15 Kind ol tund 16 17 Sibelius work 19 Amerind 20 Oeltly 21 Asm 22 Road machine 24 Study 26 Run quickly 2 Bnghler 30 Outdo 32 Horrify var 33 Greek isin 34 Conceit 37 Preln lor age 38 Weight unit 39 ice crystals 40 Ragged 4 1 Puppets 42 Pelt 43 Restricts 45 Oveila 46 Play pans 48 Humorists 49 Wrong dels 50 Pdienl b2 Fiosl 56 BaDa 57 Go larther than 60 Mauna 61 USSR range 62 Visionary 63 Sea eagle 64 Opinion 65 Braltish DOWN 1 Hot fOCk 2 Urchin 3 MOD gai 4 Semite 5 Bisnopnc 6 Famed ddale Eye pail 8 Do Housework 9 id i e 10 USSR plains i 1 Divine care I Consumed 13 ADrupl 18 Jag 23 Men it unit 25 Fisn 26 UK native 27 Pio 28 undelfrided 9 Kciid signet JO NoDles 3 1 Noel 33 Seasoning 36 Dress inserl 36 One in oebl 38 Cnedls PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED 39 Parasol 4 i Fades 42 Permit 44 Explosive 46 Contends 46 Tasteless 47 Tmct 48 Arm part 50 Ollie s pal 51 Not working 53 Units 54 QUICK as 55 Trusl 58 Office suit 59 upsel Area Realtors sponsoring childrens poster contest 27 71 SO 28 55 72 14 31 35 29 189 27s 28 U 5 29 luo 48 27 55 60 48 28 55 61 NEW YORK i AP The stack market tumbled again in early trading aJter having suffered Us fourthworst plunge ever om Mon At 10 me Dsow average Of 30 SJLocte doWQ 13 21 New Braunfels and Comal County school children grades 6 through 8 are invited to enter an art poster contest to be held by the New Braunfels Board of ac cording to board president Johnny The contest theme is Home and the Value of this Prizes will be awarded to the three best First prize will be a season pass to se cond prize will be a portable radio and third prize will be a season pass to Landa Park Classen Rules will be announced in local Entries must be received by April 22 and winners will be announc ed the week of April The contest Is being held in junctionwith American Home April 26May The annual event reaffirms the value of home owner ship and the importance of ownership Because ol computer com plete quotes were not available in some cases Sons Visits Are Driving Mom Out of Mind By Abigail Van Buren 987 by Universal Press Syndicate DEAR ABBY Our 26 years married three is attend ing college full The college is located near our He and his wife live in a small but very nice mobile She Now the problem Our son comes to our house every day for which I have to Then he goes back to school for and returns here to lift weights and exercise in our He hasnt space for his exercise gear in his mobile He plays loud rock music nerve wracking to me while He is a sensitive and wellmean ing and he would be hurt if he knew how much I resent this daily intrusion on my each day I fix his give him a then go some where just to get away from all that I feel as though Im being driven out of my own My husband says if we say any thing to hell be but close friends say Im foolish for putting up with Vhat do you say IMPOSED UPON DEAR IMPOSED I say tell your son you love but his daily routine lunching and exercising to loud music in your home is more than you can The alternative is to keep quiet and let your resent ment grow and which in my view would be a sorry DEAR ABBY While standing on a corner in downtown Paul one I saw a man in a brown He was the bestlooking man I have ever I dont know what came over but I smiled at and when he smiled back at me I thought I was going to faint I got on the bus thinking I would never see this man but I was I saw him five days later in a shopping This time he was not alone and neither was We looked at each He didnt smile this but I know he remem bered I cannot get this mans face out of my He is the image of the man I have always dreamed I would do you believe in love at first sight HAUNTED IN MINNESOTA DEAR HAUNTED But I believe in physical attraction at first You were bowled over by the appearance of this man because he fit the physical description of your precon ceived dream If to you physical attraction means falling in then you have indeed fallen in For Abbys How to Have a Lovely send a check or money order for and a stamped 39 selfaddressed envelope to Dear Wedding Box Mount a brilliant deduction LOOK TO OUR But better look since you just have until April to open an and get a break on your 1986 tax Contribute up to a year for a working couple and deduct your contribution from your current taxable in the high interest you earn is also taxdeferred until Investigate for Theres no mystery on how to secure a better financial retirement with our taxsheltered 4 5 REQUIRED for for Savings Annual Percentage Rates 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