Friday, April 3, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 9

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Text Content of Page 9 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, April 3, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - April 3, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Spring forward Mdsl af the nation will switch to daylightsaving lime by moving dotks fofwatd m hour at 2 BayUghlsaving time goes into effect on the first Sunday of April this rather than the last Sun day in the month as in prior Cofigress ordered the extra three weeks of daylightsaving time at the bidding of people who prefer a later sunset for such ac tivities as sports and Daylightsaving time opponents prefer to keep that hour of light in the Rural residents cdrriptain about seriding their children to school bus stops in the dafkahd of being forced to begin farm chores before Proponents of daylightsaving time also wanted It extended in the but Congress left the en ding date at the last Sunday in Oc The time begun in wis originally designed to reduce the need for lights in the allowing fuel to be diverted to the American effort itt World War irsufif f April TWC director Put that there and this here to step down DALLAS AP The executive director of the TeKaS Water Commit slon has been asked to step down after complaints he did fiot keep the commission informed about his tions and those of his Ralph f one of the thfee commission wrote a lettef to Larry Soward asking fof his mediate the Dallas Mor ning News who has beeh executive director since September could not be reached for comment Thurs Democrats say Reagan defeat was not leadership referendum WASHINGTON AP Congres sional victorious in a veto battle with the White say enactment of an billion bill to build roads and raise the speed limit was not a make or break referen dum on President Reagans leader ship for the remainder o his term This was not a referendum on the presidents Sen Ed ward said Thursday as the on a joined the House in enacting the massive authorization measure into law over Reagans objections President Reagan has nothing to be concerned about in terms of the of feet of tills vote on his Kennedy Senate Majority Leader Robert C This isnt go Ing to make or break the president of the United The new law permits slates to raise the speed limit to 65 mph on roughly threequarters of the nations mile interstate highway system It also allocates federal highway and mass transit aid for the next five The Federal Highway Ad ministration immediately began releasing billion to states The measure also provides money for more than 100 highway demonstration projects that were tailormade for individual members of Reagan called it a budgetbuster and staked his prestige in the There was no dispute that the vote was a stinging defeat for the presi who made an lastditch appeal for support in a hur ried trip to the Capitol a few hours before the vote But he was unable to enlist the aid of the 13 Republicans who were voting against him If Democrats refrained from claiming a major political Republicans sought to shield Reagan from lasting damage 1 dont think that any presidents stature or prestige rides on a single issue or a single said Pete HCalif OIKof in Republicans who sided with Democrats in voting to override the veto Senate Republican leader Bob Dole of Kansas sought to turn the days events to the advantage of the presi who had been criticised for a handsoff management style that contributed to his in the IranContra affair Dole said Reagan spoke lu Republican senators for 20 minutes without Its money in the He came up he went into the lions den and he con ducted himself as he He made it a little easier for the next At the White spokesman Marlin Fitzwater denied the defeat would be damaging to Reagans ability to govern for the next 21 mon saying he thought the president would benefit from having demonstrated his willingness to fight Fitzwater quoted Reagan as reciting the verse of an old Scottish ballad as he met with Republicans before the I am wounded but not slain I will rest awhile but I will rise and fight Its time for all of us to fight again In a written statement after the vote Reagan I am deeply disappointed by todays I knew in advance that the battle would be lough and the odds were But we cannot retreat from our commitment to a responsible My efforts to control spending are not diminished and I in my pledge to the American tax payers to speak out against such budgetary Reagan No dancing in so teens move ANSON iAP 1hey won t tx dancing in Anson but the Anson High School prom will bo held at Abilene where the students can dance In no one will be dancing m Anson anytime soon since theres a city ordinance against public dancing The students movel prun to miles to the south so they can evade a i ban against dancing and ignore strenuous objections rum un damentalist Proms in past years at have been seated banquet affairs with no one permitted to wander out on the dance floor Last year the prom held m Abilene but when the students started to dance to recorded music i teacher chaperone quickly put a stop to it This an agreement has Uen worked out so that when the at an hotel the student can attend a dance parly spun so red in Footloose an Anson group pushing for an end to the ban The party be attended h high school juniors and aid Joan vice presi dent ol Footloose The dance partv will be held in the same banquet room and music will be provided by a Sweetwaterbased Bitter creck agreed to reduce its usual rate to provide music for the renegade Paul a Footloose activist one ol the tunes that will be played is one There Aint No Dancm in a song composed b a member of the high school band The Bob a local Baptist maintains that close bods contact and rhytmic wamg to music arouses emotions and encourages heavy petting and more sinful promiscuous activity Forum Continued trom Page IA I have come to some rations on the financial situation 01 the cit of New Braunlels The f jet we are precariously on the brink i bankruptcy due to gross mismanage ment at city hall need some strung cil cou cilmen who can formulate financial advice and guidelme they expect cits management to carry out Kxellent utilities compan management has made it poshitu tni them to afford pa raises In UKII employees regular whereas v n employees have gone u ithout Kulhermore we cannot allon lose anymore qualit clean an m dustries which wouh and a better qualit of liltur ever one This council race affords us thle viable choices ol qualified financial managers liaryllenr ailA a auditor and an investment banker These three men would be recum mendalions lor an efficient team u augment our encumtenls Hespivtfull SARAHDUKE does her homework on the Education Page in the HvraldZtitiiitg If you have not heard from me personally it is because I am using this medium to solicit your In respect for your privacy and time with your I chose not to knock on your door or ring your telephone and interrupt your day or For a School District you can continue to be proud of Vote April 4 for Incumbent Candidate Dist 5 New Braunfels School Excellence in Education Supported by Strong Discipline Pol Adv Pd py Rudy Vote For Dick Robinett Trustee District 3 On April 1987 Vote at Middle School Paid tor by Dick Robinett Campaign Dale Thomas Carnival employee Dick Mar chant gives directions to other workers who are up on the Explorer ride installing new 36channel lighting system for the Mar chant said the new system is used by The carnival is being held in conjunction with Spring Fest at the Comal County Fairgrounds through Tonights activities include horseshoe pitching from 610 and a dance with County Line Band from 8 to Horseshoe pitching continues tomorrow at 4 and Sunday at 5 while horse races will be held at 2 both An oldtime Skat tournament begins Saturday at 1 and Sunday at Saturdays band from 9 to 1 is Clay Blaker and the Texas Honky Tonk Admission to the fairgrounds is admission to the dances is Parking on fairground property is Photo by Leslie Range field day set April 9 By BILL SCHUMANN County Extension Agent A Range Management and Beef Cattle Field Day will be held on the Leonie Dischinger ranch on Texas 46 in Comal County from to April Dr Larry range manage ment will explain how to make a forage inventory of the He will explain methods to determine the number of livestock the ranch can profitably support and other range conservation Tom Troxel will explain systems of livestock management that relate to cashflow management of the ranching The workshop is designed to help the rancher determine what his ranch is capable of doing and how the rancher can improve his manage ment practices to increase his pro fitability The Dischinger ranch is on Texas 46 7 miles from Loop 337 in New The Field Day is open to the public without charge BMJr FOR CITY COUNCIL our Vote for Bob Pacharzina will Ensure IDA truly independent voice on the Council 2 A stronjj budget fiscal responsibility 3 Protection of our water and other natural resources 4 Improved public 5 Controlled quality growth 6 Evaluation of staff personnel I Attention to drainage Street problems o Open door policy with All Citizens of New Braunfels resident 20 years Plant Haus 18 years TO Charter MemberDowntown Rotary Club Elder NB Presbyterian Church Member 1S1A Degree UT Austin egree SHRU ried28 yearswife Flo Eon Morrison Larry Campaign Chairmen narzlna FOR CITY COUNCIL Yellow Paps and new high interest Savings Bonds make good business