Friday, March 27, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, March 27, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - March 27, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Staff Wf Ifif fexari of the Year James Baker 111 relumed to G6ds Country f hufsday and was Texas at a reception In his Bakers award kicked off the 2ist annual Texas Legislative Conference cosponsored by the Texas Chamber of Commerce and the Greater New Braunfels Chamber of Former Congressman Tom Loef fler to Baker presented his friend Jimmy with the Texan of the Year which has gone to others such as Leon Lady Bird Dolph John George John Tower and John Me introduced who is Secretary of the as The best turkey hunter in the state of Baker accepted the award Its a pleasure to be back in Gods have found that the hunting for turkeys has been better where I have been living for the past 10 years than it Is a Houston began practicing law in 1957 after serving two years ift the United States Marine Me was n lawyer in Houston until in August ef thai President ford appointed Baker Under Secretary of joined fords presidential campafgfl in May 1976 as deputy chairman for delegate operations in became national chairman of the President ford Baker was the Republican Parly nominee for Slate AlloWey General in 1978 and from 1979 unlil May he was chairman of Vice Chairman George Bushs campaign for Ihe 1980 Republican Presidential In he served as senior advisor to the ReaganBush general election From 1981 through January Baker served as Chief of Staff to the While at the White he was a member of the National Security Council and remains a member as Secretary of the He is also chairman of the presidents economic policy Baker is the 67th secretary of the treasury for this Vowing to keep it light Thursday evening and save the heavy stuff for 410 M053 EMPIRE MICROFILM co PO BOX 816423 fX 75381 259 Secretary of Treasury James Baker 111 accepts Year award Thursday Photo by Frances his Texan of the todays Baker spoke to the erowd of his admiration af beffioerat he said was1 truly a Texan of the Speaker Sam brought a great honorto this state and did it by working Baker saidtte was a man of principle and couldbe in pursuing his He also practiced a kind of leader ship that represented a spirit of com promise between the executive branch the president and the legislative branch the congress of the United We could stand a little bit more of that in Washington these Baker Before leaving Thursday Baker milled among the crowd of Chamber of Commerce Blue Coats and others enjoying the catered hors 01 the IranContra Baker My reaction to that is that the early called for everything to be laid out in the public record and that has been He has gone before the public and the press and now its time to move on to Weve got some very pressing pro blems in this Baker said he hopes the scandal wont have lasting effects I would hope that oftce everything is laid once in vestigations have run their it would have a minimal if any adverse Bakfer said the 1986 Tax Reform Act will be very significant in terms of giving us a much more efficient economy and giving Americans and the people a much deserved reduc tion in their top marginal tax he When Reagan came the top statutory marginal tax rate was 70 when he leaves office it will be 28 Baker That is a significant achievement benefit all Baker thanked the crowd for his Thank you for this honor and let me thank you for this he really is good to be back home with with Thank you and God bless New Braunfels New Texas 60 Zcituno tl f OA Friday March 25 Cents Two 20 Pages Baker calls for change for competitive market By JIMWEBRE Stall Writer Secretary o the Treasury James Baker Friday told the Texas Legislative Conference here that cultural and social change will be necessary to restore competitiveness to the American economic market What began with the Reagan Revolution In 1981 has now brought about unprecedented tax reform and a new beginning that will create a new cooperation between American corporate entitles and the labor Baker said Several hundred people attended Bakers address which opened the substantive portion of the 21 st Texas Legislative Conference at New Braunfels Civic Com a buzz word in America can become a disguise for policies that would not be at all popular il held up to the Baker told the crowd The challenge Is to be more com petitive without giving up our stan dard of he adding America Is maintaining its status as the nations foremost industrial and economic country and he pointed at a current national unemployment rate of approximately 6 7 percent He said Reagan fiscal policies have meant America has new but Americas new jobs have also been good jobs He cited com puters and biotechnologies as in dlcatorsol this He pointed also to the stock markets rise from a level of below 800 points in IJHl to greater than points toda Tax reform was absolutely necessary for an efficient He said corporate assets have In creased by trillion over the last four Some people may think thats I dont think he Tax reform was absolutely necessary for an efficient Baker and will produce benefits in the medium and long If you had bet back on that we would have lowered the top tax rate from 70 percent to 28 nobody would have been willing to pick up your He said Americas corporate and personal tax rates remain some of the lowest in the industrialized Baker challenged any criticism that the nations economy is stagnant and said that America is more pro ductive now than a decade We cant be but we also should not be he said Baker said the country has undergone painful restructuring in the areas of oil and gas and trade balance will tackle these problems Creating a com petitiveness means much more than creating a trade he said m Baker said cultural or social changes Old friend and former congressman Tom Loef introduces Secretary of Treasury James Baker at the 21 st Texas Legislative Conference must occur within the country as a whole and that these changes need to involve a rethinking of how we educate people in this a delineation of the corporate and a greater altitude of cooperation between business and government I am not a moralist tail we need to values in our society he said Baker cited respect for authority and devotion to duty as the core of good citizenship am a way to challenge countries such as Japan whose societies are more structured than in the United States The quality of education is a We need to address values in our efforts at economic efficiency will eventually fall short without an emphasis on values and frontburner issue in this Baker American students at tend school 180 days a while those in Japan attend Baker said that while there was an increase in money spent for educa tion in the 60s and student per formance actually Our efforts will ultimately fall short without an emphasis on values and he American Baker should answer the fair ques tion Have they done all they can He quoted Texas industrialist Ross Perot as saying that manufacturing automation can be a narcotic that Baker said a General Moters Toyota cooperative plant effort Free as an example of managementlabor cooperation of which the nation needs Regarding the Reagan administra tions recent 90plus point proposals for trade Baker said the vast majority of the administrations pro posals are intended to remove bar Reagan wants a fair playing field We want a trade bill that will See Page3A Leaders say Texaseconomic development positive All speakers on the subject of economic development in Texas ex pressed positive outlooks about diversification and the Lone Star states ability to recover from a bust in the oil and gus industry Speakers at the 21st Texas Legislative Conference this morning includes James R president of the Texas division of Southwestern Bell Telephone Company State Rep Stan Sehlueter chairman of the The clouds must know the weekend is ahead because they are supposed to go away this afternoon to make way for warmer temperatures ex peeled to reach the low 70s Winds will be from the south at about 10 mph Tonights low will drop to the 50s with a light south wind Partly cloudy skies are ahead Satur day with a high in the mid 70s and winds shifting to the nor thwest at about 15 mph Tine CRQSSW9RD IB INSISHT RELIGIOUS FOCUS6A House Ways and Means and Ray economic analyst and director of the Center for Advancement of Economic Analysis at Baylor University Sehlueter stressed that oil and gas cannot be depended on or future economic health and growth in the stale of Not that is has seen its but that it cannot be depended on A homeport at the a supercollider in West Wax ahachie or College Station these would be they would create thousands of but they are not Ferryman said They are not going to be enough to replace oil and Ferryman cited a hotel and office complex complex in McAIIen that ap parently is succeeding against all odds by attracting wealthy Mexican Nationals into that city for their medical care He cited clay in Longview as being the opportunity material for new higJHech ceramics another alternative in economic diversity He said much of the machinery and the infrastructre of the oil and gas in dustry can be used lor that industry as well as for the lighterweight high tech nMal which he termed a growth induslry in the state development has to be ponjiauniiy this an mor jftojus Harris Jttoe Ray Ferryman Stan is indeed actively working tor diversificalion and thai in banking legislation passed last year W9S a bjg thjng Harris is pi the Senate Economic Development Committee Harris said wagering been passed and wUl be on the ballot l want to encourage you to vole for he said Parirnutuel bet Harris is a diversification of and its also fun to go out and watch em run The conference this afternoon on the subject of tort Speakers include Lloyd Stajte SenKent Tourney Oj the jLjy Sdyvti