Thursday, March 19, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, March 19, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - March 19, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas llorum r LETTER POLICY tflietlefaidZettung welcomes All letters should be sign edjirid Include an address or telephone The newspaper reserves the right to edit should be New Braunfels Drawer New Texas or brought to our offices at Impressed visitors the fourth year we have spent the winter in New 4 this year my husband had a light stroke and was admitted to McKenna Memorial On admitting I met a volunteer Ivan who later visited my When we ex pressed our concern in case we had to fly home as to how to get our car and belongings Ivan Lewis offered to drive our car back to Lin This generous offer from a complete stranger almost overwhelmed Thanksto the excellent care by Susan Epstein and physical therapist Ann Wayne was able to recuperate here at the Rapids We will be able to drive home April We want to thank Sharon and all the girls at Camp Warnecke for their concern in Waynes Our thanks also to all of our old and new friends here in New We plan to return again next year as people in New Braunfels make us feel so Winter Kay and Wayne Schammel The Good About the Bad Schloss I feel that a response is necessary Green concerning his misin formed views of Bad Let me begin by saying that I have worked for the Henrys and Bad for the past seven I have had the pleasure to experience this organization from the I am tired of reading and hearing stories describe this family as self serving and These statements are The organization should be applauded for starting with nothing and building a family oriented Water Amusement Park and This business provides over 700 summer jobs for our youth to help supplement the costs of col lege and high school Be ing a parent I know the ex penses involved in preparing my children for the and I apreciate the job opportunities of fered by this Nobody ever seems to hear about the good things that this family business has offered to this com I remember in 1983 when the Henrys bought inventory from a toy store which was going out of business in San 80 percent of those toys were wrapped by the employees and winter family of Landa Resort and were donated to the New Braunfels Chapter of Toys for There was no acknowledgement about this because it was a gesture straight from the heart of the Henry They can remember the days when there was no money for presents under the tree at Christmas All one needs to do is take the time to look at what this family has They have in vested their whole lives in the future of this This is why I am personally glad to see Gary Henry run for City He is a dedicated father and CPA businessman who will work to build a prosperous future not only for the city but for the children of New And when you get down to the botton the children are our Slaats New Braunfels Your Representatives Ronald Reagan President of the United States The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue 20500 Bill Clements Governors Off ice State Capitol Texas 78711 Lamar Smith United States House of Representatives 509 Cannon House 20515 Mac Sweeney Guadalupe County United states House of Representatives 1713 Longworth House Off ice 20515 Senator Lloyd Bentsen United States Senate Room Russell 20510 State Judith Zaffirini Capitol Station Box 12068 Texas 78711 William Sims Capitol Station Box 12068 Texas 78711 Phil Gramm United States Senate 20510 State Edmund Kuempel Texas House of Representatives Box 2910 Texas 78769 TO CONSTITUTION OF STAttS BLCAUSl IT IS SOMLTHlNS OF REAL WTERTAlMMNT SEMINAR RtLATLD Andy Rooney Dont judge the mind by the body It is exactly 2 2J p in Sunday when I pulled up in front of the nursing home whenI have pm mised to speak to the residents at u I do not arrive early at nursing homes in ung around enjoying myself 1 had said I would iim because 1 feel desperately sad about all the used up people in nursing homes I want to do tinnne little tiny bit for them but then I want to like the rest of the world forget because its too sad to do otherwise At the front door I am greeted the volunteer hero who acts as program direi She tells me how wonderful 1 am lo come but n is she who is wonderful for being there every day Everyones waiting for you in the re real ton she and we lake an elevator down one short flight In any building but a nursing no elevator would have been nei essary There are fio to 7o people m the room Ierhap 20 are in wheelchairs and the others are seated in folding card table chairs on either side of an aisle left open for me to walk down The bare hardwood floor is but n makes it im those is wheelchairs to roll themselves 1 am introduced almost immediately by the woman who had met me and lind my sell ding in front of a group of elderly and infirm people waiting for me to speak It had been di ticult to prepare anything to say because 1 didnt in advance the mental or physical condi I ion ol the audience AI lart to speak with what I think is a little joke I hear the vague and uncontrolled voice ol someone in the back of the babbling The loud drowns me out for a few seconds as someone asks Mrs Cunningham to come to the I runt desk There is no reaction whatsoever to my little joke except from two or three of the people who are trying to encourage me of the elderly people in the audience ap pear to be nodding other stare vacantly toward he podium behind which I am shifting nervously irom loot lo tixit 1 gel no sense whatsoever that anyone is hearing oi understanding what I say but 1 plug on doggedly for an interminably long 3 minutes Uunng Ihe course of my talk 1 mentioi Uic takeover ol Ihe three television networks by money interests thats what s on my mind these days I unisti without any real ending and lamely thai il anyone has any questions they come up and I d be glad to answer them 1 say goodbeye lo the hostess one of Ihe women says 1lease say hello to Mr Korsley He s coming down the aisle He s Mi Korsley is indeed making his way toward me slowly painfully with a cane that is giv ing him inoutrouble than help He is bent double Ins Kice is ashen grey his eyes rheumy hands expecting nothing lelesision s the whole trouble he says abruptly imention there ever was Hul Mi Koisiiy I Ugm but he doesn t want in hear more irom me Kveiyiitir sitaiound just watchm not doin anything thing that ever happened to this Kul MI 1 Hunk have lo admit lion t have to admit any thing People dont read 1 hey don I do anything after sup per but sit there Hall ol them sil there watchm all day long Kids don t go out and play they slay inside watchm They dont do anything I hex ak h someone else do something all I hitune Hui Mi 1iHsies lelev ision new s Nothing wrong with Hie newspapers before television i iiunlry d be better off if there was im uch thing as television Tell em thai next I line Mi Iin sley turns and starts off He s done w ilh me mui h lor Ining Mr Nice tiuy who goes to lalk lo a bum h of old people who don t know what think James Kilpatrick Secular humanists arguing because its their ox being gored WASHINGTON Twentyfive years have passed since the Supreme Court set forth its baseline position on religion in the public Now a case is headed for the high court that will test that baseline as it in reverse The case involves secylar Since the Engel case of the coujt repeatedly has held that it is a violation of the Constitution for the schools to promote 3 Sypreme On these the POWt forbidden an official prayer iyn New halted the of BMe psssges w pAstjjtig of the Ten Cwn ta md teajTec even a Ql eajses hjye to dp with the 4ojc wjdjiy hf aod This 4oc shall make no law establishment of Now the question arises Is it equally un constitutional to promote the nonexistence of a Supreme Being Does the First Amendment forbid teachers to teach that God is not Judge William Brevard Hand provided an answer a few days ago in District Court in Ala After a prolonged he held that for First Amendment secular humanism is indeed a He found 49 stateapproyed tex tbooks so perroetted with the doctrines of humanism that their wse amounts to a violation of the Establishment Clause He thus felt compelled to order them remov Judge Hands opinion has provoked the Ciyiji Liberties Union ajpd Peo pJte for the American Way to new heights of see to case as a per by thj fir rigrt to shape public e talist Christian ideas of the press comment has depicted Judge Hand as a wacko and the Goo parent plaintiffs as so many benighted y ahoos ll would have been helpful it the critics had read Hands opinion before denouncing it Much of the opinion is devoted lo sum manes of the evidence otfered by experts on religion and education These witnesses with impeccable academic credentials They explored the key ques tions at great length What is a religion1 Hand concluded that for First Amendment a religion is 9 body of resting upon a founda tion of that systematically pro moted What is secular humanism The court heard overwhelming evidence that secular humanism meets such a Ths most important belief of this religion is its denial of the transcendent and or super natural There i no uo cieator no divinity Such a belief rests upon faith It is for First Amendment pur a religious statement Do the challenged textbooks advance the religion of humanism the plaintiffs evidence was impressive Textbooks in American for were found almost totally devoid of references lo the role of Textbooks in home economics actively teach that moral values are solely individual values Children are instructed to make up their own minds about right or wrong By deliberately omitting any suggestion that for is regarded by many persons as a sin against Gods the textbooks effectively discriminate against theistic religions Said the court This highly and individualistic approach constitutes the promotion of a fuAdamentaJ faith claim op posed to other religious faiths This belief strikes at the heart of many theistic religions beliefs that certain actions are in and of themselves whatever the consequences and in actions will have extra temporal consequences In order lo pass constitutional a textbook must not present faithbased systems to the exclusion of other faith based systems it must not present one as true and the other as and it must use a comparative approach It is not the business of federal said to write or rewrite It emphatically is the courts business to see that the states make no law respecting an establishment of When 8 State ap proves textbooks that promote one religion and completely undermine other the Constitution has been violated it is a curious thing The ACyj People for the American W defen ding the mate ife same arguments when they are aitaetog the It does a as the proverb tells to Whose ox is gored