Tuesday, March 17, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, March 17, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - March 17, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Amusements New texas Bloom County Tumbleweeds tasttfo MY vw mm Gsrfield YOU CARE TO MAKE IT THE RIGHT 50NGBIRP AND IT THIS 16 A LONELY MAN HERE flNO WERE flBOUT TO AlflKE THE 816 sou LET Him 3UST RUN OUT HERE flT flNM OWE TIME AT LEAST ONE Of THE PEOPLE IN THE RELATIONSHIP HAS TO 8E SURE ITS WHAT HE IM fvou HAD TO so BACK AND CHECK THAT THE COFFfE WAS DIDNT IT TEJkW ft tOOtt PC NEW Wizard of Id Peanuts YOU 60 ON HOME WILL SOMEBOW HAVE ID THE 60LF PRO WANTS HIS TROOPS MARCHEP TAKE A RAKE AMP SMOOTH OUT ALL THE FOOTPRINTS TO TALK TO THROU6H ALL EIGHTY OF SANP TRAPS FROM THOSE TRAPS Gasoline Alley look lihe Marmaduke i CANT DO ANOTHER AAINUTE OP NOT IT 6 A W61CAL TRIK46 I TUINiC IT6 A CONDITION OF COURSE YOULL HAVB A LOT OF SCHOOL ftTCH THAT I FOR 1 WOULP S I HAVE AN OVERACT TV GLAMD PERHAPS DERMOT WILL WAtk YOU rn It only looks like we have a our pet has us Horoscope B Stella AND IT LIKE TECHNOLOGY PIP UEAP TO CAPTAIN TRANSMISSION PONT MARCH 17 Born today you possess such a high ly developed emotional sense thai your response to all manner of situa tions seems more intense and more extreme than ihiresponse of those around you to the same situations However you are also quite capable of thinking things out in a clear logi cal manner Though you may find your calling in musicliterature or the per forming arts you have a driving inter KSAT CH KMOL KENS KLRN KRRT SHOW LIFE HBC Antonio Sun est in the sciences Indeed your cun osity may well lead you to one or two important discoveries To see what is in store lor you to morrow find your birthday and read the corresponding paragraph Let your birthday star be your daily guide MARCH 18 PISCES 19Msrch 20 Longawaited meeting of minds re sults in increased productivity today Dont let competitors gam ground ARIES March I 19 YOU come into public view today and bene 128 TNN Math 13 KWEX 600 Hollywood of Fortune To One TV Business and Son Too and McCoi of Life One Day at a OGill Muuielei Chase TheSe cond Can t on TV Danger and Son Honey Welby Miller ler Amor Corn to the Supe You Can Be Star do 00 s the Boss Growinu Pains Lehrer Return of the Jedi Reed Mister Boston Celtics 10 The Quiet Barats de Gloria y el Infierno Novela tva Mu 800 The Deadly ing Murder by the The Miracle uf ble King Vanishing Deadly Kiuyht without Three Sons Ann Solh kee Phil bin Basket ball iSAtA 50th Muftdos Coun de Ojoi Se Iniprov 900 and Mike Street the The Ruth Facto de MsTina CbaW Final Noucieio Hitchcock Ttueu s Tonight Magnum Sports To Riv McCor Movie Movie Picnic at Hanging ths PGA Tow SfcWMkCeo Huie Movie The Re a VljJMST a JQQ tdye ol lo in HQUS ft Al len Best of nwoneis Movie The Television Bead Mister mowers Top Yolanda i A 00 Jot TomoftQw News NightJine lyight yyilb David Or Ruth falcon Newsnight PMce Sign Benny Dobie Gil Came in From the Compa The Cot ton Sons Ann SoM Daughter ol Rosie body Morvey At fa accordingly Take advantage of new opportunity make it your best shot TAlRVS April 2QMa JO You may beat the odds todav and emerge victorious from longterm dispute You receive assistance from Aquarian GEMINI Ma Do not let take control of your pet pro ject today Draw the line between ad vice and intrusion CANCER June 21Jul 22 You recover from a serious blow early in the day and are in fine form through out afternoon Opponents express surprise kEO July 23Awg Solitary efforts pay off handsomeh today Now engage assistance to bring ideas to fruition Formalize partnerships VIRGO 3Sept 2 How you interpret clues today means the difference between progress and set back Dont be discouraged by difficulty1 WBRA 23Oct 2 you lurn up clues to a mystery Don t jump lo explore all possibilities before lafcjng action SCORPJO 21 A ln tle planning saves you 9 greil deal of troiuble today on read fine pruu carefully SAQJTTARJfS Foilpw the rules lo the letter and yoy ctn s over IA to w good as yow my fee djys