Tuesday, March 17, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, March 17, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - March 17, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas State MafcH Senate committee hears costsharing MHMR bill AUSTIN AP A proposal that parents share some of the costs of treating their children In state mental health and retardation facilities is being studied by a Senate The by Ray DWichita is expected to surface in about two probably in a revised form for full Senate If people with substantial means could help sup port their children in state mental health and retarded they should do Farabee told the Senate Health and Human Resources Committee on If they do not have the they would pay no I have no doubt this provision will be done away with or at least amended before we are said diet chairman of the Sunset Advisory which recommended fees based on a familys ability to The Sunset Commission periodically reviews state agencies and recommends whether they should be Farabees bill contains 101 recom mendations to continue and improve operations of the Department of Mental Health and Mental Retar Chet chairman of the said numerous amendments had already been proposed to Farabees bill and would be con sidered before the entire committee votes on the revised about two weeks from Coke chairman of the MHMR said the board supported particularly two portions of Farabees One would allow a nonphysician member to be named state MHMR provided the next highest official had a medical The other said was a provision that would allow the department to sell up to million of its surplus Mills says the board wants proceeds for the sale of any land to go Into an improvements trust fund to be used only for construction of MHMR We understand the states budget and we know we are not likely to get any general revenue for improvements and Mills Charles Cooper of Dallas said the Texas Hospital Association generally supported Farabees Speaking for the Association of Retarded Cooper urged the Legislature to utilize a regional management system to help out community which will be receiving patients discharged by state hospitals and Prisons growth industry Texas AP The cars and vans and a few buses begin gathering before the sun gets a chance to burn off the mist of a cool East Texas early They leave here way before daylight so they can get in says Cliff sheriff of Kerr more than 200 males to the Greesons deputies are delivering cargo that some describe not so jokingly as one of the few growth industries these days in Texas prison There are too many inmates and not enough The space problem ranges from room on the bus to room at the penitentiary Greeson used to be able to drive his two or three prisoners a week to nearby San Antonio and catch the Bexar County Sheriffs Department which makes regular deliveries to the Texas Department of Corrections Diagnostic the first stop for convicts entering the state We cant always get a reservation on the bus down there because Bexar County is sending so Greeson Were just trying to get our few in there for The new routine for Kerr County deputies o repeated throughout Texas as sheriffs try to cope with a prison system open now only two days a week because the population is almost constantly at Under a state law prompted by a federal court order that found Texas prisons too new inmates are refused when the population exceeds 95 percent of its oonvict capacity That law has led to a familiar refrain over the past six On prison officials who worked the previous weekend to get inmates released announce the prisons will be open Sheriffs inundate the prison system with their county jail inmates almost 800 over two days in each of the past several Prison headcounts are made at midnight but dont become official until midday the following so prison officials dont know until Wednesday that they went over the limit Tuesday Prisons artshut Thursday and it takes the rest of the week and weekend to get the population below 95 percent again just in time to start the cycle all over Despite millions of dollars spent on prisons in recent years and more than billion requested by the Corrections Department in the next two the outlook is Under a record billion budget proposal approved by the Texas Board of Corrections and sent to the Legislature last two new maximum security prisons and five minimum security trusty camps would be adding nearly beds to the prison system over the next two But the same request notes that the systems projections show the prisons still will be more than beds short by The system also is in desperate need of basic equipment purchases ranging from laundry equipment to officials Some 380 departmentowned vehicles pickup vans and ambulances have at least miles on them and need to be I dont know who has the an George a former Texas prison director and now professor of criminal justice at Sam Houston State said Its so You need to look at the whole but thats not likely to Prison Board Chairman Alfred Hughes says he has no idea when the twodayaweek prison admissions will I dont foresee he Were looking at a longterm The boards solution is money which is difficult to come by in cash short Texas these Of the people I talk I havent seen anyone who doesnt support paying to build more Hughes Im not so sure its Beto I think money as a solution is 1 think creative leadership is the The prison system in Texas has been without permanent leadership since late last year when Mc Cotter quit as prison director The three top administrators in the prison system are defined as recently named to head the prison system in New left Texas when the man who hired Mark lost a reelection bid to Republican Bill Clements Clements put the heal on making the handling of the prison system a political issue and The New Braunfels is now accepting Visa Mastercard for convenience of our Come plaG an ad OF start your today and use your OR 62SS144 186 Casteil criticizing what he said were early releases of Clements twice in recent weeks has invoked a prison emergency allowing nonviolent inmates to be transferred to halfway Clements has denied the transfer amounts to early board chairman Hughes said last week a new director probably would not be selected until May at the boards next regular Of more immediate concern for the state is a hearing today before a federal appeals court in New The state is appealing a contempt finding by District Judge William Wayne who has ordered the state to pay up to million a month for failing to comply with his prison in an order temporarily suspended fines against the He ordered a March 31 hearing to determine what im provements it has made and to consider the states request for more time to continue Justice ruled 31 the daily fines of would begin April 1 if the state failed to live up to an agreement that settled the decade long Ruiz lawsuit named after inmate David whose hand scribbled suit in 1972 Justice used nine years later as the foundation for sweeping prison While attorneys are arguing the merits of the the lines will be up at the diagnostic which normally opens at 8 Sometimes the warden will see them out there and open the gates and let them in a little Charles a prison WHY A WIDER LENS Sometimes the place you are in is too small 10 photograph easily Sometimes you cant get evefything in one photo Those are the times when a 42 or 35MM lens can save the day These lenses are relatively last and They take in from 15 to 25 more area than a normal 5QMM It you pay attention to vertical tilting the camera till they look you wont any distortion at The best thing about a wider lens is that it has great depth of You can set the apertufe at the focus to 8 and everything 3 feet to near infinity will be in This means that you can Shoot from the hip and capture candid exptesjions impossible for an eye level camera to sae Wide lenses are some ol the ipeciaJ accessories we have for ca nwa Lawmakers AGs ruling could stymie government Camera AUSTIN AP Legislative leaders say an attorney generals ruling requiring the state to make up a billion deficit by 31 would threaten to bring government to a screeching State Comptroller Bob saying he doubts the legality of lawmakers leaving a billion deficit at the end of has asked Attorney General Jim Mattox for an opinion on the Bullock noted last week that state government for the first borrowed money by issuing cash management He said when the notes are paid as on the state will be an estimated billion in the hole for the 1987 fiscal which ends on that Theyve got to balance the is what Im Bullock told the Austin A lot of people say no thats not right as long as they pay for it the deficit sometime in but to me that stretches the not to mention the Bullock Hobby told reporters Monday he and Speaker Gib Lewis had asked the Legislative Council to file a legal brief with the attorney general that Texas Constitutions provision requires balancing the budget at the end of the 198889 but not by Asked if he thought carrying over a deficit flies in the face of that constitutional payasyougo Hobby I What are the options if the attorney general agrees with Bullock Hobby was I cant he Would it be a huge sales tax inrease I think that will occur in any but I really cant imagine any series of circumstances under which government could function were the attorney generals ruling to the effect that no bill was certifiable because of the existence of a goingin Hobby The comptroller certifies whether future revenue should be sufficient to cover the budget approved by the Mexico spring broken as students flock to border Mexico AP Residents of this border city say students who drink beer and party in the streets while on spring break are a disgusting Authorities concede its a delicate but say that the rules are bent for the students for the sake of Javier George Matamoros public safety said spring breakers do not know Mexican laws and probably think they can do it drink in the streets with no We have to be flexible with spring And even if they become we have to still consider their he It is a disgusting scene we have to put up with every said Ofelia I just dont like them walking down the wearing almost only talking loud and drinking I dont think its fair that they come here to do just she told The Brownsville Herald Mexicans are not given a lot of concessions when they go to the other Hordes of students come to Matamoros to buy which is cheaper than in Texas and available to those 18 and In Texas the drinking age is No tourists have been arrested since spring break began earlier this with the exception of a 19yearold from Oklahoma who fought with two police last Portes Weve had some problems with a bunch of them who had a little too much to but we ended up just helping them get up and sending them back home with their Portes Ricardo an assistant to Mayor Fernado said how to treat students on spring break is a delicate Police have received orders to discourage students from drinking in public and beer would be con fiscated in cases where vacationers become rowdy and he But police will just be advising them to behave properly and not to drink in the Martinez This whole thing about spring breakers is actually beginning to be really he On the one hand we have the pressure of the people who dont like the spring breakers partying in the Correction The New Braunfels Band Booster Ad that ran in Sundays March 15th HeraldZeitung inadvertently left off part of a patrons The following Blue Patron for 1987 is Lamon P GRAND OPENING PIT STOP 78139 ttiHffM t Food March 18 thru 21st Classic Diet Coke 2 Bottle Each Butter Knist Buy One Get One Blue Bell Ice Cream SO69 Half Gallon Size Limit 2 Special 3 99 R Hotdogs Lays Potato Chips 39 1 Buy One Get One Free Havoline Motur Oil IOW40 79 Offer Good it This location Only at Fin 2673 31 59 But on the other hand we have the merchants and all the businesses involved in tourism asking us not to scare tourists So we cant be too tolerant because then the kids would get out of But we cant act too tough because that would scare them turning tourist businesses against Local resident Cipirano a construction said he doesnt think its fair the students can drink in the streets but local residents It is just not fair that they go around gulping a few beers and screaming down the Its because if it were me or anybody from the cops would put us in jail at Reyes Portes said local police generally enforce reguations prohibiting drinking in Offenders who are drinking in public are advised to go somewhere else to finish their he But if they become rowdy or they are usually arrested and HvraldZeitung USPS 377800 Published Sunday Thursday and Friday afternoons by New Braunfels Herald Publishing 186 Casteil or Drawer New Texas Second Class postage paid by New Braunfels Herald Publishing at New DAVID KRAMER Editor and Publisher JIM WEBRE Managing Editor DEBORAH LAWRENCE Office Manager SANDI HUTTER Retail Advertising Manager CHERYL Me CAMPBELL Classified Manager CAROL AVERY Circulation 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