Tuesday, March 10, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, March 10, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - March 10, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas New f exas Bloom me AW WAT UW Gariield vtw MAD AFTSK we America tM Wizard of Id EAT VOOR OARFIELP ITS GOOP FORVOO NOW THAT6 MORE LIKE Cathy Marmaduke Nancy I NEED WU W flW I CWT W OTHER SECOND WITHOUT NOU ARE THE WORUD TD mV DEAREST W mv vouu et mint I rtOORE I WORSHIP I DREAM ONW Of THE MY WELL BE THINK OF ALL LIVE T06ETH WED SAVE OM NOTHIN6 IN Life PREPARES US FOR HOW THOSE SPE ClflL WORDS WILL RWLLV Peanuts TO PASS THE TIMS HERES A TRIVIA QUESTION FOR YOU IN THE FIRST FILM PLAYE0 THE ROLE OF L t POWELL I HOlO PIP VOU i KHOW THAT ACTUALLY LEbiONSAiRE5 VERY PuAvEC TCiVtA ACROSS THE DESER Youll have to glue it prelicked our roll of postage VIC Gasoline Alley darling Let 5 show them what we can X I dont Come pper 11 told T Just do what I but I ii iVi I i i f W t you Dear Abby Attorneys Who Defend Clients Rights Are Wronged by Defaults Annie DKAR ABHY I just read the letters fmm the doctors who com plain tfciiusc they have thousands itdollars on the Ive been married to an attorney for 10 vcars and I do all the and if we ruuld collect all the had debts we on our books we could buy our dream house for cash teuple come to my husband when theyre in pay a retainer and promise to make monthly and one fourth of them paying as soon as their case is 6ET AHGZLA FEElS THE vw ASOvr WILL vSLAT TOM 8ERENGER WILLEM OAFOE Dick Tracy Fn MjtinwThru SpnngBfMk MET HAVENT MZZ AS DETECTIVE OUTSTANPINfi IN FiEUD NQ AND LEAVINS QUICKLY AMD QUIETLY He Made a Devil GiVE PASTURE THE of a Deal Hunk thru Spring I 00 i i SmKJ if I mwL h j rwinWeHeeds 11 Fn 5 thru Spnng Bffc I 10 540 They hod lo slond plone OF WONDERFUL 520 SpnnjBfwk is 70M TOO UOK When 1 call to remind them that they are three months they say they cant pay because they just had a baby my husband and I have three children to or they cant pay in December or January because they bought a new TV and VCR for One man even told me he wasnt going to pay his bill because he had tears in his eyes when he signed the contract and couldnt read it properly Lawyers are called money grubbers btcause they ask fur payment in advance My husband puts in hundreds of hours per year free of charge to help poor people understand their and he has handled many cases at greatly reduced rates for those in When people go into a store to buy merchandise they dont mind pay ing for but for some when they buy a dont ftti an obligation to pay for u When a person goes to work for an he expects to be paid My husbands clients are his and if they dont pay we cant live Please print Abby Law yers are as important as doctors ATTORNKYS SANTA CALIF UKAR WIKK 1 hear and I hope others who buy a service will listen and 1 am reminded of an ancient Chinese saying A wise dentist collects his fee while the patients tooth is still DEAR ABBY This is in response to No the 40yearold who had spent the night with a 37yearold Vietnam and was turned off when she found his chest and pelvic area had been patched with surgicaltype I have written a poem to com memorate the Vietnam It is but you have my permission to use it in your column if you think it merits THE VIETNAM VET The Vietnam War never ended I still fight the war when I sleep Too many men fell In the jungle of hell And their memories are planted too deep The Vietnam War never ended The memory of war stayed alive My friends in a chair Hut his legs arent there And he fights every day to survive Another friend walks with a walker Another friend walks with a cane Have another friend Shoots with a needle Kscapmg the Vietnam pain the Vietnam War never ended It will live till the day that I die War wont let you forget Im the Vietnam vet And at night when I sleep 1 still cry PHILLIP SPRING Problems Write to For unpublished send stamped envelope to Los Ail correspondence is BMUHTEX TWIN Robin Stormy Weather The way he practices lav be Judd Nelson jReiWns proM Vf1 mTmiffi i gi INDOW L BABGAJM PflJCI S25D