Thursday, February 26, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, February 26, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - February 26, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Forum LETTER POLICY The HertldZeltung welcomes All letters should be sign ed and Include an address or telephone The newspaper reserves the right to Letters should be sent to New Braunfels Drawer New Texas or brought to our offices at Stop abortion To the editor This letter is in regards to your ar Antiabortion groups urge clinic stoppage during papal 18 First of people who do not sup port the killing of unborn children should be called not anti People who do support the murder of the unborn are never referred to as antilife or pro As far as the rest of the article is abortion is murder and should be stopped immediately for the sake of our not just for the papal visit I thank God that we live in a coun try where we are free to and I thank you for the opportunity to express my Marie Vasek New Braunfels Police harass teens It seems strange to me why certain members of the New Braunfels Police Department have as a prime objective on weekends the harass ment and attempted intimidation of teenage Once they have succeeded in get ting a response from these they then immediately slam them across the hood of a handcuff them and off to If this doesnt it is the phony traffic signal leftturn stopped over the line at a red worse speeding when they decide that a DWI would not hold up in Its a shame our police department has nothing better to do when they are on like maybe doing their Richard Christian New Braunfels On crime control Dear To embark on a program of crime prevention will require a defining of major assumptions for program Caution should be ex ercised when extracting program direction from our traditional institu tions of courts and correc These agencies have been in the main designed to accomodate re action behavior for goal They follow their institutional in stincts and expertise in the applica tion of strategy and resources toward For the placing of an identification number on personal property has been hailed as a great crime prevention There is scant evidence to indicate the pro grams worth as a crime prevention But there is much evidence to attest to its worth in the prosecution and recovery of stolen property The police naturally feel that get ting the criminal convicted and out of circulation is a form of crime preven But the stay has become so short that even this factor has limited prevention The identification program is a good but it gets poor marks for crime preven There are two paths to follow in crime prevention program develop police agencies must restructure their divisions of The shift will seem drastic to their but research conducted at the Texas Crime Prevention In stitute from 1975 to 1978 demonstrated the willingness of in dividual police officers to accept and support preactive This new division of preactive tasks will require new mixes of Greater emphasis will likely be given to the paraprofessional and people There will be a need for teachers and technicians and craft researchers and It will be the task of the community to bring its police structures into crime prevention The second path is one of communi ty and Crime prevention will always be proportionately sucessful to our degree of voluntary compliance with the Such is the foundation of There is to day a great need for support of any and all ethical Locks and bars may harden a target and prevent a but those same locks and bars make us a prisoner of our own Right I confuse the good guys with the bad Howard DPA New Braunfels Your Representatives Bill Clements Governors Office State Capitol Texas 78711 Lamar Smith United States House of Representatives 509 Cannon House 20515 Lloyd Bentsen United States Senate Room Russell 20510 PhilGramm United States Senate 20510 William Sims Capitol Station Box 12068 Texas 78711 State Judith Zaffirini Capitol Station Box 12068 Texas 78711 Mac Sweeney Guadalupe County United States House of Representatives 1713 Long worth House Off ice 20515 State Edmund Kuempel Texas House of Representatives Box 2910 Texas 78769 Ronald Reagan President of the United States The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue 20500 Opinions New Texas Dave Editor andPublisher Jim Managing Editor February Andy Rooney Baiting President is not nice The people who hate whoever the President of the United States happens to in any have a special talent for Although I am not going to reveal the I can tell you that I have dinner with one of them most nights of my life and it isnt easy for a liveandlet live person like Reaganbashers know no middle They dont give an Anything wrong with the world is Reagans Anything good that hap pens in his administration is What an idiot is their idea of how to start a conversation about They dont have a conciliatory bone in their They feed the birds all cry during sad movies and hold the door open for elderly but they wouldnt give Reagan the time of day if they owned the Timex watch Last Saturday night I was at a dinner party with nine other including the anonymous who didnt make the bed until half an hour before we went At the knockers brought the conversa tion around to the Iran arms They say there are millions of dollars miss ing and no one knows where it one guest Ha said the antiReagan person in the green I bet I know where it Have you seen all the new clothes Nancys been wear ing said the Presidenthater on her Theyre probably setting aside a little nestegg for that dog shes always dragging Its a good thing weve got a someone piped or this guy would declare himself These people took more pleasure out of hating the President Saturday night than from their They often put forth their most creative work devising ways to dislike I think hes out of his one of them I really Its They ought to rename the disease after Thats what I want to be when I get old and feeble my former boss Presi Even though I havent always been a big Reagan Im often moved to come to his defense just because I hate to see a man kicked when hes Did you hear what Reagan said when the Giants came to The White House I try ing to lighten the one of them said with an air of mock in What did the great white leader say He shook hands with all these huge football I and when he he went to the microphone and Theyre gonna be big when they get as old as I Very a Reaganbasher said sar Someone wrote that for another said I dont think I It sounded spon Hes quick with a funny Oh come he doesnt know his own name unless someone writes it down for Did the Giants give him any advice on foreign policy the women next to me asked in a mocking belittling both my Giants and my someone else Someone told him we have CIA agents in the four corners of the world so he thinks the earth is His idea of serious reading is the swimsuit edition of Sports my constant com panion He likes to count the pieces in the two piece bathing Thats as high as he can Every once in a while I made an attempt to come in with something You have to I trying to stem the flow of that the economys been Carter did somebody Reagans benefiting from the things Carter Im soft on President If he was as bad as the people who hate him say he wed have the greatest national debt in New Braunfels Notes Why City Hall cant be run like a business ByJOE MICHIE City Manager Often I hear the comment from Why cant City Hall be run like a business In some we do operate like any We employ 200 we have to meet the payroll twice a we operate within a seek ways to improve our product worry about income and and borrow we are not like a private business because we must operate under Federal and State law that dictates how public funds your tax money must be Every action we take must be open to the scrutiny of the public and There are only a few exceptions to this and they deal with legal matters and personnel actions which are clearly indentified in the open meetings I know of no private business that opens its board of directors meetings and and profit or loss information to the and has this information openly and regularly reported in the As I must respond to seven bosses the mayor and City Many they are not in agreement as to what action the city should or they are split on a particular policy mat Also scrutinizing our business decisions are people who deserve the right to question or criticize any State purchasing laws are In order to pro tect any potential purchases of more than must be specifications prepared and the work While these laws protect the publics the procedures to be followed run up the cost of the Some red tape cant be Even small pur chases must be made according to procedures that allow more than one If a product is on we cant run out and buy it without following rules of The City by law has some functions cost centers that produce little or no When the cost of the library and general liability insurance we cant pass the cost on to our customers except by We are required to furnish a nonrevenue ser vice where the customers could vote to roll back the product price despite increasing No merchant would like to be in a position of having to raise prices to meet and then have the customers petition to mandate a rollback of his prices to a former lower The City is criticized if we try to be en trepreneurial or contract a city service out to 4 taxpaying private we are criticized if we do Whatever we there is a 5050 chance we will anger I firmly believe that our system of laws and checks and balances on spending taxpayers money and running a public business are needed for the citizens with all the and there are probably a dozen more that I havent I hope you can see why we cannot always run the citys business like a IF IM ELECTED TV i win UMITN AMD THI80U6H A SVSTEM OF FINGeKR AMP