Wednesday, February 25, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, February 25, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - February 25, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas New Texas February our lower Food prices keep your totals down WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT s s Roll I 1 5 J Brick 3 Superior Buttermilk Qtctn Superior Swiss Style Yogurt Limit 1 coupon for any particular Limit 1 coffee and cigarette Offer limited to manufac turers coupons of 490 value or Coupons over 490 be redeemed at face You must pur chase products in sizes specified on coupons This applies only to manufacturers Cents Off coupons for items we carry and not from coupons on Wuest s or retail food store Amount of refund cannot exceed the cost of the New Texas February QA MANUFACTURERS Corn Tortillas 1 Bag 290 850 Popitos Tortilla Nacho Hearth House Whole Wheat 55 0 Wagner Grape Low Calorie Orange Orange 790 Parkay Margarine Kraft Quality Snowdrift 11 Kelloggs Pop Tarts Kelloggs Raisin Squares16B Box Roegeleins Pure Hog Lard Can PURE LARD Hersheys Quaker Masa Campbells Soup Cream of Lucky Leaf Apple 580 550 440 m MONTE VALUES WK or CS Gold Corn French Style Green Beans Sauerkraut 550 Sliced Carrots 16oi Can470 Sliced Pickled Beets 750 Peaches Sliced or Halves Raisins Prune Juice Bag Rainbo Crispy Pix Can 48 Sweet 990 Kraft or Lite Salad Dressing Miracle Bama Grape 32 Jar 32 Jar Skinner Long Spaghetti or Cut Elbow MACARONI Light Crust All Purpose FLOUR Del Monte Tomato CATSUP Del Monte or Mexican Style Stewed Tomatoes 690 Superior ICE CREAM V4 Sq Superior Cm on J Carpet Deodorizer nt a i emlma Thu Original y tfe Aunt Jemima Original PANCAKE MIX Box 680 Aunt Jemima Lite Laundry Detergent Automatic Dishwasher Box 60 FROZEN FOODS Very Small Young Lesueur Peas V6k VIP Asparagus S Pet Ritz Pie Shells Whipped Topping or XCreamy Cool Lee Pound Cake 8 Tub 10 Bread Dough Texsun 100 Juice Can 890 880 TnTir 890 Carpet n Tank Toilet Bowl Cleaner 830 Liquid Cascade Niagara Spray 990 Powder Cleanser Bar Soap 40C Bath Size 4 Bar Pek DELICATESSEN Fresh All Beef Hot Chili Per Pint Hot Made Daily Pinto Beans Fresh Made To Order Chopped Fresh Deli Made Cole Fresh Deli Made Macaroni Salad Fresh Cut or Sliced Cheese Monterey By the Piece or Sliced BBQ Beef Brisket 690 490 690 890 BEVERAGES Wine Coolers Bartles Jaymes Wine Mogen David High Life Millers Beer or Light Liter BAKERY Fresh Baked Apple Cherry or Lemon Jelly Fresh Baked Chocolate Fresh Made Glazed Donuts Tender Lean Texas Beef CHUCK ROAST Shoulder Sirloin Shoulder Round Beef Swiss Steak Tender Lean Texas Beef Per Country Style Pork Spare Ribs Fresh Lean Boston Butt Pork Fresh Snow Fresh Per Lb 990 Boneless Center Cut Round Tenderized Fresh Lean All Beef Ground Fresh Extra Lean Fancy Top Chopped Steak FRESH FRYER PARTS 690 J Bar B Pork Beef Ring Smoked Green 770 Deckers Korn Kist Cervelat Sausage Extra Lean Low Cholesterol Ground Turkey Fresh Market Pack White Per Lb 950 Per Ready to Eat 890 US No 1 Texas 5 450 Texas Ruby Red Beef 380 370 Idaho Hash Brown Potato Per Lb 890 Flounder Delicious Kiwi Fruit Fresh Market Pack Sole or California Center 7Bone Beef STEAK Deckers BolognaSalamiLuncheon COLD CUTS 12 Navel Oranges Cello 330 Deckers Korn Kist SLICED BACON Pkg Market Cut Wisconsin LONGHORN CHEESE Premium Golden Ripe BANANAS Per Lb 290 Fresh ENGLISH PEAS 490 Aches Pains Associated With the toounoo ColdHeadache Toothache MuvniUr Aches Backache Memlnul Crwnfn Minor Pain of Arthritb Reduction of frvrr 50s Tablets I it HIM his 125 tablets for the price of 100 i N DRY ROLLON OZ AEROSOL 325 SPECIAL PRICE only from Clear eyes GEL OZ HAIR SPRAY 7 OZ HAIR SPRAY 7 Afrin NASA SPRAY Afrin NASAL SPRAY Americas 1 selling nasal decongestant immediate relief DRIXORAL 12 hour relief of Hay Fever and Sinus Symptoms 10s Tablets Maalox Plus 12 Maalox PIUS DM pc J iih Introducing All Natural FIBRE FIBRE High Fiber Food Supplement With Calcium A safe aid to weight loss 90 Tablets 100 Tablets uss Vertagreen Texer Lawn t t 10 Bag 40 Bag 40 Bag 13 40 Fertilizer Planting Mix Potting Soil Cattle Manure Poultry Manure BEDDING PLANTS Snappdraggon Per Tray 690 Seed Potato Hybrid