Tuesday, February 24, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, February 24, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - February 24, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Amusements Paged New Texas February Bloom County Tumbleweeds CO YOU pour oer wimfc we family am LOTS IN IN we SHAW A wve RflPTVRWS W5T FUWNKR MAINS QNIFFtNO V TWMWY izrsmm is 0RVCS MK6S MB WWINb M6N TVRN Garfield I THNK fMg PAISV SHOULD HeAfc LILIES GOINK GOINK GOINK I HflVE TO flsour mflxiMCr A BUT I DONT KNOvO HOW TO I DONT KWOW WHflT TO WHY DOMT YOU EVER rWTHtNfr ABOUT I THINK Of I CANT OPEfO MV I CfltfT I HAVE TO SflV HUH THERE IVE I DOME MY PART AN YOUNS NUNff ONLY WITH AW7 TARZAV1IKI AN UNUSUAL ATTITUDE A IWTEMT CM FROWNS HUNSKY STEALTHILY CEEEriHS FORWARDONLY TO FW7 fctKWSSRESSOR ABOUT TO LAY CLAM TO CREATE ELEMENTS FOR A Wizard of Id Peanuts 1 IN AIR 50UNP TRAVELS ONE MILE VINFIVE5ECONP5 ALL WHO LEFT THE LIP OFF THE GRAPE SLI6MTLV SLOWER THROUGH FLANNEL Gasoline Alley Looks like some body is in trouble Its my friends from the Marmaduke we seem to have slipped off the i SHOULD NEVER LOOK AT IN THE WORMING AW CUP OR COCOA YOU WERE NEVER MEANT TO WEAR THAT ENCOPED WE WERE EXPECTING F3UT STELLA HAN SURPRISE r UNCLE MOKS I tried to get him to go to obedience but he wouldnt get in the Horoscope HAVE YOU HEARD THE RESIDENT IS APPARENTLY SOINC3TOTURW DOWN CAPTAIN CURES RANSOM DEM AND IVE AND CONSRE TAKIKKS A STRONG BIPARTISAN STANP ZZ3 HOW DO YOU SUPPOSE CAPTAIN ANPIT COUUD BE By Stella Wilder 24 Born you have a at tractive a sympa thetic nature and a understand ing You have a number of talents if properly honed and should bring you happi success and money though it is likely that you will only accumulate much of this last over a good deal of You are not yet you are selfconfident and willing to put your money where your mouth You are not a braggart any boast from you is quickly followed by action Atto born on date are ChMttr World War II com mander Wintlow To see what is in store for you to find your birthday and read the corresponding Let your birthday star be your daily 25 PISCES 19March 0 Ex Television Log Anlonto 600 of For lunt One Nightly Bullnew and Son Too Close for and of Life One Day et a Face Contd Chaw The Second Cant or TV end San Miller Hotkey Edmonton Oilers at Curse of the Dragon Queen Can Be I SIM Cunt de lotos ElPreciode la Feme 700 BOH ICC Growing Pains Annul Grammy Reed Show Mister Rediscovery of the El Ctntiuro Beyond Gloria y el Infierno Hinncii 800 it Hole in King BetkitlMlfcArkinMi at Taxai C Batketbflll Arkansas The Three Soot Ann Baiketoall Houston Rotkats it PhilfciSs Rink Boxing dll Alma Novell Camino Sscreto 9WI Joined in and Connection CC Ruth In On ind Not Noche Improvise i the Minor Bom FftCJl Of Show end Show Stirring Joan HarMovie Born i Bristol Share Movie Can Be a Univision of AlBut 0 Amo i pect to do more today than wait for what is coining to you or expect to wait a long Do your part ARIES March 21April 19 Pa patience and still more pa tience will be required of you today especially on the home TAURUS April 0 Col lectivebargaining result is a good deal for all concerned today espe cially you GEMINI May 21Jone ZO Be prepared to take the bad with the good today to be it will be the good you remember CANCER June You are entering a transitional Make no hasty decisions allow no one to make excessive demands upon IBO July 3 Fear ol failure vanishes today as you over come a major Now take the bit between your teeth and run VIRGO The old gives way to the new today and you must be ready to accept these changes and to work with 14BRA ft Hard work pays off today profit Mcrfase and you are the object of greater es teem among friends and SCORPIO Jt is essential to reconsider goals and priorities especially in the light ol startling SAGITTARIUS f challenge are to ttore for you today pwtfed you remain OP present course and keep m CAPRICORN if Focus on money matters Now may be the time to risk vtot you can to reap prolvte AQUARIUS Ac tjpjf ffpffiK louder jUhjuo be wire yojj ire