Wednesday, February 18, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, February 18, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - February 18, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas New Texas February discover the difference r February 1987 WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT everyday lower food prices make February 19th thru February 1987 t saves you doub 4W m m m m m m m Jt m m mm mm mm m m m m with double con 7A BREAD Golden Bake Sandwich Sliced White or Whole Wheat s J t S See Details In Store Breast OChicken Chunk Light In Oil Or Water TUNA Laundry Detergent FAB Land O Lakes Butter iLh Limit Please fe Chine A La Choy Soy Sauce 850 Chow Mein 3 Can 490 Bean Mixed Chinese can990 Chicken Chow Mein 1402 can Shrimp Chow Mein Whole or Sliced Water can79C SliceMountain Dew All Types PEPSI PEPS Liter Ballard Original or Buttermilk BISCUITS 10 Tube FROZEN FOODS Seneca 1 OOW Apple OOV Stillwell Breaded 690 Stillwell Fruit Swanson Turkey or Chicken p 590 Treasure isle Shrimp TSBW 0 Sea Fish 1 Meat Morton Dinners 790 Mease j J SJ Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid Country Crock Classic in Sticks JL Del Monte Cut 490 Green 440 440 440 PHILADELPHIA CREAM CHEESE Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese KountyKistwKGoid Tuckers Cooking Oil Betty Crocker Layer Cake Mixes 48 990 880 Can Bushs Bavarian Betty Crocker RaadyToSpread Plain or Iodized Morton Salt Folgers Kobeys Shoestring Potatoes Dole Sliced or Chunk Pineapple in Comstock or Lite Cherry Pie Filling Can 20 Can 26 Blue Label 330 Karo Syrup Bama Smooth or Crunchy Instant Peanut Butter 21 Can 370 850 Heinz Strained BABY FOOD strained foods American Beauty Wide or XWide NOODLES Contadina Tomato Tree Top 100 Pure APPLE JUICE 64 Btl 12 El Popo Fajita Flour EI POPO irftjk Taco 590 Hearth House Hoagie C 590 Pepperidge Farms English 990 Soft Batch V2 Alpo DOG FOOD 14 Can 390 Kibbles N Bits N Gravy Bits Dog Food SUPERIOR DAIRIES Duchess Deluxe or Old Fashion Vanilla Ice Cream Iff Nutty Buddys or Ice Cream Sandwiches Half Half 690 Whipping Cream 690 Chocolate Milk 890 BEVERAGES AH Types Boones Farm Wine I Yf9V1HHl II Carlo or Light Beer M Lone Black Label BAKERY Fresh Baked Fruit or Cheese Filled Hard Fresh Bafced PaswyElepjjwij Ears Claws Boston Butt PORK ROAST Lean Country Style Strips Pork Pan Deckers Country Stylet SLICED SLAB BACON Smoked tb Red Ripe Roma TOMATOES Beef Brisket Extra Lean BBQ Style Boneless Beef Roegeleins Fresh Pork Links Pinky Pig Sausage Roegeleins Smoked Sausage Market Cut Trimmed Boneless Hoegeleins Smoked Sausage Hot Normal Black Label Sliced Bacon Extra Lean Tenderized Beef Minute Market Made Lean All Beef Ground Course Ground Lean Beef mm mm Chili Per Per Deckers Jumbo mm Dinner Roegeleins BolognaSalami Luncheon coid Fresh Lean Trimmed Small Lean Beaf Cubes Boneless Stew Per Grade 12 to 20 TURKEYS Per Limit 1 Please 680 Fresh Lean Family Pack PORK STEAK lresn Lean I rimmed Small Beef 690 Hormel Ready To Serve Pickled Pigs Fresh Market Pack Fresh Water Catfish Kraft 72 Moon Longhorn or Colby CHEDDAR CHEESE 5 Market Cut Skinned Deveined SLICED LIVER Per Lb 90 DELICATESSEN Hot Deli Made Vegetable Beef Fresh Deli Made Cucumber Salad Ones A Meal Poorboy Sandwich Fresh from Scratch Potato Deli Made Fresh Chicken Fresh Deli Made Banana Pudding Crisp Golden BrownMixed Pieces Fried Chicken Per Pint Per Per Per 890 990 890 Per Off Cold Water Wash Woolite IndMStrial Strength Uquid Drano 9 W 1 Northern f Luncheon Napkins Sandwich Bags Storage Bags 410 590 Size CErD AA Size 9 Volt Single AAA Size Cricket Disposable Lightens One Free When You Buy Three 990 ROYAL OAK Regular 10 Convenience Pack Sypsrtrim or Thick Vow CHAHCOAl BJUQUTTS Kotex Maxi pad 12s New Freedom Maxi pad 129 1 Baking Potatoes California Pascal Celery Snow White Per Stalk LI w Fresh 490 snow wmte 980 California Haas Italian 690 Fresh Snow White 990 250 190 Fresh Cilantro Bunch Kennebeci Lasoda Seed Potatoes Per Flame or Thompson Seedless GRAPES Fresh Cut BROCCOLI Per Bunch 90 REVLON FLEX J U AQUAMARINE o p n s FLEX U ShampooConditioner Body Lotion ShampooConditioner Size Your Choice 99J Rolaids Sodium Free and Cherry Sodium Free 3Pak 990 Crest pump I I mm OSCAL25Q 100 Tablets OSjJAl mm 500 60 Tablets GAVISCON antacid tablets BOTTLE OF 100 TABLETS