Friday, February 6, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, February 6, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - February 6, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Entertainment February New Texas Page 7A Author says sciencefiction books important AP Like a HUBo and I to f AP Like a multiarmed lifeform uprooted from Venus and brought to Earth for an science fiction would die If it were accepted by the literary says Orson Scotl The last thing we want is to be captured by the same people who killed literary said a Greensboro resident whose novel Enders Game this year won the Dear Abby Hugo and the Nebula the top tw0 national awards in science Were shaping the future and theyre said most modern literature dwells endlessly on the same theme the contemporary the midlife crises of professors in secondrate He said this type of novel developed in the 1930s and has been beaten to death in literature classes ever Thats the death of literature professors teaching children how to By he science fiction has an unlimited choice of theme and it continues to evolve and it is read voluntarily by interested Card said science more ac curately called speculative has matured beyond its Buck Rogers It now ex plores a complex range of human Crossword although It still draws strength from its rocketblaster Yet It continues to get hostile readings from many Its definitely a snob he Theres a widespread belief that anything that sells well and can be read by people without cant be any Card defines science fiction as fic tion set not necessarily in the but certainly somewhere outside the everyday Science fiction steals freely from every other he Weve moved beyond science In science flc Man Who Sowed Wild Oats Needs to Explain the Harvest DKAK AMMY Four years while I was still m I i youriK woman older than Marriage was out he hut I faced up to m responsibility and agreed to pny child I have since moved 500 miles away and have been paying child support ever since Now the problem Tin in a new area with new friends and and none are aware of my I have fallen in love with a wonderful young lady and were talking She not aware of his episode in my and as we move closer to marriage I dont know what to say or bow to say How should I go about letting her know about my past mistake1 I just cant find the CtllCKKN DKAK CHICKKN Try this When J was in college 1 fa thered a child by an older Marriage was out of tin but I faced up to my responsibility and agreed to pay child Be prepared for some follow up questions such as Have you ever seen your child Do you plan to have a relationship with this child And many Your future wife has the right to know the extent of your in and the sooner you tell the DEAR ABBY My prayers and suggestions culled from my experi cnce as a registered nurse have done little to aid my suffering choir director at who sweats profusely and noticeably while conducting Who can snicker in Cods house as your conductor mops his brow between movements of when you are facing the audience or congregation At he Does anyone have a cure for The poor man looks as though be has been standing under a shower Can you offer a graceful solution to this awkward dilemma IN IllOKNIX DKAK TKNOK Prayers wont Your choir director is suffering from hyperhidrosis excessive He should consult a family physi dermatologist or endocri nologist gland specialist all or none of whom may be able to help Sweating is a natural function that can be controlled to some degree by hut some possible side effects could be worse than in which case it might be healthier to just sweat it DKAK ABBY 1 appreciate your alerting readers to various dangers the most recent concerning children riding on Several years ago you cautioned readers who stored their old refrig erators in their garages or base ments to either turn the refrigerator with the door facing the or to remove the refrigerator door so that small children could not crawl into them and have the door close behind them and suffocate to three young children were found dead in a refrigerator stored in a barn Ilease repeat that It could save lives CDNCKITA triCKKKLLA IMITSBUKCH DKAK CONCKTTA Thanks for the Over the years I have published this warning many and I am grieved when I read that this type of accident has occurred if you see a tempo rarily stored or discarded re frigerator or in your neighborhood or anywhere else you could prevent a possible tragedy by calling the potential safety hazard to the attention of the or tele phoning the police department for prompt attention in elimi nating the DKAK ABBY I am a college student female although I look about Ive been married for three years no kids and I go to college full time My problem is 1 am sick and tired of college wno make passes at 1 suppose they just assume I am not so they jump right turn on the charm and ask for a Wouldnt you think a guy would ask a girl if she was available It would save a lot of time I am friendly and but I do not flirt or lead anybody Maybe if you print the guys I have in mind will see it and take the hint TAKKN DKAK TAKKN The guys you have in mind will probably not recognize so its up to you to handle the problem from your Wear a heavy wedding If the guys get too it can serve as a brass TO IN SANTA ANA Theres a time to wink as well as to see Ben jamin Wise You should have been seeing instead of J 1st Anniversary Celebration Friday Bi9 Q BitsnPieces Saturday BC Smith ft Southern Breeze No Cover Specials Both Nites Steve CaUM j ACROSS 1 Large room 5 Sword 9 Collide 14 Hash 15 Cachet 16 Fleetness 17 I iquid unit 18 Vehicles 19 NYSE phrase 0 Time of day 21 Bonanza star 23 Meal course 25 Abandoned 26 Explosive 27 Godsend 29 Truck area 32 Ran through 35 Missile 36 Singly 37 Afresh 38 French city 39 High voice 40 YOUIKI ones 1 Not on 42 Exult 43 Misdo 44 Went quickly 45 In addition 46 Cur acao or Capri 48 Associates Theres certainly no science in my stuff because I dont know enough about My goal is to create not devise a new FEBRUARY to KCHALL SEGUIN THEGOOLAKS For Reservations Call 3790602 BYOB SetDps Available 52 Making realty 56 Uncouth 57 Animate 58 Mantle 59 Story GO Apparent 61 Biographer Ludwiy 62 Lazily 63 Conditions M Water bodies 65 Ball pi ops DOWN 1 Wished 3 Ropes 4 Kismet 5 Accompany 6 Lively 7 Bring in 8 Additional Hiver Styx lorryrnan 10 1 US ski resort 12 Oliver s pal 13 This 1 Allow to usi 2 Round lumps 24 Worries 27 Uninterested 28 Forgot PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED AlPlATRJT PU Rl 30 Can prov 3 1 Footwear 32 Opening 33 oft 31 Hunting dog 35 Mr Ruth 36 Formal room 36 Kraft 42 Hoodlum 44 Opinions 45 Fishes from a boat 47 Whale type 48 Eyelashes 49 Moslem fiat 50 Bird 51 Is unsteady 52 Story line 53 Separate 54 Tarzans pals 55 Tractable 59 Perch Bauartan liliUa0e New Braunfels Oldest and Finest Restaurant and Biergarten 1 Block Irom Landa Resort and Schlitlerbahn 2 Mid Winter Special Fried Catfish Plate g Fridays only 12 till 8 Live Dinner Music 6 till 8 Biergarden Dances 7 Oma Oompahs 14 Bohemian Dutchman The best pizza in Present this ad when ordering and receive a Large Pizza for the Price of a One coupon per visit coupon may not be used in connection with any other discount offer or offer expires March 12 1987 Walnut Square 6257707 WEEKEND SPECIAL with choice of Potato T Q O and Texas Toast 1561IH35 6296088 Masquerade Dance Eagles Hal of New Braunfels 257 South New Braunfels 7 at 8 9 Masquerade Dance from 9 1 Dance Music by Cloverleaf Orchestra Open to the Public Crazy Comedy WEEKDAYS CHAMPIONS ARENT DORM THEY RE MADE E 9Q5 WEEKDAYS i nrru i New Braunfels National Dank MEMBER VICTORIA BANK invites you to listen to backward glance at where we in Comal County have been and where are now Sunday Mornings at 9 on 1987 Ralph PARR CoSponsored by lOOONoMriWalnul Lobby Hours Monday Itiuisaay 9 3 Fnoav 96 DriveThru HoufS MondayFriday 76 Saturdays 1 Fun banking your deposits insured lo J100 000 hj IFtdiril Diposil Insurance Corporation Plmne 65 8587 New Braunfels NATIONAL BANK Masks Will Be Admitted Free Prizes Will Be Awarded BBAUITTEX TWIN MISSION 4 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