Thursday, January 15, 1987

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, January 15, 1987

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - January 15, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Opinions Editor and Publisher Mm Managing Editor Page 4 New Texas January Editorial Words into action Printed below is the complete text of New Braunfels police Chief Burnie Boecks Crime Control which is a com pendium of thoughts and philosophies codified into a plan of action for reducing criminal activity and preventing its spread in our Along with fire police protection the most essential city service we It certainly is the most visible and the one with which citizens most often come in The plan is an interesting piece of work and has its basis in citizen involvement and Weve said it before and it bears repeating that when New Braunfels becomes a place criminals avoid because our police will catch our courts will prosecute them and our state penal system will incarcerate we will have less The same is true for any city in any Chief Boeck and our police department deserve this kind of Selling support for police can be in a man ner of romantically with tales of what its like to patrol a dark town and risk life and limb entering a building that is supposed to be locked but Or by describing the criminal element in stereotypic terms and pointing to im pressive but often meaningless An increase of one murder for a total of two in a town that averages one a year makes for bold headlines saying murder is up 100 That sells newspapers and shocks some But as a practical crime will decrease on a more permanent basis when crime fails to pay and the risks are too Boecks report is a practical application of proven con and its merits are as complex as predicting armed rob bery and as simple as a Read this plan and think seriously about getting involved in the WHWWIHESBWE City of New Braunfels Crime Control Plan By BOECK New Braunfels Chief of Police The first function of government is to pro tect and safeguard the lives and property of its Dallas Mayor A Starke Taylor Criminal Justice Task with Charles Foreword A crimefree city is the dream of the citizens of every The people of New Braunfels share this common due to many different this ideal society is not the dream of a safe city must not be abandoned for it is a proven fact that certain crimes are preventable and crime rates can be Community people helping and common goals can control certain lA safer city can become a A city wishing to embark on a journey to control certain crimes must have a plan for This paper is The terms certain crimes and identified crimes are used When they refer to the following crimes or criminal activity Armed robbery burglary home and theft criminal vandalism liquor law viola tions rape family violence illegal drugs use and fraud other conditions that may cause citizens to fear Preface The city of New Braunfels has as a 1st Das Leben It is for the most part a very appropriate for New Braunfels has a natural beauty and uni queness not found This city is rich in Texas history the German and Mexican heritage still remain There is in the midst of this community a can do spirit for which Texas is well Within the past several years there has been an increase in People are living here that come from many parts of the They have a common thread with the native That common thread is a love of the city It is with a desire to tap into this love of the city and the can do attitude that this plan is Although this plan addresses a negative its intent is to remain positive and Its theme is a rekindling of the traditional values of neighbors helping neighbors and building an entire community spirit of working together to overcome a common In the late 70s and New Braunfels ex perienced an almost overnight increase in Now there is an economical This has resulted in transient families and This trend has an effect that neighbors no longer know their along with the fact that there is an incorrect belief that crime in New Braunfels is the result of our proximity to City of San has produc ed an apathetic There is a trend in America today towards being self sufficient that less reliant on government to be our complete In several cities throughout this self sufficient desire has been utilized to over come a particular communitys apathy towards A public awareness has been develpDed in these cities that crime is not on ly police departments but it is communitys problem puttie along with the officiate and have tapped the notontial talent strut CaPabMtVP6 Of the citizens as whole gad have produced a decrease in certain WUb becoming and crifflf must recognize and employ this successful It will produce remarkable and economical In crime in New Braunfels increased an alarming rate of 45 The first six months of 1986 see this rate climbing even This increase in crime continues even though there has been a concentrated effort by the police department to control the Such programs as Neighborhood Crime Operation In dividual Car Programs and a few additional officers have had an effect on the Still there is more In people were arrested by the New Braunfels police Of that 69 percent 3 are residents of New Neighbors are burglarizing Our children are stealing other childrens Employees steal from Illegal drugs are being sold and bought by our own relatives and Citizens are buying stolen proper ty that has been stolen from other As Pogo we have identified the enemy and it is This enemy cannot be attributed to our proximity to San It is much more attributable to the fact that we no longer know our neighbors and unders tand that some of their problems are This must be stopped and it can Take the trend to be self that can do attitude and the love of New Braunfels in and recognize the positive force that is available to overcome the rising crime Properly manage this positive force and In New Braunfels 1st Das Leben Schoen becomes more Safe City Commission The city of New through its elected city should establish a Safe City Commission The SCC shall be nonpolitical and should refrain from being involved in political The Mayor should appoint 20 to 25 com munity leaders 4 as a blueribbon committee to serve as the These community leaders should be persons who have a proven record of being successful at accomplishing programs that benefit the city as a The Mayor should consider appointing per sons from various professions and occupa tions as part of the there should be representatives from the following to complete the SCC Comal County Medical Society Chamber of Commerce Industrial Complex Associa tion Ministerial Alliance Comal County Bar Association Director of Crime Stop pers New Braunfels Board of Realtors Director of Teen Connection Building Con tractors Association Director of Womens Shelter Local Director of Texas Depart ment of Human Resources New Braunfels Independent Insurance Association Superintendents Comal and New Braunfels Independent School District Com al County Probation The police chief will serve as a liasoo of ficer s between the SCC and the police The appointed members shall serve a twoyear Said appointed members at the Mayors serve The SCC shall have the respon sibility and authority to establish rules and guidelines for the removal of any including the Executive The first order of business for the SCO is to appoint an Executive The first Ex ecutive Director shall serve without compen the SCC has the authority and responsibUity to raise and to mget the objectives and needs of their The acting may establish proper salary for the Executive Pjjrector and any funds necessary tor success of the entire The Executive Director serves at the pleasure of the The SCC shall be respon sible for the proper auditing of any It is suggested that the SCC look towards our retirement community for an experienc ed person to serve as the first Executive The broad objective of the SCC is to unite the citizens of New their elected officials and police department in a coor dinated program designed to reduce and con trol certain identified The mission of the SCC is a safer city through a reduction of certain Goals of the SCC To identify specific criminal activity problems and seek a viable solution to To establish citywide goals and pro grams to reduce and minimize To establish a citywide network of in formation and education about crime prevention programs and community To seek the cooperation of local and state elected officials in the fight against identified To open lines of communication and cooperation with all citizens by creating neighborhood zone committees throughout the To create a citywide emphasis of being proud to participate in the city of New Braunfels efforts to make the city a safer place to live and To keep all activities of this program free from political campaigns and Neighborhood Committees The SCC should divide the city into several neighborhood zones These Tones may be established by using existing business geographical precinct lines or by other The number of zones is at the discretion of the Members of the SCC shall seek and appoint neighbors who reside or havea business in the designated These individuals will serve on an ad hoc committee for each established The working with the committee shall select at a minimiifp a chairperson and secretary to serve op each individual Each will be known as Neighbors Against Crime Committees NACC and act as an advisory board to the The NACC fifopfjiri have no less nine nor no more than members and should have represen tatives from the following Area Ministers From Area Churches of Area Schojcte Presidents ol Area Home Owners Association Block Captains ol Watch Area CwBpwnity Leaders of Apart Complexes Members of Area ParentTeacher Association Ex Of ficio MembersNew Braunfels Police Department Crime Prevention Officer and District Patrol The words neighbors and neighborhoods are used frequently in this When they refer to all in dividuals in a designated zone home professional and in dustriate church and school The broad objective of NACC is to provide the citizens within a designated area with a grass roots committee that identifies and seeks solutions to crime related problems within their The mission of NACC is a safer neighborhood through the control of criminal Goals Maintain committee of local neighbors that conduct regular Hear from area citizens at such meetings in order to identify crime problems for the particular Formulate recommendations for the reduction of the identified crime Report to the SCC those identified criminal activity problems and recommen Assist the SCC in informing and educating citizens in their respective zones about crime prevention programs and com munity Establish goals and programs to reduce crime in their respective The NACC will conduct regular meetings in their The purpose of such meetings is to allow the local people to discuss and identify the specific criminal ac tivities that are a problem to their Solutions and ideas on how to address the problems are also a part of the regular Programs to educate and en courage the area citizens to join in the reduc tion of crime should also be a top priority of the The various N ACCs will report back to the SCC their individual programs and recom This will give the SCC a basic foundation on how to meet their goals and ob as the SCC has the responsibility to coordinate and maintain this en tire Summary Although the police are mandate to con trol they cannot do so without substantial community involvement and sup for the police are also expected to and do a myriad of services that delete from their effectiveness of controlling National statistics show that as much as 80 percent of a police officers time is spent on noncrime related In the past 18 New Braunfels police have answered calls for police services but only 15 percent of these calls resulted in an actual need for the officer to file a written criminal offense The inherent need for city police to provide a multitude of services is the result of citizens 1ffnarx1g and qffjg At this the downturn in the overall economy of the state of Texas is having its ef fects on the local In preplanning budget there is not onjy talk of not emDlovinft more pritcy officers butthc W THWifSsraflrT possibility of cutbacks in pojfee GMfeacks are very possbteTWs compounds the crime proMem as calls for police ser vices are This program has tremendous It is a proactive approach to ft is much tesj than businesses and industry working together to educate and encourage their peo ple to participate in the crime prevention goals can create a safer city a model city Some excellent examples are presently found in the collaborative activities known as Neighborhood Mothers Against Drunk Drivers and Court These are laudable examples of citizen involvement in projects to achieve a more stable if you a safe Allow your imagination a little You leave for work with no fear that home will fall prey to a younger child rides a bicycle to Landa Park with no fear that the bicycle will be Your older child attends a teenage party with no fear of being exposed to or being en couraged to use drugs or Your elder ly parents are free from excessive fear of be ing victims because crime rates are low in this Your neighborhood belongs to you and your not to theives and illegal narcotics Your community has a civic pride that can be seen and Utopia A worthy goal to work towards Absolutely its cause and is a very complex This plan is not a quick fix to a complicated The doomsayers will undoubtedly find the the objectives and goals are very sound and rely upon proven Some areas must remain flexi ble through The concept of the elected officials and police work ing in unity on a directed course has never been more necessary in New Braunfels than at the present Preventives of evil are far better than remedies Cheaper and easier of and surer in Tryon Edwards Donald Crime Preven tion and the in Local Govern ment Police 2nd International City Management 1982 Although the New Braunfels police department records are in the process of be ing separation of felon arrest from misdemeanor is not readily available at this The figure 69 percent represents arrest of adults and it in cludes arrest for all types of offenses public and major It is shown here to emphasize that much of the police problem is the result of local Mark The Eyes of A Comprehensive Crime Prevention published Crime Prevention and the Richard Bennett and Sandra Community AntiCrime Programs in Police Management Issues and Case International dty Managfmfnt 1985 Egon Emerging Police Issues in LoeaJ Government Fiance tional City Manager 1982 has already begun their program It began with a large banquet with all appropriate individuals pre sent and much citywide Community Prevention Md the immunity Pur grams and Tbe Kyee of All three articles are