New Braunfels Herald Zeitung, October 31, 1985, Page 2

Publication: New Braunfels Herald Zeitung October 31, 1985

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 31, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas supply of a LESLIE KRIEWALDT HERALD ZE'TUNG Who you gonna call? New Braunfels ISD Superintendent Charles Thursday. He was one of judges of the Bradberry places a first place ribbon on Libby scarecrovv contest there. Carney's class scarecrow at Lone Star School IFS CUMING! IHE HEW BIAMHLS HXM CITY RHECTMY THE MOST COMPLETE TELEPHONE INFORMATION SOURCE A CITY AND ITS PEOPLE CAN HAVEI The New Braunfels City Directory Residential Edition is this source. This edition includes a complete ALPHABETICAL listing of all families and businesses in the area. The family information includes husband and wife s name, address and telephone number. Each person 18 and over has their own listing unless the husband and wife are in one listing The business information includes the name of the business, principals of the business, address and telephone number. DAYCO CORPORATION G*n* Sander*, pH mgr. Alliant* Division, Dayco Corporation PO Boa BIB Hwy *2 I  ....................... DAYLIGHT DONUT SHOP lonmt Cowhtr oar* 316 Boi Butt* Av.............................. DEAN Randy Utfida) 518 Errtbo Pl Ch Marty 78, An^e 75, Mitch '78, Jtrtrr Keith 81......................*........................ ... 7*2 3295 ...762-3410 ....762-2776  762-8588 DEANS Rick 1406 Bela* Av......... DEAVER GRAIN CO Wayne Dearer, pres -elevator- 100 Emerson Av PO Boi 764.................................762-2590 DEAVER GRAIN A OIL CO Wayne Dearer pres PO Bo* 764 Berea..........................762-3078    or    762-2465 DEAVER OIL CO Bruce Shaver- PO Bo* 5 (H).........487-5312 DEAVER Pat J (Kathy I) NC Bo* 16 Ch Lisa '73, Patrick '75, Jennifer '77, Ekubeth '79, Marie Ann 83.................................................762-3926 762 5075 ALLIANCE CITY UTILITIES OfC 5075 CITY LIGHT A WA TEW OEF ICE 5078 OW I MI Lout 5079 LADEW Betty 5083 ROEBUCK M I 5085 COWDELL Elouie 5085 JOHNSON Of* 5088 KENNEDY Leonard E 5089 LUCAS Pud 5090 C WA WFONO Jeff 5091 COBB John W 5092 ALLIANCE CITY SCHS HIGH SCHOOL PWINCIPAL This directory also includes a numerical TELEPHONE LOCATOR, with numbers arranged in numerical sequence from the lowest number to the highest number. The locator takes the “guess work” out of a situation where only the telephone number is known. The directory also includes a complete YELLOW PAGE CLASSIFIED section, plus civic information about the New Braunfels area. We’re sure you can readily see the value of this directory-let us send you one! Contacts for update Information and ordtra will ba mads by phons soon!_ Dmisresi November 2, IO a.m. -2 p.m. November 3, IO a.m.-5 p.m. (Te/eAea/e /Ae Ofenisuj fWunsfe&t - 77/e Q^o/A/ere cf 0<iA S/rtot/e J/oo to C/oene anc/ < fee 20 of 077/e/e (vcs/om    /Ixxen/iae    7/ome/s Register to Win A Year's Supply of Sausage Special Builder Incentives to Buyers • Live German Band Music • Tennis Tournament • Opas and Omas for Your • Mortgage Officers on Tour Guides    Duty O'!k Run New Braunfels' M- r n • 1:0 J Subdivision, is Located at Hwy. 46 and Loop 337 DECORATING SALE WAliLGOVERING 80% OFF IBOORU? Iv-fcT, tf*V h imU "Cum>n. H irvte IVW I ii Micro Ut wr r«' H it nj del mar oo I Vol Hilt. br Wovmi 1 W m*} StmdM v»rb< rn, Hm* ■ a    mu* SXCOUNTRK COLLECTION WALLCOVERING 4k !*> B ii-nr n^n I ll Country Designs in Tbday's Colors! • Traditional Stripes • Classic Florals • Timeless M imprints SELECTED IN-STOCK PATTERNS Buy 1st single roll at regular price-get and single roll for... a. w.'^audu: tut. lilt mr* rn ym »»#«« In *MJ€A GuiMif    Im    ivmi    Urn Hlv* ll>l> l«ll4l>*nKMill >M I SELECTED SAMPLE BOOKS so% ara red price Coordinate ?abnet, oeiluig And border papers found in sample books available at our everyday low prioe CITO infra Polyurethane Clear Oloee Interior Stain CTIT'Tl Polyurethane Clear Satin ton ISM IAN ran »«    mf!«, I'    \p    I 80% OFF I* *    .    JL\,    A*ENTIRE lurilll'P g ‘ s=~ r.K J M e    s' w*. -—    awJJ im} Kii* U Sealer-Prime r Stain Killer PATTERNS SAM Ti 91 leg Ie 49 SIS.99 /-u I-, tin IM TS Our Beet Boller Kit (#0097) Good Brujihee (#3030) Sizes I" - 4" reg 8199-86 96 CI.MAMAWC1 - WHI LUS 8 UPP LI KS LAST! Texture Paint by Bonder Heat ’n Strip Paint Remover SAVB •oft.,rn UM HAU* AJA} AAfiuMti IMI tor —IDI •mw I QAI. RAU. reg 814 99 , Apply I gaL of paia* la lee* than ie atiaatee. IMAM Complete with f 9 accessories reg 899 99 QMSL ■MW MBA.'WMK t •ear Aik about oar attended payment plant WR n. turn'Ai 11 A    - ASK SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Sale now thru November 30th! NEW BRAUNFELS 364 LANDA STREET 625-8558 UNIVERSAL CITY 3101 PAT BOOKER ROAD 659-1328 Mm iwi»rmibl< to,    *rn,m    ,t    mnw    «    M.rwu    w....aam iwmnm lint riff* I* uirmA mon u (amAul ponimm I ;

  • Bruce Shaver
  • Jtrtrr Keith
  • Randy Utfida
  • Wayne Dearer

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Publication: New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Issue Date: October 31, 1985