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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 11, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas 4 JO a r r f pp * J c an ' Mir f/S-'£°-    «ol\^LZ%«bauas, T; ^ Rangerettes win Sports 3rd district game See Page 8A Comal River    .    254    c    fs (same) \A/*»tar Canyon inflow    170    cfs    (down 11\ Canyon outflow    148    cfs (same) Watch Edwards Aquifer    024    04 (up .02 Canyon Lake level ..... 907.90    (same) U.S. Houst; passes Nation textile bill See below I Go back 1    ] in time in Cl; New Braunfels, Sunday, page1B New Braunfels Herald-ZeitunQ M— «   Vol 94 No 201 New Braunfels. Texas Friday October 11,1985 25 Cents 34 Pages 3 Sections U.S. warplanes force down jet CATANIA, Sicily (AP) U.S. warplanes acting under orders of President Reagan today forced an Egyptian jet carrying the Palestinian hijackers of a luxury liner to land in Sicily, U.S. and Italian officials said. The four pirates, who Western officials say killed a partially paralyzed American Jew aboard the Italian cruise ship, were seized by police for prosecution The Palestinians* who identified themselves as members of a Palestine Liberation Organization splinter group, commandeered the Achille I.auro off Egypt on Monday and terrorized more than 500 passengers arid crew for two days. They surrendered to representatives of the PIX) on Wednesday, and the hijacked ship .steamed into Port Said, Egypt. It was only then that officials confirmed the death of 69-year-old Leon Klinghoffer from New York City. Egypt put the four Palestinians aboard an Egyptian Boeing 737 Thursday for a flight out of the country. Israel quoted unidentified U.S. officials as saying two PLO officials also were aboard As the plane was over the Mediterranean on its way to Tunisia, where tile PLO has its headquarters, U.S. Navy F-14 fighters took off from the aircraft carrier Saratoga to meet it, White House spokesman Ixirry Speakes told a news conference late Thursday. U.S. officials said Tunisia had refused landing rights for the plane. “The president directed that U.S. forces intercept the aircraft,” as part House passes textile bill WASHINGTON (AP) - Major trade legislation to force sharp cutbacks in textile and apparel imports, approved by the House in defiance of a Reagan administration veto threat, now is moving toward a Senate floor fight. “This is the last gasp of this industry,” the measure’s chief House sponsor, Rep. Ed Jenkins, IMia., said Thursday as the measure won 262-159 approval. That margin was short of the two-thirds required to override a veto. An emotional appeal by Jenkins failed to stem defections among the bill’s initial 292 House cosponsors. Critics said it would bring retaliation in East Asia against U.S. products, cause layoffs here and raise consumer prices. U.S. Trade Representative Clayton K. Yeutter issued a statement saying the slippage in support for the bill showed “congressional enthusiasm for self-destructive protectionism is waiting." As he left the House chamber, however, Jenkins told reporters he would “switch 15 people between now and the override if the override comes." “This is only the first inning," he said “There will be others." Override of a presidential veto requires a margin of two-thirds of those voting and, thus, the number needed in any specific instance depends on how many of tile 435 congressmen answer the rollcall. The measure is the spearhead among more than 300 pending trade bills. The wave of legislation has mounted amid estimates that the U.S. trade balance will run $150 billion into the red this year. Under the textile bill, imports of products ranging from cotton and wool to parachutes and stuffed animals would be reduced and then permitted to grow by I percent or 6 percent annually, depending on the country of origin. TTie brunt of rollbacks would fall on Brazil and ll Asian nations. Canada and the European Economic Community would be exempted from rollbacks. The bill also would shield Mexico and the Caribbean from the sharpest cuts. In a move to widen support, Sen. Strom Thurmond, R-S.C., modified the Senate version of the measure to target only the “Big Three" textile exporters — Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea — for the harshest cuts. He also added quotas on shoe and luggage imports. Herald names city editor Patricia Yznaga King has been named city editor of the Herald Zeituny it was announced today b> Susan Haire, managing editor Yznaga-King, who has been employed by the Herald since June 1983, will assume the position immediately. Formerly the wire editor at the Herald, Yznaga-King has also been copy and rewrite editor for the San Angelo Standard Times, as well as general assignments reporter for the Herald and assistant managing editor, police reporter and copy editor for the Daily Texan, student newspaper of the University of Texas. ■ 4 She is a 1962 graduate of Angelo State University with a bachelor’s degree in English. “I ani very pleased that we were able to fill this very important position from within," said Qfve of a U.S. policy of “apprehension, prosecution and punishment of terrorists,” Speakes said. “This operation was conducted without firing a shot,” Speakes said. The airliner touched down at Sicily’s Sigonella airport, a NATO base near Catania, at 12:30 a.rn (6.30 p.m. Thursday COT), said a spokesman for Italian Premier Bettino Craxi. Once on the ground, the jet “was surrounded by American and Italian troops," Speakes said. U S sources in Washington said American units deployed included Navy SEALS, an elite combat unit. The hijackers were taken off the aircraft for trial in Italy, the spokesman for Craxi told The See HIJACK, Page SA Jail head resigns By LILLIAN THOMAS Staff writer Comal County Jail Adminstrator John Jenkins resigned his post Thursday. Jenkins will remain at the county jail in the position of jailer, Comal County Sheriff Walter Kellers said. “I wasn’t satisfied with the way things were being taken care of,” Fellers said “It seemed like they weren’t keeping things in shape bai k there the way I thought they should “So I asked (chief deputy) Brian John to go back there and get things straightened up,” he added, When he did, Jenkins decided he wanted to be jast another jailer.” John is currently acting as jail administrator. Fellers said he did not think Jenkins would return to his former post of jail administrator. The sheruf indicated he was waiting on filling the position for a while. “I haven’t yet started looking for anyone,” the sheriff said. “For a while I just want Brian to handle things arid get them in order back there.” Set* JAIL, Page t»A C/SDdevelops employee career ladder By DEBBIE DeLOACH Staff writer House Bill 72 may have overbaked certified personnel like school nurses and librarians, but not Comal USU Superintendent Bill Brown The district has developed a local career ladder for employees who are not teachers. Employees working as nurses, iioii-degreed vocational teachers, librarians and therapists were not allowed to appl) when the state mandated career ladder stipends tor teachers for 1984-65 However, teachers could apply if they had a satisfactory evaluation, three years of experience, and met other .-.tate criteria on degrees and hours of a need land wit ills lugher education war academic training. I .ast May, OSU lu qualify tor career ladt state money remaining 85 $1,500 Two months later, Brown in troduced a payroll plan designed ti pay atl (TSI) career ladder qualifier it re lers ugh The Heir or 1085-86, even if state funds fell hurt like the\ did in 1984-85, The chm board ipplauded and apiose I tho plan which also paid the Ie! \ el s from the 1984-85 school year Hut lh* prize was not without a ' In oi ler to fund everyone, See ( ISI). Page 6A Inside ■ i Jtv PATRICIA YZNAGA KING Kramer, editor and general manager of the Herald. “I feel that Patty will play a major role in further increasing our local news content,” Kramer added. Fire Safety Tip With the cold weather closing in, the New Braunfels Fire Department has a recommendation for you: Have your heaters checked and serviced. After a period of non-use, lint and dust builds up rn the heaters and duct work. Without proper cleaning, these particles may ignite or produce smoke the first time the heaters are used. The first time you light the pilot lights this year, be sure doors and windows are open to provide adequate ventilation. Chimneys for fireplaces also can be a fire hazard Marion youth hurt in football game from soot build-up, if not properly cleaned and serviced. CLASSIFIED 3 10B COMICS 2B CROSSWORD TOA DEAR ABBY 10A OPIN 4A RELIGIOUS FOCUS 5A SPORTS__ 8 9 A STOCKS 2A A 13-year-old football player on Die Marion eighth grade team had to \w taken to McKenna Memorial Hospital for an injury about 8 lo p m. Thursday. Scott Koeliler, a nose guard fur the eighth grade team, was transported by Schertz Emergency Medical Services after he was hit by a .helmet in tile lower rib area, official reports indicate. Koehler was treated and released, a hospital spokeperson said. The injury occurred in the last few immies >t the game against La Vernia, a member of the coaching staff said. Marion lost the game. It t pears he just got a bad bruise, but he will have to be further examined by a doctor and released to play before he can be put back in the game, (he coach said. “We expect he will be back in die game soon though.” Susan Krisher of the Grist Mill trims her Annie Oakley scarcrow Thursday The restaurant is sponsoring a scarecrow contest to benefit Combind Students in the area are urged to create a scarecrow and turn it in to the restaurant between Nov 1 and Dec 5. For Lf SUE I* HIEWAIOT Mf HAI D ZEI TUNG each scarecrow it receives, the Grist Mill wdl donate $5 to Comfund The contest will award prizes for the best traditional scarecrow and the scarecrow that represents folk art For more information, contact the restaurantGetting stuffed ;

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Publication: New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

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Issue Date: October 11, 1985