Tuesday, August 27, 1985

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, August 27, 1985

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 27, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas New Bfaunfels August Shuttle takes off through hole CAPE AP Shuttle Discovery found a hole in the clouds and rocketed away from Earth today minutea before a rainstorm to start a daring salvage mission In which spacewalking astronauts will try to hotwire a derelict The weather conditions were the worst ever for a shuttle The twicedelayed shuttle mission began spectacularly as the 100ton space plane thundered off its launch pad at EOT and dashed high over the Atlantic spewing a 700footlong tail of flame and lighting up the dawn Thats a black Discoverys Joe radioed as the shuttle darted through a large cloud on its way to Discovery got off just in time for a flight in which the fiveman crew la to deploy three communications satellites and try to repair a Five minutes after the hole in the clouds closed and heavy rain deluged the launch A tropical disturbance dumped rain on the space center throughout the early The astronauts wore rain slickers as they left their crew quarters for the eightmile ride to the launch There were some holes in the some very large In SO to 100 miles in said launch director Bob So we bet on the come that we would be able to thread the proverbial needle and get through a break in the weather during the launch window available to Asked if the launch team had violated launch regulations that call for a foot ceiling and no rain or lightning over the shuttle flight Sieck replied If you want to use the term push the but exceed the limit or violate launch It was obviously a marginal but an acceptable He said the ceiling was actually but that the clouds at the lower level were thin and the astronauts could have clearly seen a runway here if they had to make an emergency return shortly after The launch had been set for but when forecasters predicted a hole would be over the launch pad shortly after 7 the launch time was changed to The clock was counted down to nine minutes and was held there while meteorologists watched the The hole the count and Discovery blasted into a pillar of fire against the dark Nine minutes Mission Control Center in Houston reported Discovery was in a secure orbit more than 200 miles racing at more than Samantha Youngster remembered as normal Maine AP Samantha the 13yearold advocate of world peace and aspiring TV actress who died in a plane was a normal youngster who kept her celebrity in say schoolmates and She was such a You couldnt ask for a nicer Sandra who had been Samanthas science said Other students really either liked her or were in awe of She was a really nice person a great said Elizabeth Warren of who shared a locker with Samantha at Maranacook Community She didnt act like she was different from she acted the same as everybody else But Samantha was different enough to ponder superpower relations at the age of 10 and write to thenSoviet leader Yuri Andropov about world By she had visited the Soviet earned an international reputation as an ambassador for peace and embarked upon a career as a TV In her written in the fall of Samantha asked Why do you want to conquer the whole or at least our country Excerpts from the letter appeared in the official Soviet and Andropov wrote back in April saying his country wanted nothing of the The Soviet news agency Tass reported Samanthas death She saw for herself the sincere desire of the Soviet people to live in peace and to prevent nuclear Samantha had been in London filming an ABCTV actionadventure Lime and was returning home with her father when their Bar Harbor Airlines plane crashed and exploded Sunday night as it approached the AuburnLewiston Municipal All eight people on board were In the Samantha played the daughter of an insurance played by Robert Wagner issued a statement from London saying that She touched the and she touched We are quite simply She was such a normal kid in light of all that fame and said her school William But when she heard kids stereotyping shed say she met really nice Preble said Samantha had taking on assignments like going to New York to speak before a large group of In a few miles from the Smiths home in Joseph Brennan said in a statement that Samantha was an inspiration not only to the like but to all of All of America has lost a very special little girl with the tragic death of Samantha Soviet newspapers pay tribute to schoolgirl MOSCOW AP Soviet newspapers paid unusual tribute today to American schoolgirl Samantha the small person with a bold heart whose plea for peace led to a tour of the Soviet Union as the guest of its died in the crash of a commuter plane Sunday in Her letter in fall 1982 led thenSoviet President Yuri Andropov to in vite her to tour the Soviet Union for two weeks the next Samantha will remain in our hearts in the hearts of millions of boys and girls who dream that the sun will shine forever above their said the Communist Youth League paper Komsomolskaya It published a blackbordered article about Samantha with a photograph of her ringing a bell aboard a Black Sea and a reproduction of the cover of her Journey to the Soviet Other national including the Com munist Party daily carried the Tass dispatch saying Samantha and her were aboard a plane that crashed in their home killing all eight people Samantha was eulogized by a Soviet com mentator on national television Monday Her death also was reported during the evening which showed film of the crash Crossword ACROSS 1 Character 5 Going without saying 10 Surmounting 14 Chieftain 15 Crumble ie irsect stage 17 Givcn monikers 19 School type 20 NY island 21 Letter 22 Lab device 23 Time of day 25 Actor Mineo 26 Attired 30 sign 31 German coins 34 Made to go 36 Fossil resin 38 Swim 39 Dessert 42 Honshu bay 43 Jargons 44 Sanctuary 45 Apartment for example 47 Giants great 49 Botherer 50 Animal food 51 Liberates 53 Bible book 55 Tsetung 56 Seizing 61 Scandal 62 Bionomic 64 of Cleves 65 66 Unescorted 67 Kind of hall 68 69even keel DOWN 1 NHL arbiters 2 Leave unsaid 3 Capri coin 4 Former 5 Davis Cup sport 6 Textile screw pine 7 Return 8 That is 9 Trueheart 10 Entreaty 11 Sweetheart 12 Golf tourney 13 Family member informal 18 Sawbuck 24 Wood design 25 Wife of Abraham 26 Preside PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED 27 Sin 28 Woodwinds 29 31 Aviv 32 Persecutes 33 Washedout 35 Go to pot 37 Sew 40 Confederate 41 Diagram 46 Appetites 48 Wyomings Grand 51 Grimaces 52 Downtrend 53 Lilithsmate 54 Possessive 55 Simple 57 Weight unit 58 Pictorial repre sentation 59 Nursemaid 60 Campbell 63 Deceive Cigarette fires set off crusade ARLINGTON AP Hardware store owner Bailey Ruff is He is fed up with He almost lost his store because of a careless Ruff wants a city ordinance to ban smoking in public I nearly lost my business because of a careless said who has owned his hardware store eight Someone left a cigarette burning on a counter top one If one of my employees hadnt we would have closed up and very likely the store would have burned Another time a customer burned a twoinch hole in a store Ruff Im not on any big he But I think its time people are banned from smoking in stores and public The idea was proposed to the Arlingtion City Council in early Its a matter of the health and welfare of City Council member Richard Greene I rounded up the data on the dangers to health that sidestream or second hand smoke can Its pretty Greene wanted to broaden the ordinance to include not only public places but the workplace as 15 miles to the also has a proposed ordinance to ban smoking in public places that will be up for a vote in but it does not include the workplace Arlington City Council member Bill Snider said he is concerned about the I just see it as another aspect of our daily lives that government is trying to Snider I have some problems with govern ment legislation on this Darla owner of Gaylens BarBQ said she resents being required to set up a non smoking section in her If my customers wanted it would be I have never had a single Woman finds family after 49year search Keep an eye on the news in the HeraldZeitung LONG Texas AP A mothers prayers were answered recently when she was reunited with the daughter she gave up for adop tion during the Jean of Long was reunited Saturday with her Tom of her Betty of Penning ton and her Pauline of Castelin said she gave her two daughters up for adoption in 1936 after she was abandoned by her She since has I worried myself to death until Castelin said Saturday at Schnetzers But I am not going to worry any I found my Castelin knew the adoptive parents of and had kept in touch with her through the But she lost all trace of her other daughter until I prayed every I I knew all along that she was just The man upstairs has been good to Castelin Giving her children up for adoption was a difficult thing to but Castelin said she had little My husband walked out on He didnt want the He left and he left us He just walked she I went to the Red Cross and the welfare here in They We cant give you a You are from Thats the hard Castelin said with bit terness creeping into her voice as she remembered the hard times of 49 years Schnetzer said she had always known she had a sister and and had often thought of trying to locate Last she she commented to her husband that it would be nice to finally meet her and he began searching and Castelin said she frequently thought about the daughter she put up for But the adoption papers had been ordered sealed by the CONSUMER PREFERRED SPONSOR OF THE WEEK BANK Texas I Commerce Bank New Braunfels 6257541 Motor Bank at Castell and Coll FEATURED ON YOUR WHITE GREEN PHONE BOOK COVER HvraldZtitung USPS 377880 If you have not received your paper by Tuesday through Friday or by call 6259144 or 6581900 by 7 and 11 Published Sunday morning and Thursday and Friday afternoon by New Braunfels Herald Publishing 186 Castell New TX Second class postage at New Braunfels Herald Publishing 186 Castell New Dave Kramer 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