Sunday, August 25, 1985

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Sunday, August 25, 1985

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 25, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Area 4H Club annual a wards announced Page 8A PL Ji flMi Comal cfs up 3 Canyon cfs down 8 Canyon outflow cfs same Edwards down Canyon Lake level down Page 24B Sports Whos the best AP football poll Page 10A New Braunfels Herald New Texas 168 Sunday August 50 Cents 32 Pages2 Sections Drowning Divers pull mans body from river By SARAH DUKE Staff writer Ernest Lynwood of 149 Village Universal drowned Saturday afternoon in the Guadalupe River while he was swimming with friends near the Preiss Heights Melvin Stewart and Mindy also of Universal were swimming with Bachelor when he Stewart said the three had stopped in Preiss Heights Park to rest and then decided to swim across the told his friends he was not a very good swimmer above the water but could swim well under the Game Warden Neal Etheredge said Bachelor swam about three quarters across the river when he went Stewart and Bachelor were trying to get to a swing hanging above the Stewart said when he reached the other side of the he heard people shouting about a man in Etheredge said this drowning was unusual in that the victim did not call See Page 16A Jesse and Freddie Hansman pull 32yearold Universal City mans body from thefiver Flight 123 30 minutes of terror end in death Night Stalker linked to 14 killings EDITORS NOTE The crash of Boeing 747 on a Japanese flight on 12 was historys worst single plane tragedy This countdown to disaster tells of the struggle to save JAL Flight 123 in the last minutes of life for 520people TOKYO API At Japan Air Lines Flight 123 was 12 minutes out of Tokyos Hancda In ternational Airport and had just reached its cruising altitude of The 12 stewardesses were handing out dolls and snaptogether plastic models of the Boeing 747 to the and beverage service was about to Below in the blue Pacific lay a small island in the fledgling company that would become Japan Air Unes suffered iUs first a leased Martin 202 with 37 on the same TokyoOsaka First Officer Yutaka an experienced copilot on international routes who was nearing the end of training for was acting as Flying copilot was Masami a JAL pilot instructor with more than He was a specialist in the tricky art of con trolling a plane with only engine On this the manifest listed 497 paid 12 infants and a crew of Despite the rush of the annual obon when millions of Japanese travel to attend family reunions and pay respects to there were Slempty At JL123 radioed Reaching night level 240 It was the last routine In the next 19 something At either Takahama or Sasaki pressed the button that sent a 7700 the equivalent of that registered on radar screens at Tokyo Air Control Um immediate turn back to Descend and maintain 220 Transcripts released by Japans Transport which ap parently are not show the Air Control Center immediately told JL123 to maintain magnetic heading 90 meaning directly In the main the passengers had heard a White mist formed by sudden loss of pressure filled the cabin as oxygen masks automatically dropped and a tape began giving instructions for their It was the beginning of 32 minutes of hope and a cockpit struggle to get the big plane under control a struggle that ultimately failed on the forested slope of Mount 70 miles northwest of The crash killed all but four of the 524 people aboard making it the worst singleplane accident in According to the partial tran scripts of radio and cockpit con Takahama and Sasaki died apparently without knowing the nature of the that doomed Investigators have established that See Page 16A LOS ANGELES AP A killer dubbed the Night Stalker who terrorizes suburban homes at night has been linked to 14 murders from Los Angeles to San but officials fear the search for the man may have beon hampered by the release of too much Dental records that may be those of the gaptoothed killer have been sent to more than dentists and a reward has grown to Police would not comment Saturday on reports that the killer scrawled messages on the walls of victims We have definitely tied 14 mur ders to this individual and possibly as many as 33 individual cases in County and the case in San Fran Los Angeles County Sheriff Sherman Block said at a hastily called news conference late police had blamed the attacker for seven murders and 27 including beatings and most in the San Fernando and San Gabriel valley areas of Southern The first assault was reported 8 and the first slaying March Block criticized San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein for telling reporters that last weekends murder of San Francisco resident Peter and the attempted murder of his wife had been linked to the Night Stalker through ballistics Feinstein revealed the results of ballistics tests Friday as she an nounced that she was adding to a reward fund for information leading to the capture of the at The fund now stands at She declined to elaborate on the caliber of the murder gun or any See Page 16A Long distance choice must be made By SUSAN HAIRE Managing Editor Area residents have about a week to decide which long distance carrier will handle their long distance If no decision is made in that residents will be assigned a Andrew vice president of Texas National Communications in New warned residents that they should make the decision on which carrier to If they Southwestern Bell will make that decision for He added that a list of local long distance carriers should have ac companied their last months telephone along with the in formation of the need to choose a long distance I woud he that area residents call the companies on the list and inquire into their service and Then they need to decide which service best fits their needs and send in the form provided by Bell in the Inside Todays Weather Another sunny and hot day is forecast for today and Saturday with temperatures expected to reach the upper90s or Temperatures should drop to the mid 70s Thursdays high was 98 this mornings low was Sunset will be at amd sunrise will be at School news Everything you wanted to know about whats happening in area A new feature of the Herald See Page If they he Bell is required to randomly select a long distance carrier for them and it may not be the type of service you Watson also noted that area residents need to be careful of long distance calling within latas areas of service designated by the telephone Those latas are listed on page 20 of the new telephone What happens is that if you dont use your identification code from your long distance carrier for calling within your lata San Antonio is within the New Braunfels area you will automatically routed through Southwestern That means any discounts you obtain through your long distance will be You will pay the Bell long distance Dont call 1plus if you want those he He pointed that 1 plus dialing could be used outside the lata without incurring the additional but added that 90 percent of the phone calls an average person makes will be inside the According to all the changes in the phone system is part of the courtordered Rare breed Cathy Teufel exercises a 2yearold Peruvian Ken and Cathy Teufel own Doe Valley where they raise rare There are DEBYl only of these type of horses in the See story and Page