Thursday, July 25, 1985

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, July 25, 1985

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - July 25, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas 4A New Bfaunfels July o pinions HaraldZeitui Dave Editor and General Manager Susan Managing W KU BROKE INTO NORAPS 5W7EW AGAIN RJ Mike Royko Intimidation is not the way funds should be raised The Republicans have a well deserved reputation for being masters at raising money through the The partys numerous fundraising arms have developed the com puterized letters and mass mailings to an art They know just what buzzwords to use to raise the frightful specter of liberals and other peacemongers rising up and seizing the White the the House and the local sheriffs office and giving it all away to the As Ive written in the they can be so persuasive that they ocassionally stampede people into contributing more than they can There as an the senile old guy in California who managed to land on just about every Republican computer list in the causing him to be bom barded with pleas and demands for more and more He gave and gave until he wiped out his savings and was down to writing bad checks and foraging in garbage cans before his family found out what After the case was a few of the Republican groups refunded his but some just said they didnt trust his relatives to spend it as wisely as they we have the case of an old lady being almost frightened out of her wits by the threat of her name being turned over to President Reagan himself if she failed to send in a The letter was from the Republican Presidential Task which is a formal sounding name for political hustlers who raise money for Senate Not long this elderly lady who lives in a nursing home and once contributed to the received her most recent And it had her in a The signed by Rodney said In exactly 30 days I have been instructed to submit a Membership Status Report to President Reagan on the Presidential Task And unless 1 hear from you im mediately I will be forced to place your name on the Delinquent Member Ledger that I send to the President Reagan and the leadership of the Republican Party are extremely concerned about the Task They know that 100 percent active membership is ab solutely essential if we are to maintain our razorthin Senate Ive had our Comptroller enclose a statement showing our recent attempts to renew your I want you to know that an updated copy of this statement will have to be reflected in my report to the It went on to tell her that if she sent she could avoid being tattled on to the Before the old lady could go into shock at being on a Delinquent Member Ledger that would be seen by the President one of her relatives calmed her But the relative sent the letter on to me with a few angry comments This letter is absolutely inex cusable Im sure my 85yearold motherinlaw expected to be rushed off to jail if she did not immediately send the most sophisticated and intelligent seniors can be absolutely terrified by the we called the Republican Presidential Task Force office in Washington and asked them why they were scaring little old Or at least this particular little old That was an a spokesperson to get former members who had not renewed to renew right We wanted to indicate the urgency of their But it sounded so I admit the wording is rather But its purpose is to em phasize the Its not meant to imply that were going to penalize Who wrote the the guy who signed it and said he was going to turn the old dolls name over to President Reagan if she didnt send in a tenspot we have directmail people who write these so it is basically a In stead of a Task what we have is some hired sit ting at a computer com posing sneakymean Mailbag Reader objects to editorial cartoons To the Editor Re Coach Bakers cartoon of July Perhaps it is time he return to drawing Xs and Os on some lockerroom His cartoons are consistently unimaginative and replete with innuendoes and half Perhaps it would be better for the Herald to employ a pseudo intellectual cartoonist rather than an antiintellectual John Curtis Foolishness has its own reward To the Editor Why all the recent and surely vain hullabaloo about the cliff jumping fools They in any be deterred by whatever means as they pursue their The Fool Killer serves a useful function he lies in intently tracking fools in their folly until the supreme folly Zap Their loss is no detriment to our society the foolish genes cannot then be passed on and thus the breed shall be George Ronay Mailbag policy The HeraldZeitung welcomes the opinions of its and were happy to publish letters to the While readers opinions on local issues generally are of more in terest to other we welcome letters on any topic national or in ternational that the writer chooses to Content will not prevent publication unless the letter is judged to be potentially All letters to the editor should be signed and authorship must be verifiable by j WHATS UP I TO LB7 YOU KNOW THAT SINK IM HAVIN6 A SINGULARITY A IMPORTANT OCCASIONJHAT THIS 15 SO EMBARRASSING TO CMON SPIT I ACHINAPATTW w James Kilpatrick Chalk anothe one up for ou furry friends WASHINGTON Early in the morning of May members of the Animal Liberation Front broke into the Head Injury Clinical Research Center at the University of They stole more than 60 hours of video tapes of animal experiments and launched cam paign to halt further federal grants to the Last week they could claim a wellwon The story of the laboratory break in created a small flurry last sum Clinic officials and university spokesmen stoutly defended the James director of the National Institutes of was quoted in Science magazine in June The he is considered one of the best laboratories in the Ixist week lie appeared to have suspended that The animal lovers who stole the videotapes edited the 60 hours down to a 30minule Under the auspices of PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of the 30minutc film was selectively cir I watched it a few days and though 1 am no anti 1 found it Half a dozen members of Congress viewed They wrote to Margaret secretary of health and human demanding that the experiments be The gover nment at long last began to pay at The story goes back about 13 to the time that medical doctors at the University of Pennsylvania got their first federal grant for head injury One series of ex periments involved enclosing a test animals head in a hard plastic positioning the head in a machine that delivers a piston blow of up to 1000 and then chipping off the helmet with hammer and The braindamaged primate is then subjected to various some of them involving recent and finally the animal is killed and its brain tissues and fluids If the research were done carefully and perhaps a case could be made for Whiplash injuries are serious Brain concussion is no trivial But PETA spokesmen charge that the research was not being ethically They for one that the anesthetic used in the S e r n a 1 y n phencyclidine or was inadequate to prevent the animals from suffering serious They charged that the lab assistants were violating rules having to do sterile The hamiil blows to remove the protctf they affect whatever findings that might disclosed by later The stolen film shows animals various levels of brain depicts researchers as having I really fun One lab assist flops a dazed baboon around a He waves to ragdoll arms and about the trainer who taught hi how to do those I Over in a corner is a baboon Hf who gazes at the camera in misri you can B10 is watching i hoping for a good mockery provokes a big Oth researchers try to make an anm shake This is Youre going to rescue from arent it was high time for someu to rescue these baboons from t hands of their Urn pressure from PI I A and t shocked congressman Wyngaanl who originally had stonewalled I project a month ago nanud committee to Wednesday the committee filed i preliminary There had be material failure lo comply public health policy for the care at use of laboratory Tl committee was especially critical anesthetic There h been inadquate supervision ai training of lab Secretary Heckler did not upon a final She telephoni Wyngaarden Thursday morning i say she was suspending the fedeii grants at If the outraged members have anything to say abut it and they do the funding will b halted for Fine with After 13 years an whats to be gained b bashing in the brains of mm baboons According in published papers have been moslly mild academic though th researchers analysis of brain fliml may have proved useful in treat in some human head Tli whole unhappy business smacks grantmanship at its most avarieiou Get the and never mind Hi poor Hecklers suspension orde provides a belated victory for tl cause of humane but bettt late than As the baboons gai1 through painfilled eyes at these jell lab animal lovers may yt find the satisfaction in a rhetoric question Whos got the last laui now Your representatives Edmund Kuempel Texas House of Representatives Box 2910 Texas 78769 JohnTraeger Texas Senate Capitol Station Texas 78711 Lloyd Bentsen United States Senate Room 240 Russell Bldg 20510 Phil Gramm United States Senate Washington 20510 Mark White Governors Office Room 200 State Capitol Texas 78701 Tom Loeffler House of Representatives 1212 Long worth House Office Bldg 20515 Mac Sweeney Guadalupe County House of Representatives 20515