Friday, July 19, 1985

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 26

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Text Content of Page 26 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, July 19, 1985

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - July 19, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas 146 NewBraunfels July Crossword ACROSS 1 Cysts 5 Sloping walk 9 Celebrated 14 Buck heroine 15 Essays of 16 Detached 17 Arm bone 18 Form 20 Musical get together 22 Deleted 23 Some Farm animal Cubic meter 26 Companion High hills 28 Kids game 31 Eyesores 34 Upper house 35 River Flat boat Sharpened 38 Wither 39 Against Brogue parts 41 Contends OK 42 Letter 43 Conjoin 44 Bar bill Watched 47 Hardtop 48 unit 51 Fur bearers 53 Of shepherds 55 Marching groups 57 Single 58 Recipient 59 Emancipated 60 The East 61 Equine 62 Blab out 63 Achievement DOWN 1 March King 2all as a whole 3 Ingenious 4 Stump 5 Shrink 6 Onward 7 Vase type 8 Dance step 9 Least biased 10 Church area 11 Rodent catcher 12 Being 13 Sign over 19 Foursome 21 Baths 25 Sound units PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED LCR concerned over move to decrease water rights 26 Beloved 27 Canon 29 Lieutenant 30 Runs 31 Disagreement 32 Melody 33 Inward 34 Stable 37 Forthright 38 Watch pocket 40 Played the bagpipes 41 Sulky 44 Ornament 46 Martinique peak 47 Dromedary 48 Mounted 49 Fixed idea 50 Fold 51 Ends partner 52 Gait 53 Cut down 54 Norse king 56 Lizard AUSTINCiting their statutory obligations for the protection of all water users in the lower Colorado River officials of the Lower Colorado River Authority this week expressed concern over a proposed Final Order by the Texas Water Commission which could dramatically reduce LCRAs water A hearing on LCRAs exceptions to the proposed Final Order which follows a decade of review by the states water board of the Colorado River watershed was held July 10 in A decision is expected later this month when the water com mission meets again on this As a conservation district responsible for managing the water resources of the lower Colorado we feel strongly that the reduction of our water rights to a worst possible case scenario based on record drought conditions would greatly hinder our ability to carry out our responsibilities to the people who Whooping cough warning given There is currently an outbreak of whooping cough in Public Health Region Whooping cough is a serious disease which can occur in a person at any preschool children and babies are at greater To protect your check their immunization They should have received 4 DTP by 18 months of If your child is behind or if you suspect your child has whooping contact your physician or the Health Depart We have had 25 cases of whooping cough in Dear Abby Unending Family Discord Builds On One Sour Note DEAR ABBY The letter regarding the expensive piece of jewelry that disappeared while a teenaged relative was visiting brought back some bitter When my son was he and an older cousin Ill call Bobby were playing in Bobbys fathers Bobbys a had left her uniform in the back seat of that and when she retrieved five bills were missing from the Both boys denied ever being in the back seat of that but later Bobby changed his story and said that my son had been in the back The scene that took place when my son was confronted by those holierthanthou relatives I shall never forget if I live to be My dear mother repeatedly offered my son if he would only confess to taking the My with tears in his repeatedly refused her I didnt take any I knew my son was innocent and prayed nightly that someday the truth would be Many years when my brothers family moved to a new a dusty bucket was found in the corner of the And in it were five very moldy bills They told my mother about this but to this daymy who is now has never had an apology from any of his t I write this to urge the owner of the piece of jewelry that disappeared mysteriously to refrain from jumping to any as false accusa tions can ruin a lifetime of family IT HAPPENED IN TEXAS DEAR IT HAPPENED Your poignant letter is sure to awaken In many adults the painful memory of having been falsely accused as a Thanks for DEAR ABBY A reader wrote to complain that she was made to feel unwelcome at a public swimming pool because she refused to shave her hairy I would be interested to see in the civil it explains why a man may go topless at a public peach or but a woman may Why is it that mens breasts some of which are larger than some womens are OK to expose to public but womens are not Isnt this sex discrimination FED UP WITH ANTIQUATED LAWS PEAR FED UP In accordance with the cultural standards in our country right or there are certain parts of the male and female anatomy that may not be exposed to public And regardless of their the female breasts are one should J say two of DEAR READERS Hows this for a humbling exchange DEAR ABBY We know youre bombarded with Your mail likely runs into After picking the questions to Must they always be answered with puns Your wisdom we value most Your witty responses are us We love IJear spare The nonsensical pun TOM IN CAMBRIDGE DEAR TOM Writing would be much less Without the nonsensical I know you abhor But others adore You 10 million to JJJJJ JJJ JJAJJJJJtJJT New Braunfels National Bank MEMBER VICTORIA BANK I invites you to listen to backward glance at where we in Comal County have been and where we are now Sunday Mornings at 9 on 1420 Sunday July featuring Ruth Encore CoSponsored by 1000 North Lobby Hours MondayThursday DriveThru Hours MondayFriday Saturday Fullservice backing your deposits insured to by the Federal Deposit Insurance Phone 6238597 Braunfels NATIONAL BANK Add Up Years of experience add And Henry Martin has been with Southwestern Life for 12 Were proud of Henrys achievements and congratulate him on this Henrys experience and knowledge add up to more expertise for HENRY MARTIN 353 Landa New 78130 6252343 Southwestern Life People with Answers depend on our management of this said LCRA General Manager Elof We feel that the water ad judciation process is necessary but we also feel that it should be an inventory process of existing water not an authorization to reduce or increase existing water rights If redistribution is then there are other ways of doing that through the Texas Water Soderberg This has been the procedure in the past and we feel the Texas Water the State agency that governs all state will continue this policy after studying all the Above we are concerned that the final adjudcialion reflect how the total system LCRA was set up to manage and distribute the waters of the lower Our water rights at the time of the formation of the Highland Lakes represented the flow of the and it was our resposibility to handle those water Horoscope rights up and down the Those were the rules and regulations we were LCRA officials also entered ex ceptions with the Water Commission to the water rights claimed by the City of The Austin issue is only part of the total said LCRA Director of Water Resources Bill but it has farreaching im plications for all the communities in the lower Colorado from upstream to the Gulf The city of Austin is claiming water rights based on an act of the legislature in 1891 which set up the city and gave them many West The existing Water Code does not recognize those water The executive director of the Texas Department of Water Resources has agreed with the LCRA legal staff that the Water Code does not recognize the language in the 1891 Since its founding 50 years West LCRA has greatly enhanced the capacity of the Colorado River to support the growing The city of Austin has benefited from our management of the as have the people of the district and every one of the water rights holders on the We feel they should pay for the benefits just like any other water We are very hopefulk that the Texas Water Commission will recognize the accomplishments of and the effects of this ad judciation process on all those in the LCRAs 10county statutory water district includes the following counties San and Among other the enabling legislation of 1936 charges LCRA to distribute and sell the waters of the Colorado By Stella Wilder JULY IS Bonn you possess more than your share of common and the ability to examine situa tions from a pragmatic At the same you are often of bulb and it is at these moments when you make the decisions that most strongly affect your life and the lives of those close to you Howev you sometimes find it difficult to trust these intuitive and you risk achievement as you attempt to justify action through unnecessary rationale A pathfinder at you may givs lull expression to your talents m the arts or sciences research take care that you do not close yourself off from family anti Whenever possi involve them m your and accept contributions Also born on this date are author Vikki To see wha is in store for you find your birthday and read the corresponding Let your birthday star be your daily guide JULY 20 CANCER June 21July 22 A decision youve avoided making may suddenly become clear Follow through with LEO July 22 Your sense of fun and adventure is awak ened by someone elses Now may be the time to jump into something VIRGO 22 Expectation and anticipation may be unusually strong today Enjoy yourself as you await the big event LIBRA 22 You may receive some bad news Take a broader view and you may come to see inherent SCORPIO 21 You may have to use a particular talent against anothers will if you are to prevail in a threatening situ SAGITTARIUS 21 The turn of events may catch you off When the dust reassess your contribution to scene CAPRICORN Put your best foot forward boldly All eyes are on you caution may diminish AQUARIUS 18 A good day for Impulsive change may thrust you out of doldrums into more pos itive phase PISCES 19March 20 You seek calm Meditative pursuits may help you feet more in touch with ARIES March 21April 19 Harmony in your surroundings is a necessity but do not depend upon externals for solace and clari ty TAURUS April 20May 21 Recent struggles begin to wind down and draw to a Take a deep breath all will be GEMINI May 21June 20 Moodiness must be avoided if you are to take full advantage of situa tion at A clear head is essen tial DOUBLE BARREL SALE OUTDOOR RATTAN FURNITURE f OUR PRICES HAVE BEEN BLASTED FOR THIS SUPER CLEARANCE SALE 96 96 SUNDAY 12 noonePM SAVE RATTAN OUR HIGHEST QUALITY RATTAN FURNISHINGS AT REAL CLOSEOUT NEVER BEFORE HAVE WE OFFERED SUCH QUALITY AT SUCH LOW PRICES FOR THOSE PEOPLE THAT DESERVE THE VERY BEST THIS SALE IS FOR YOU GAME SETS SOFAS SLEEPER SOFAS DEN BEDROOM FURN SAVE OUTDOOR TWO TRUCKLOADS OF OUR FINEST OUTDOOR FUR NISHINGS ARRIVED 60 DAYS WE MUST CLEAR THESE VERY BEST DINING PATIO LOUNGES GLIDER LOVE SEATS AND MUCH EXCELLENT STYLING AND COLORS FOR THOSE LOOKING FOR VALUE AT THE LOWEST 3702 IH 35 6250221 New the s PATIO H AUS Call the Herald Classifieds 59144