Thursday, July 18, 1985

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 10

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Text Content of Page 10 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, July 18, 1985

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - July 18, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas utdoors July 10A Guadalupe River park a gem for camping Briefly By CHARLES PARSONS Outdoors writer With what Is undoubtedly the finest state parks systems in the Texas offers unlimited opportunities for residents and visitors to hunt and generally enjoy the Even though the immediate area has a number of recreational areas and there are several state parks which should not be overlooked as the summer winds One favorite is Guadalupe River State which is approximately 40 miles west of New Braunfels on Texas The which opened in has acres and includes 1 miles of river With four this is the Guadalupe at its best limestone bald cypress trees and clear Visitors can enjoy outdoor ac tivities like picnicking and camping in u Scale 5 anies X OUADALUPt RIVERA TO NEW BRAUNFELS TO SAN ANTONIO the as well as less vigorous pursuits like birdwatching and nature The most beautiful part of the park is the dayuse picnic which has 50 picnic sites and ample For longer 48 sites are available for recreational vehicles and 37 sites are available for tent campers and 20 sites are available for walkin tent Drinking water and sanitary facilities are provided in the picnic and camping areas and the restrooms at the multiuse and tent areas have The Guadalupe lined by huge cypress is the parks outstanding natural As previously the river winds over four natural rapids and two steep limestone bluffs indicate its awesome erosive Trees to be observed include the elm willow and hackberry in the lower Away from the oak and Juniper are including one area of virgin Ashe juniper that provides nesting habitat for the rare golden cheeked Animals to be seen include white tailed gray armadillo and along with many smaller The staff and facilities are all excellent and the short drive is well worth the Additional information and reser vations can be obtained by calling the park superintendent at Stamp collecting offers indoor hunting A series of outdoorsrelated stamps highlight the 1985 philatelic One of the new issues is a four block set of 22cent duck along with other com memorative are available at the main post Sets available for starting an animaltheme stamp collection in clude Animals and Creatures of the Sea and the American Wildlife Calaveras stocked with corvinas Lake Calaveras at the southeast edge of San Antonio was stocked with almost fingerlingsized hybrid corvinas during the past two according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife The fish are hybrid crosses bet ween the orangemouth corvina from Californias Salton Sea and spotted seatrout which are native to Texas coastal Anglers already are catching the first hybrid corvinas releases in the lake last Those fish are now in excess of two according to biologist John Dove hunt offered at Las Palomas The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is offering a public hunt for whitewinged doves at two units of its Las Palomas Wildlife Management Prospective hunters must obtain application forms from TPWD headquarters in or by calling tollfree Completed applications must be returned to Austin by 5 Dates for both hunts are A fee of will be charged each applicant A total of 100 permits will be issued for hunts on the Anacua located southwest of Harlingen in Cameron Hunter success during the hunt there last year was birds per and last years applicants had a one in six chance of being The other area is the Ocotillo which will be hunted for the first time since the site was acquired this year by the The unit is located along the Rio Grande north of Ruidosa in Presidio Fishing report AUSTIN API Here it the report compiled by the Parka and Wildlife Department CENTRAL BASTROP Water 88 normal level black ban fairly good to 414 pounds on topwaters Limber Lures at night hybrid striper fair to 10V4 pounds on white slabs at spoons crapplo alow catfish fair to pounds on jug and limbllnes with live BUCHANAN Water 79 four feet low black bass good to three pounds on black jig striper good to 10 pounds trolling yellow jigs white bass good to 35 fish per string jigging with white slabs in 40 feet of water crapple good to 25 par string at night on minnows catfish good to 20 pounds on trotline with FAYETTE Water normal level black bass good to eight pounds In fair numbers on dark worms crappie fairly good catfish good to 30 pounds on jugllne with live GIBBONS CREEK Water 84 three feet low black bass fairly slow to seven pounds on topwaters deep diving lures later crappie very good to four pounds to 17 fish per string on minnows white bass alow catfish fair to 10 pounds from average two LBJ Water 81 normal level black bass good to two 12 ounces on black worms striper flood to 12 pounds on white Hellbenders white bass good but small to 15 fish early catfish good to 16 pounds on trotline with LIMESTONE Water to 78 10 inches low black bass slow and small on black worms and black lizards striper slow crappie good in mldlaka In deep water with strings to 60 fish In two hours early on minnows white bass good to 25 fish in same area on jigs catfish good but not In good SOMERVILLE Water normal level black bass fairly slow crappie good to 15 fish per string on jigs white bass good on shrimp and jigs to 20 fish per string catfish fairly TRAVIS Water 82 10 feet low black bass fair to pounds on topwaters early and late on smoke glitter grubs and frogs midday striper slow crappie slow catfish fair to nine pounds on rod and reel in the Bee Creek area on live NORTHEAST ATHENS Water 78 three inches below full black bass fair to six 11 ounces In 2025 feet of water on dark worms white bass fairly good schooling on surface on chrome or white baits crappie fair with strings to 15 fish on minnows around brush piles catfish excellent to nine pounds at night on trotline and rod and reel bream good around tire reefs on BOB SANDLIN Water 80 normal level black bass slow on black worms and plug worms in 30 feet of water crappie good under bridges to 26 feet per string early and late and at night catifsh good to 30 pounds on Hotlines with live BRIDGEPORT Water feet low black bass good to pounds in good numbers points and weedbeds on worms and hybrid striper good In around Methodist and Boy Scout Camps white bass mixed in with hybrids with stringers to 30 fish crappie excellent with to 50 fish In 16 feet of water suspended at 810 feet on minnows CADDO Water eight inches low black bass fair to two on Beetle hybrid striper stow crappie fair to 1tt along mossbeds In river on bream slow catfish CEDAR CREEK Water lightly 81 10 low black stow striper In open water fair dey and night In 30 feat of water with to 36 fith whin bass stow channel catfifh fairly good to on rod and trotline blue cttfish yellow catfish fair to 38 on north end of CYPRESS SPRINGS Wvttr 82 level black faJr to on purple motcroll good early and new djm on with to 20 catfbh fair to alght on trotiie baited with FORK Water 83 normal black good to on plum and Sldawindart real good undar and wan of dam and Urta Caney in 1616 aat of water on bah with to good to 17 LAKE 0 THE PINES Water N fiva low Mack good to 6 on fair to on cqpplt slow fair to six on trotUna baitad with MARTIN CREEK Watar 19 tow Mack slow hybrid stow alow catfiah fat to 20 on trotline with brejm and MONTlcaLCh Waw 1Q2 Local report Lake McQueeney Catfish and bass fishing is excellent on the The bass are biting on just about anything and the catfish are biting on The rest of the fishing is about courtesy of McQueeney Canyon Lake Stripers are fair to about 15 but the largemouth and smallmouth bass are The channel cat are while white bass fishing is fairly courtesy of Canyon Lake ounce on Killer Bee crank in 10 feet of water crappie slow catfish good to 13 pounds on MOSS LAKE Water 79 normal level black bass poor crappie poor white bass fair trolling on Bayou Boogie catfish MURVAUL Water eight Inches low black bass fair to eight 15 many fives on grape worms in flats off main creek channel crappie slow catfish good to five pounds In main creek channel on trotline and jugllnes in wooded areas on live bait and drifting nightcrawlers and PALESTINE Water 79 10 inches tow black bass fair to six seven ounces on blue ringworms striper fair to six pounds on lower end of lake crappie fair on minnows and jigs catfish fair to pounds on rod and RAY HUBBARD Water 86 one foot low black bass good to pounds on black worms in river channel in eight feet of water hybrid striper and striper good to 16 pounds on live bait trolling near dam to 10 fish per boat crappia slow white bass good to pounds on slabs and castmasters around Robinson Park and river bridges catfish fair drifting shrimp in 10 feet of TAWAKONI Water normal level black bass fair to good to six pounds on worms striper fair to four pounds on Lil spoons crappie fair at night 30 feet of water on minnows cetfish good to 30 pounds on trotline and live TEXOMA Water 84 normal level black bass good on Bush Hog spinners to five pounds striper good to 22 pounds on live bait end trolling Hellbenders white bass fair crappie slow catfish excellent to 25 on jug and uotline with live WELSH Water 96 normal level black bass good to eight five ounces on strawberry eightinch worms crappie catfish SOUTHEAST CONROE Water 8 Inches black bass fairly some good mostly small on chrome and in 1030 feet of water striperhybrid and white ban slow crappie sporty 1820 feet of water around bridge pillars catfish good eight pounds on trotline brim good griM carp HOUSTON COUNTY Water 78 normal level black bass good to 10 K pounds on live perch hybrid stirper stow crappls very good near dam white bess slow catfish fairly good to 13 pounds on live LIVINGSTON Water 86 normal level black bass fair to 4 4 pounds on cranks and grape worms striper fair in lake to 12 pounds trolling deep diving lures with jig white bass fair to 125 fish per day on spoons and dabs crappie fair suspended in 812 feet of water channel catfish good to 2H blue catfish good to 26 pounds on stinkbait yellow cat good to 80 RAYBURN Water two feet black bass improving to six pounds over moss beds on topwaters snd plastic worms stripers slow In Iske white bass good schooling over lake to 100 fish per string catfish fair to 3 pounds on trotline crappla good to 200 fish per TOLEDO BEND Water normal level black bass slow to pounds on tiny torpedo and worms striper real good to 26 pounds near dam on redfins and Toledo jig crappie slow white bais slow catfish slow brim real good on SOUTH AMISTAD Water 82 22 feet low black bass slow striper very good to 23 pounds on bananaheads with shad bodies catfish good to four pounds on shrimp BRAUNIG Water 90 eight inches above normal black bass very several fives on plastic bleck or neon worms with but all below 21inch minimum striper sir two pounds on chicken liver redfish stowing average 10 largest 23 pounds catfish fair to three pounds on and CALAVERAS Water 86 normal level black bass good to 4 H pounds on black worms in fair numbers striper good to three pounds on silver spoons some redfish but all undersized first creppie In over a year to 2 pounds on shiner yellow catfish stow to 26 pounds blue catfish fair to two pounds on cutbait corvina slow to three pounds on silver COLETO CREEK Wster 84 normal level black bass fair and mostly under 16 largest was poundi on worms striper slow crappie fair to 1 pounds In brush areas on minnows at night catfish good to 4 pounds on bloodbait In eight feet of FALCON Wster 26 feet and holding steady black bass stow some to six pounds on worms striper fair near dam to 10 pounds jigging white bass fairly good around state park catfish good but small on frozen MEDINA Wster 19 feet low black ban fairly good to seven many fours around Bobs Cove and Goat Hill Camp on purple worms and minnows crappla good at night with good stringers around Antone Hollow white bass and catfish TEXANA Lake 82 normal level black bass good In Navidad and in Jungle area north of Highway 59 to four pounds on black worms and buzz baits striper fslr In Navidad crappie end white bass good In Navidad snd Highline area cetfish fslr to five pounds on smaller on rod and reel from WEST FORT PHANTOM HILL Water murky due to six feet low black bass ilow catfith slow and GREENBELT RESERVOIR Water 78 normsl level black bass stow white bess good early and late on topwaters on Uttte Cleo and Sidewinder walleye fair to four pounds on nightcrawlers and jifli crappie slow blue catfish good to 10 pounds channel catfish good to 2 pounds on wster shrimp and night HUBBARD CREEK Wster 78 eight feet tow black bess fairly good to 4S4 pounds on spinners hybrid striper real good to 10 pounds trolling on fourounce silver spoons in 30 feet of wstar crappie improving some to 20 fish per string early and late white bass plentiful on lures and minnows to 25 fish per string catfish fairly good on trotline to three POSSUM KINGDOM Water normal level black bass good to four pounds on Jit Hula Poppers and worms in deeper water worked slow striper stow crappie slow white bess airly good catfish good to three pounds on trotlines with minnows and RED BLUFF Water 78 17 feet tow black bass stow hybrid striper sir to si pounds trolling Hot Spots end Speck Rigs near dam white bass fair In same area catfish WHITE RIVER LAKE Water muddy due to high winds normal level bleck bass fair to seven pounds seven ounces otherwise fishing gentrsUy COASTAL PORT OCONNOR Redfish to 10 poundi st jetties surf producing good trout to three pounds scattered trout to 1 H pounds at wells trout good to two pounds on reefs in beck bays live bait good kings plentiful good ling and The Professionals In Commercial And Residential Roofing All Over Central Texas For Nearly 40 Years GUI IN StCOlN PUBLIC NOTICE General Telephone Company of the in accordance with the Rules of the Public Utility Commission of hereby gives notice that a Private Coin Service Tariff has been filed with the Public Utility Commission 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