Friday, July 12, 1985

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, July 12, 1985

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - July 12, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas ious focus July 6A struggles of life strengthen faith in God By ROBERT Johns Episcopal Church An interesting Lots of folks talk about Some people claim to have Some people they had Some people say you and I should have We speak of blind and a leap of faith accepting something beyond our ability to We have faith in faith in faith in and religious We Whats it all mean Whats required And does it make a dif anyway The author of Hebrews defines faith this way faith is the assurance of things hoped the conviction of things not The assurance of things hoped for Thats a strange mixture of Being of something and at the same time hoping forit seems The words seem im how can we be convinced of things we have not seen Thats the nature of thats part of the paradox of Again in the author directs us to the lives and ex periences of our who like hoped and were convinced of things yet How Abraham went forth to find the land of Because God had faith in so Abraham displayed his faith in And so it was with Issac and Jacob who And there was trusting Gods promise of a while clinging to her In due time she conceived and there were descendants born many as the stars in the just as God had hope faithful Faithful hope that is based on the promises of God those fulfilled in the and those awaiting fulfillment in the They You gotta have faith right But you cant buy and you cant earn it You it is the nature of God to be and loyal to And these this trust and become ours as a free gift from To accept this is to receive the gift of a gift given in the hope that we will be trusting and loyal to the relationship between God and the is There is Faith is both a and While freely bestowed and revealed to us by it is also a because it calls forth from us risk and decision and We for if we struggle with it is evitable we will encounter doubt Thats a test of ones a challenge to our and yet a chance to decide about our belief our faith And thats because struggle we must It is a struggle that we have inherited from those believers before Worship at the church of your choice Auamblea Oe Oloi Spanish Assembly ol 255 W Commerce Sunday school evangelistic service Saturday Blbta Baptiit Church 235 Ervenberg Ave Sunday school 10 worship It a m and 7 Wednesday service p m Calvary Baptiit 566 Highway 81 W Sunday school 10 am worship 11 am and 6 Wednesday service 7pm Church of 1665 Highway 81 W Bible classes lor 9 worship 10 evening worship and childrens Bible hour 6 p m Wednesday classes 7pm Nursery available Church of Jaiui Chriit of tartar Day 2386 W San Antonio St Priesthood meeting society young women 9 a m primary 9 Sunday school 10 a sacrament a m Crott Luthtran Church Missouri South Hickory and Cross Streets Sunday school and adult Bible Sam worship 1015 a m Baptiit 983 Holly St Sunday school 945am and worship 11am Vivo Baptist Church Garner Ha Santa Clara and Guentner Streets Sunday school 9 30 p m worship 10 45 am church training 6 prayer meeting Wednesday 7 at 498 Liberty Firth Unltad Church of 970 Loop 337 Church school worship 10 30 Fellowship Church Solms and Mormngside Sunday school 945 worship 11am and 6 p rn First Assembly of 1687 Highway 81 W Sunday school 945 am worship 1045 a m and 7 Wednesday service 7 Pint Baptist 733 Cross Sunday school worship and 7 Wednesday dinner Bible study and prayer service First Church of Christ 137 Mill Sunday service Sunday school Wednesday service Child care First Church of 1465 Interstate 35 Sunday school am worship a m and First Praibytarian 272 S Sunday fellowship a m worship 11 am and 7 First Protestant United Church of Segum and Coll Streets Worship 8 and a m church school 9am First United Methodist Church 572 W San Antonio Church school worship 830 and 1050 am youth activities 6pm Freedom Fellowship 330 Hack Christian growth class 8 30 am teaching worship 11 Wednesday meeting 7pm Orien Valley Apostolic Tabernacle 104 Melody Sunday school 10 evagenlistic service 7 Bible study p m Harmony Baptist 1472 Highway 46 S Sunday school a m worship 11 and 7 p m Bible study 6 p m Wednesday prayer meeting p m Holy Family Catholic 245 Hidalgo Saturday Mass 5 Sunday Mass Spanish and 5 Iglesla Bethel Pentecostal 38N Grape St Sunday and Wednesday Sunday school 10 and worship and noon Monday prayer meeting Lakeside Baptiit FM Sunday school worship 11 and 7 Wednesday Bible study and prayer meeting 7 Live Oak 335 Sunday school worship 11 Living Word 1254 Highway 81 Sunday worship 10 and 7 Wed nesday service 7 Minion Pentecoita Church 129 School Servtc es Saturday and Sunday 7 30 p m New Braunfals Christian Loop Sunday school worship church New Braunfeli Foursquare Gospel onefourth mile from Interstate 35 on FM Sunday 10 worship 11 Wednesday worship New Braunfels Presbyterian 373 Church school worship 9 45 and 11 Nursery provided New Braunfali Seventh Day Adventlst 2990 San Antonio St Sabbath school Saturday worship Saturday Northsldi Church 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nursery 10 evening service 7 p Wednesday Bible study 1111 Gardenia and 307 Pastor Tom Siefert Tree of Life 125 Highway 81 W Sunday services and 7 Wednesday service 7 p m Bracken Unlud Mtthodlit FM 2252 Sunday Khool 9 30 a m church service 10 45 am Bulvarda Bipllit PO Bon 43 Sunday worship and Christian ironing 6 Wad naaday sarvica 7pm Bulvarda Unltad Maihodlst Highway 28 North and Ciboto Creek Sunday ichool am church service Canyon Ukt Unlud Mathodlst Flinlstone Canyon Lake Mobil Home Eltatai Sunday ichool 915 worthip am Chapel In the Cove interdenominational Cypreu Cove Club Houia Worihip 9 Church of FM 3159 and FM 2673 Bible clan 10 am Sunday worihip 11 am and Wednesday service 7 Church In the Valley interdenominational1 Deep Canyon Chuich school S am worship Bible itudy 7 p Church In the Wlldwood Assembly ol FM 2673 The Oaks Sunday ichool 10 worship 10 SO a and p m Crenei Mill Baptiit FM 2673 at Staruville Sunday Bible itudy worihip 1045 am Wedneiday Bible study and prayer pm Nursery provided Frledeni United Church of Geronimo Church ichool 9 worihip lervice First Baptiit Horieinoe haul Estates Sunday ichool worihip and 6 Ndriery Qethiamane Baptiit Startzville Community Center Sunday school Sunday worship llOO 700 VVsdnesday worship 7 Rock Hill Qoipel Faith Center 502 Inleraute 35 south ol New behind the reit Sunday school 10 worahip 8 and 11 and Tueiday Bile college Thunday ladiei meeting 9 30 and young miniiteri Andrew Lutheran Church FM 2673 east of worahip communion tirn Sunday Frinclt Eplacopil 14 milei welt of Interitate 36 on FM ServicM 10 Sunday noon Katharine St Johns Minion Our Lady of Perpetual Help million Hunter Sunday Mass Paul Lutheran Highway 1863 at Highway Sunday ichool 9 worihip St Unlttd Church of South Main and FM Church ichool and worihip at Thomai Chapel Roman Canyon Dam Sunday Maia and preSunday Mail Saturday 6 and 7 Triumphant Lutheran Bat Cave Road at Schoenthal Worihip 9 Sunday ichool for all agei both ancient and And the struggle that we will pass on to those believers yet to In the test of ones it is faith that is and and given new It is from this we are given the courage to I The central content of our faith is the cross resurrection of Jesus the Son of The life of Christian faith finds its meaning in these Christ was We who are believers are called to similar And so it follows then that like risk and struggle become a constituent of conforming us to Christs own There is yet another portion of the For this very obedience means freedom It is freedom from the tyranny of things idolized from the frustration of The strangness of this paradox is that if a person asserts their own and their own it is lost through selfidoltary and self grandizment But the person living in obedience and understanding their dependence toward is set free from the very things that enslave and distort For in obedience and 199 Main Plaza 6258001 1072 San Antonio 6254115 COMAL BOWL Open Bowling Special Every Friday Noonfl 48 per game 1053 Hwy 81 6256263 ZOELLER FUNERAL HOME 615 Landa 6252349 DIET CENTER 1297 Common 6296505 Antiques 6 186 Garden 6290186 service to we discover perfect freedom The freedom of directs us out of Thats why Luke Fear little flock And as Luke urges us to be that we must be for the Son of Man is coming at an unexpected we can do so without For it is yet another promise to be a promise like those before that the faithful were sure convinced hoped Because we have placed our treasure and our heart in the keeping of Jesus fear is There is much to be said about Its more than an intellectual Its practical as Its meant for daily The gift of faith gives us the power to sustain our lives and maintain a relationship with God and Christ and so it does We are called to be a people like Noah and like Sarah hopeful and Like we are only sojourners We pass this living in and knowing that this earth is not our permanent For a better that a heavenly the writer of Hebrews reminds us and that God is not ashamed to called our for he has prepared for us a And Luke Fear little for it is your Fathers good pleasure to give you the Kingdom FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN 863 135 W 6292128 UEBONNET MOTOR 315 Seguin 6258011 SUMMIT CENTER 2405 135 West 6295677 HAPPY DAYS 115 Union 6291141 The Oldest Store In Town 246 San Antonio 6253318 BECKER MOTOR 547 Seguin 6253463 Guadalupe CRealty Company 1150 468 6290985 FASHION CROSSROADS WHCRE FASHION AND MEET Ladies Apparel Downtown New Brmunieb 6252823 State Farm Insurance Companies Dick Agent 6256081 822 WalRUt 659 Landa 6296100 81 Loop 337 6296888 Ska Castell 6255522 Sonys Satellite Shop We have the Best 2226 San Antonio 6255546 MARTYS FLOWER BRIDAL SHOP 2438 3 6256169 971 Sao ADtoinio 6257324 HEB FOODS DRUGS 6257717 501 6258051 943 Walnut 6253477 COLONIAL MANOR NURSING HOME 821 Hwy 81 6257526 FRIED CHICKIN 824 Antonio 6250491 UNS Witt 204 San Antonio 6253241 Milt Ferguson Motor Co 71 Seguin 699 San Antonio Oak Crest Inn Nursing Center 1310135 West 6296941 6250150 876 West San Antonio Koehlers Lock Safe 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE 6250123 DAYS 6250163 24 SERVICE 227 81 6255020 Bsauty Cartel Courtyard Shopping Center 6298090 46 South 9293775 KRAUSE BOOKS Landa 625025 HILL COUNTRY BESTAURANT 81E 6251013 Creations 880 81 Wett 6298187 Nothing Is Just as Good as FViedrich Room Air Conditioners KRAFT REFRIGERATION COMPANY 6254221 684 Walnut Walnut 6294217 LAKRY B 6297222 Auto Economy Store 1024 8an Antonio 6259323 lie JHolal es 171 Common Compliments of jim GENERAL DENISTRY 6291954