Tuesday, April 9, 1985

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, April 9, 1985

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - April 9, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Dear Abby BloomCounty New BraunfeJs Tuesday April DropIn Guests Make Life On the Lakeshore a Chore DEAR ABBY We arc dreading the summer because we live on a lake in which seems to make us fair game for uninvited summer They plan their summer vacations with our place in to mention the use of our fishing golf clubs most of our precious We welcome invited but how can we discourage those who pop in on us uninvited They come with suitcases and telling us not to sleep anywhere This is a loud cry for not only from but from other lake We hate to be but we are so tired of uninvited guests weve even thought of selling our summer NO DKAR NO NAMKS As long as you permit yourself to be im posed you will so in the interest of you must do the following When uninvited guests appear at your door with suitcases and tell them without hemming and hawing or apologizing that you cant ask them to stay because youve made other You owe them no further explana tions as to what the other plans I am enclosing a poem for you and your fellow I ran it about five years after which a Wisconsin reader in formed me that he had it framed to hang in his beach Help yourself OUR PLACK ATTI1K LAKK June is so is August is ended The puttering feet of summer and sun Are done Ive fed the young as well as the Ive cooled the Ive warmed the The wounded and weeping I have The tender and touchy 1 have I have steeled the 1 have scared the I have hit my tongue till it was Ive broiled the I have And the grocer thinks I am made of The other bills I have pigeon And 1 am readv to fold Horoscope By Stella Wilder APRIL 9 Born you are an imperious person who wants what he wants when he wants When you have an you cannot wait to see it transformed into a profitable When you enter upon an adventure any new experience it is as lead not A you spend much time and energy trying to make things easy for even at your own expense and with no expectations of To see what is in store for you find your birthday and read the corresponding paragraph Let your birthday star be your daily APRIL 10 ARIES March 21April 19 Though disinclined to do you would do well to back down when challenged by one ready to TAURUS April 20May 20 The further development of natural fac ulties is an easily attained goal no matter what activities you GEMINI May 21June 20 More than one period of rest and relaxation is necessary today if you are not to end in a state of genuine CANCER June 21July 22 Speculation is relatively worryfree Even be careful with other peoples LEO July 22 Encour age the young in an independent But stand by in an advi sory capacity just in case VIRGO 22 Health could be seriously impaired today unless you take it easy after strenuous LIBRA 22 Self control on your part leads to calm on the part of All gain when you are at your SCORPIO 21 Complete subjugation of impulses would be Much can be gained by indulging in whim SAGITTARIUS 21 Long distant views and music all serve to quiet your nerves which are considerably on CAPRICORN 19 Clarity of both speech and action are essential to the success of todays Dont muddy the AQUARIUS 18 Your freedom from personal preju dice recommends you highly to those needing a judge or PISCES 19March 20 Try not to become overly excited over Save your energy for those things that really Next time I live Ill make the most Of being the not the TIRED Problems Write to For a unpublished send a stamped envelope to Hox All correspondence is Crossword Garfield ACROSS 1 Unwind 6 Old length unit 11 Umps peer 14 Blue shade 15 Pineapple 16 Muhammad 17 Dixie city 18 VIP 20 Firstborn 22 Complaint 23 Dull person 25 Dormouse 28 College gal 29 Feel sorry about 30 Melons 32 Displeasure 34 Walks between lakes 39 Climbing 42 Whatnot 43 Closes up shop 45 Our 46 Released conditionally 49 Espouse 50 Female 54 Iroquoian 55 Quotations 56 Divas solos 58 Idea 60 Flavoring 63 Birds ot old 66 67 Incline 68 Form of oxygen 69 Title 70 Squelch 71 Some punches DOWN 1 Male animal 2 North ol 3 Of kings repre sentatives 4 School 5 Impart 6 Brings about 7 Remove bonds from 8 holders 9 10 Flavor 11 Proportion 12 Marry on the run 13 Discharged 19 Circle part 21 Guides note 23 Zinc alloy 24 Weight unit 26 Instrument 27 Dessert item 30 Brittle 31 Stall 33 Pipe IVE BEEN AWAKE ONE S6CONC ANP ALREAPV PAY 15 PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED United Feature Syndirit I CANT IfH BOSFRIENC ABOUT ITM TAXES BECAUSE I I CflMT ASK DAD ABOUT ffW TAXES BECAUSE I OOMT TW5 VEflR I WILL 00 mV TAXES BV SOMETIMES ITS HflRO TO KNOW IF IM INDEPENDENT OR JUST DONT WANT HIM TO SEE HOW HIM TO SEE HOW MUCH I CANT flSKfl PROFESSIONAL BEMUSE I OONT WANT ANYONE TO SEE HOW DISORGANIZED I 35 Many years 36 Hear about 37 Went astray 38 Bird food 40 Boat builder 41 Indian teacher 44 Storm 47 Slacken 48 Ending for pat or pot 50 Vapors 51 Persian 52 Stair part 53 Article 55 Moonshine 57 Curves down 59 Adored one 61 Next to 62 Sneaky one 64 65 PI of sis THIS ISNT A SAP THATS UJHAT MAKES IT 50 SAP LOOM LIKE OUR YEAH flSP COJLP BE 10 AND WEP I WE FW NEVER j THE ASP AMP I ARE FINP rrd FATED TO MEET FOR A FINAL I CONFRONTATION I OOMT HEAR THftT AUTYMATIC UMPIRE NO ASP HflS PlSCOVEREP THAT WEVE Dick Tracv THE CON MAN SHAKY WAS HIRED BY A NAZI CODENAMED HAKV WAS NOT HirvlSELF A BUT CUSTOMER DISHONEST The Pig Strikes Back The greatest adventure ever Dorrv Baseline Alley Getting even has never been hjrime He5 invited Y Whos going to 1 the protect him J Theyll protect L V Hes invited me to his room for dinner How do you like Mr Pickle Isnt he wonderful Monday Is Bargain Day All Seats Advanced Satellite TV 937 New BraunfcU Licensed Bonded Insured Showroom Arm CompUU and 1O foot MeUI Mesh Dish or 1O foot Fiberglass Dish with com plete Amplica CSR3OO wireless remote stereo and dobly builtin Actuator builtin position dish Total Installed Price 1O foot Fiberglass Amplica RD 1O Manual Total Installed Price Tax 8 foot Fiberglass SATTEC or Regency Manual Total Installed Price Tax Making Room For Excalibur Line 937 New Braunfels 6251243 Tank McNamara Every TUESDAY is BARGAIN DAY ALL Seats Are All Day WATCH Our FbR THE PORCE THEIR FIRST ASStGNMBJT jjPG13 IF JASON STILL HAUNTS RE NOT ALONE L new beginning Mon BARGAIN SENIOH CITIZEN IHSCOUMT 16 PlRST SEEKS TAPEP TO THE WALL A MAITREC I PREFER TO THOUGHTS AKWT KJZSE NAOfc CiPTAlS SPEML JOB NO fi TO STOP NOSOCV AT ttOMSUZZI GETS THAK 4 NICE klOT YEWS Nancy Bargain Thurs DID fOU bRIN FOR I TWOU6HT THIS YOU HATED J KIND 16 DIFFERENT V 15 6ALAD MOT WHEN YOU V CHOCOLATE