Tuesday, February 26, 1985

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, February 26, 1985

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - February 26, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Dear Abby 1985 Bloom County DEAR ABBVrAlUfttagh Ive en joyed your column for many years and consider myself a I havent occasion to sit down and jieM a Dear Abby lettef of my But like most of your I have some hope Ill see my message in print anyway As a result of your plea in a recent I received an avalanche of birthday I deeply ap preciate this outpouring of friendship and good The response by your readers to your request was truly and I hope theyll why I cannot possibly thaiilt them all Individually for helpirlg make this 6 especially Please pass on to your readers my gratitude for their many cards and kind I am also grateful to you for taking the opportunity to encourage public support for the important work of the March of As you January 1985 was March of Dimes Birth Defects Prevention In honor of this I urged all Americans to support the efforts of this organization in the battle against birth The response to this as shown by mail we received at the White been truly Although we cannot acknowledge the many writers who sent contribu tions to the White House for the March of I want you and them to know that we have turned over their donations to the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation for use in its research Your readers can best help the March of Dimes in the future by sending donations directly to March of Dimes Birth Defects Box White This will alleviate any delay in those contributions reaching the March of and it will also solve the tremendous logistical prob lems that arise when monetary items of any kind are sent to my attention at the White Your readers co operation in this request will make my staff much and it will also allow the March of Dimes to get to work immediately on the vital ac tivities your readers are Thanks again for all the birthday and God bless you and your many RONALD REAGAN Horoscope Bj Stella Wilder i 26 Born you possess a definite and distinct personality that leads you to want to do things your own whether or not your way is societys way at a way approved by you are likely to suffer through many a confrontation with the pow ers that be over your decisions and In the you should be able to prove the value of your way of doing for you will gain your goals without giving offense to Inclined to be selfconscious among you may at times miss the making of a fine relation ship through your own In your interesting character and your exciting approach to life gains you friends without your having to put forth the Also born on this date are John ny folk singer Tony To see what is in store for you find your birthday and read the corresponding Let your birthday star be your daily 27 PISCES 19March 20 Resolve family argument before leaving the house matters ARIES March 21April 19 Dont be too demanding of younger family members at this Judge according to TAURUS April 20May 20 You receive news today that will alter your financial You may have to act quickly to make it GEMINI May 21June 20 Independent action makes you the center of attention Disregard minor objections to your CANCER June 21July 22 A bright financial picture encourages you to new Take family members into your UEO July 22 One who objects to your activities now will want to participate in them Be VIRGO 22 You must avoid any risk to life and limb Your chances of keeping out of accident are otherwise LIBRA 22 Employment matters cause you concern this State your case and let it go at SCORPIO 21 Yourr is repaid Accept a favor as your but dont oe tactless about SAGITTARIUS 1 Information from an unusual source provides you with the incen tive you need to proceed with a new Presidferit Reagan Sends His Dollars to March of Dimes DEAR PRESIDENT Thank you for your gracious The March of Dimes is profoundly grateful to you for making this years March of Dimes the most successful since its goal has been the prevention of hirth nations 1 child health DEAR ABBY I feel great I sent u check to the president for the March of I didnt send u I sent for and four more for others who cant afford PAULA TEXAS DEAR ABBY After reading how the March of Dimes I sat down and wrote a check for for each of my healthy and I was amazed at the feeling it gave Thanks for helping a wonderful Crossword PHOENIX DEAR ABBY Im 82 but I remember when Eddie Cantor asked people to send a dime to President Franklin Roosevelt for the March of Dimes in honor of his I sent my those days all it took was a 2cent postage I sent a dollar to President Reagan for his birthday as you suggested GRETA IN LONG BEACH DEAR ABBY I sent a dollar to President Reagan for his birthday in honor of the March of Did you JUNE IN MAINE DEAR JUNE but thanks for reminding ANPTKICW WT me WHAT SAV WE HAVE POTATOES FOR PINNER ACROSS 1 Saurel 5 Barren 9 Packages 14 Whip mark 15 Italian painter 16 Flavoring 17 Vital notice 18 Jazz fans 19 Exploit 20 Progress 22 Appointed 24 Opts 26 Jolly lag 27 Shadow 29 Carried out 30 Wilt 33 37 Prlma donna 38 Asian chiefs 39 Numerical prefix 40 Buffalo 41 Seeds 42 Wandering 44 Filthy abode 45 Average 46 Consumed 47 Pacific North west shrub 49 Gods drink S3 Oaf 57 Headstone 58 Of spaces 59 Over 61 Printing style 62 Pierce 63 Revamp 64 French river 65 Finished 66 Eves garden 67 Cartoonist DOWN 1 Was profane 2 Intrigue 3 Matched 4 Radio tubes 5 Curve 6 Decipher 7 Inurn 8 Removing 9 Captured 10 Close by 11 Itemize 12 Villa 13 21 Destiny 23 Sponsorship 25 A Caesar 28 Writings 30 31 Bards river TELL ME ABOUT IT 1985 United Fenturn 5WNIESS STEEL COOKWflRE COOK SOMETHING FOOD PRESS THERES STILL OWE OLDFflSWONEO KITCHEN SOUND THAT Of THIS WILL EVER I KNOW THE ONE MOD I 5 SIOIVIEIRIEI I IGINH I IDIE1AIS tlEiRlM I TiEliRlElAlCTT FORTITIUDE 32 Squad 33 Cuffs 34 Issue 35 Quebec 36 193336 37 East or west 40 Czech president Eduard 42 Masculine 43 Cambridge tutor 45 Wearied 47 Expanse 48 Ran easily 50 Four 51 Arkln and Ladd 52 Sublease 53 Vendltlon 54 Next to Iraq 55 Darn 56 Swelling 60 Negative YOU BUILPIN6 A ROCK WALL LIKE THIS 600P EVEN IF ITS A USELESS IT HELPS JUST TO BE POiN6 SOMETHING I HAVE A FEELING THAT LUORKIN6 ON THIS ROCK WALL MAY EVEN HELP ME TO 6IVE UP MY IM6LAPTOHEARVOU SAY THAT BECAUSE I CEMENTEP YOUR BLANKET INTO THE WALL ADVANCED SATELLITE ANNOUNCES THE WINNER OF THEIR PORTABLE TV GIVEN LEROY BIERSTEDT AT THE HOME PRODUCT SHOW Thank You For Visiting with Us Your 937 6251243 Every TUESDAY Is BARGAIN DAY ALL Seats Are All Day DUDLEY MOORE Micfei CCXUMDIA PIOUFKi fpt A NEW COMEDY FROM THE DIRECTOR AND STAR WHO DROUGHT YOU 10 Iff CINEMA on THE BREAKFAST CLU B on QRN 19 uprove your work habits and you youjr wurk TWs is a good r to go lor peak 18 Make adjustments on the eraploy and harswny is re fl the home f If God had wanted them to be angeK lie would have given them eauen help us w V V 4ilO 9ilO V L2O 7i15 MMtof to larfito AN SMU HHE Iff BARRELS BBUT HE PIPNT JES FVtSSEP HIS OVER r THE ASP STROM Dick Tracy SORRY TO WAKE BUT YOU 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